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  1. Bigsby

    Help with DAW for beginners

    I'd give tracktion a shot too. I used older versions many years ago, and it was straightforward in a similar way to garageband. Maybe start out with some "basics" video on youtube for a couple of different free options, then go with the one that makes the most sense.
  2. Bigsby

    Streaming single release...low volume

    Wow. That's a great tip. Thanks. Their stem mastering might be a good bridge into getting a more professional sounding mix.
  3. Bigsby

    audio interface or no???

    Not sure how it would mess anything up. They typically just use the windows or macos drivers already installed. Roland Cable on Amazon
  4. Bigsby

    audio interface or no???

    A bass playing friend of mine doesn't like dealing with technology very much so he got a 1/4" to usb cable that seems to work fine for him. He looked for a higher quality one with better reviews.
  5. Bigsby

    PreSonus AudioBox vs. Focusrite Scarlett

    I've been eyeing the new Steinberg interface.
  6. Bigsby

    Most efficient DAW for older machines

    Here's an interesting stress test discussion. Bitwig is this person's performance winner.
  7. Bigsby

    Most efficient DAW for older machines

    I would download demos of a bunch of different DAWs and try them out. There are so many different software packages out there now, I would be surprised if someone knows what's best for your exact use case. I use Reason as my main DAW, and it actually runs better on Windows than Mac these days...
  8. Bigsby

    Headphones for mixing (yeah, I know)

    I chose mine based on weeks of researching headphone reviews that focused on mixing. After going round and round, looking at price vs positive reviews, I chose Sennheiser HD600s. I can't find it, but I read a review from someone claiming to be a professional mixer who would only headphone mix...
  9. Bigsby

    I-HATE- DAWS , w/ a deep passion that cant be expressed w/ words

    There's nothing wrong with taking a class in the fundamentals of any new technology. I did it for Protools 3 in the late 90s and Reason 2 in the early 00s. Makes subsequent self-directed book learning much easier. Plenty of courses online and free "getting started with..." videos on youtube.
  10. Bigsby

    Reason 9.5

    Reason is the only DAW I've used since it added audio + SSL modeled mixer, so I can't compare to any newer packages. I switched to Reason as I've always enjoyed working in it, even when it was just a sequencer with built in devices. Once you know the basics, it's fairly simple to figure stuff...
  11. Bigsby

    Feedback in floor monitors

    I'm finally going to be working on monitors during rehearsals next week. Are iPhone apps at least helpful in figuring out offending frequencies to cut? I installed SpectrumView which is free and seems like it's at least precise if not accurate when I whistle into it.
  12. Bigsby

    Feedback in floor monitors

    I'm in a similar situation. Need to incorporate some wedges that are prone to feedback. I've got a dual 15 band graphic EQ. Too coarse for dialing out offending frequencies? Money is tight right now and I'm trying to utilize the gear I have.
  13. Bigsby

    Your DAW of choice

  14. Bigsby

    Handheld recorder for live bands?

    I've got a Blue Mikey Digital on the way. I always have my iPhone with me, and being able to do an easy stereo field recording was just too hard to pass up. My iphone sticks out of my upper jacket pocket, so it'll be a fairly low profile setup. I eventually want to get a zoom h4n. I like the...
  15. Bigsby

    $100 Hand Held Stereo Recording

    That olympus is pretty cool looking. I'm thinking I might actually spend a little more and get the zoom h4n. The idea of capturing ambient stereo as well as a separate stereo feed from a desk is kind of attractive.
  16. Bigsby

    $100 Hand Held Stereo Recording

    I'm looking at either a Zoom H1 or a Blue Mikey Digital mic for my iPhone 4. Both are a hundred bucks. Anyone have experience with either? Any other contenders in the ~$100 range? I'll be using whatever I get to mainly record band practice and gigs from the audience.
  17. Bigsby

    Shallow depth rack

    I've got one of these and it works pretty well.
  18. Bigsby

    Anybody using Reason as their primary DAW solution?

    I'm actually quite happy that they're implementing the Rack Extension format with an app store for selling them. It'll mean we get plenty of new instruments and effects, with all or at least most of the performance, stability and workflow we love about Reason. Plus, you'll be able to fully...
  19. Bigsby

    Digital Recording Learning Curve Conundrum . . .

    Matt Piper from Line 6 is doing a series on recording with Reason/Record (which were merged into Reason 6). He hasn't done the final one on mixing yet (which would include compression settings) but he covers recording vocals in Part 5. If you watch the audio clips he creates, the wave forms...
  20. Bigsby

    Digital Recording Learning Curve Conundrum . . .

    Maybe a better way to say this is to focus primarily on being musical, and don't worry so much about the technical. As you try to figure out how to make the sounds in your head, or solve problems in your mix, the technical stuff will come as needed. I think people flip the rack around in...
  21. Bigsby

    Digital Recording Learning Curve Conundrum . . .

    Reason is absolutely the perfect tool for what you're trying to do. I would start very simply, as others have suggested. You don't need to worry about any of the advanced routing or device programming that Reason has to offer. I like to open a Subtractor, load up a basic sine wave patch...
  22. Bigsby

    Reason 6 Out Today!

    Looks like they still have a free version of the Oceanway Drums refill. You could download it, and try it out in the demo version of Reason.
  23. Bigsby

    Reason 6 Out Today!

    I would download the demo version of Reason, and go through some of the tutorials on youtube. Reason is all about workflow and stability. As far as drums go, I think Reason Drum Kits sounds great, and you can get it for under $100. Sonic Reality has their Ocean Way drums as a Reason Refill as...
  24. Bigsby

    Reason 6 Out Today!

    I've used Protools, Cool Edit Pro and Tracktion. Reason is the only one where I don't feel like recording and composing are chores. I actually enjoy the process of working with the software, and that makes all the difference. The best thing I ever did was take a class in Reason 2.5. Having...