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  1. sidekick

    Specs on Yohan G's Dot master

    Johan has described that model as a 'Vento' and AFAIK is basically the same body construction spec as the BMS and Dotmaster but with one F hole. Best to ask Johan direct if he will consider building you a 'Vento DM'.
  2. sidekick

    Specs on Yohan G's Dot master

    Thanks. Being in the UK, I was able to directly order through Johan like I was able to with the other builds since 2010. Being mainly familiar with his BM's, this one is different, (Johan described it as 'chunky' sounding) and I feel that maybe in the 'eyes and ears' of an experienced pro...
  3. sidekick

    Specs on Yohan G's Dot master

    Johan's website mentions the maple carved top and white limba back for Dotmasters. Mine seems overall the same size as his BM's, but with the carved back making for a little more depth insofar that the guitar on the strap feels more 'forward' while playing the guitar. No sloping edge on the DM...
  4. sidekick

    Back from the PRS PTC

    Congrats and doubtless now 'tailored' to you. Have always liked the PRS Whale Blue since seeing it in the 90's and would be my chosen colour were I ever to get a PRS again.
  5. sidekick

    Big Semi/Hollow Guitars - Who's Making Them?

    I rather like Mikaël Springer's McFly and would seriously consider one had I not felt basically done with guitar purchases.
  6. sidekick

    NGD - Mint 1989 PRS 24 in transparent charcoal with rare factory tremolo-up rout

    Congrats ... When I was really into PRS's during the very early nineties I had their guitar model list printed on a piece paper that showed the option of a tremolo up rout on a build. Was maybe $100 back then perhaps, although not now sure. Having one cut on my JG BM Model 1 build during 2016...
  7. sidekick

    Let’s see pics of your Eggles!

    Patrick Eggle is probably more well known on TGP in the small luthier section. Recall during the 90's, (over in the UK) that the company he had then were producing a range that was mainly similar to PRS. Although did back then have one of that era's more budget takes on the Fender Stratocaster...
  8. sidekick

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Your claim is a just one. :) Your Hurricane model looks very cool, with a classy merging of the three "G" influence yet having it's own thing going on.
  9. sidekick

    The Clapton Boost

    Used to have an early 90's Clapton Stratocaster Signature in Torino Red with the Lace Sensors which was a very versatile sounding and playable guitar. About 10 years ago I hesitated in buying a secondhand Fender Custom Shop, (Greg Fessler) EC Candy Green with lace Sensors. Upon looking back...
  10. sidekick

    Patrick James Eggle - Macon Jr

    Congrats and it looks :aok:aok ... The chosen colour reminds of of a finish that was called 'driftwood' by another luthier.
  11. sidekick

    Sherwood Green or Teal Green Metallic strat?

    On my monitor, OP's Sherwood Green does not look like other Sherwood Green's I've seen. On the 7 Up Green Clapton Strats, seem to recall it was also called Candy Green and OP's first pic does look somewhat similar.
  12. sidekick

    RIP Peter Green

    Recall reading years ago that both he and Jeremy Spencer bought two Strat's during an early USA 'tour'. Also recall Peter mentioning elsewhere that a Strat gave him another sonic potential and he was going to give it some exploration for subtle tremolo, etc., The Strat afforded opportunity in...
  13. sidekick

    NVGD...A Little Late

    It's all the better when you have good liaison/vibes concerning a purchase like this and that too via a fellow TGP member and serious guitar enthusiast as well. Congrats and enjoy your purchase. ... The guitar looks so nice and the case is pretty :cool: looking too.
  14. sidekick

    If Brazilian fretboards were cheaper and more readily available- would you prefer it over....

    Seemingly, the wood, (when tapped with a tuning fork) can 'ring'.
  15. sidekick

    If Brazilian fretboards were cheaper and more readily available- would you prefer it over....

    Recall when I read the Beauty Of The Burst book years ago, the author mentioned something along the lines that in properties BRW was something like 25% denser that IRW and to those that have the 'ear' that must mean something relevant. Perhaps there is more mystique about it to some guitar...
  16. sidekick

    NGD: A Keeper

    Yep, seriously nice top. :cool: Congrats and enjoy.
  17. sidekick

    My first custom build since the "Other" Flying V...

    Shark21 ... The relic V looks :cool: and can relate to the IA one leaving a sour taint considering all what went on. Hopefully, this one will, (in it's own way) make your previous experience a real thing of the past and it certainly looks the new build is literally flying along! ... :D
  18. sidekick

    Landed my dream Strat today.

    Congrats and looks very cool ... :cool: ... :)
  19. sidekick

    Daniels coronet style now finished

    Looks very nice. ... :cool: The colour suits it very well to my eye and what with it being very lightweight is another plus also.
  20. sidekick

    When it comes to Slow Blues, which players do you think kick almighty ASS ?

    For slow blues covers together with emotive vocal 'feel', these are among my favourites. Peter Green with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers Peter Green with Rod Stewart, Jack Bruce and Aynsley Dunbar on this one Peter Green's own composition with Fleetwood Mac
  21. sidekick

    Tell me about tortoiseshell pickguards...

    Must admit that a nice looking tort type material can give a guitar a certain bit of individuality. I've owned two such, the first a 2012 Lentz S type in Mary Kaye Blond, (which is now with another TGP forum member). The Lentz transatlantic with some miles is that one, over to the UK and then...
  22. sidekick

    NGD: My First Strat (custom build in progress)

    It's certainly got its own thing going on 'looks-wise' and pretty cool. Congrats and play/enjoy in good health.
  23. sidekick

    Sold Vintage 1968 Fender Telecaster Thinline, Sonic Blue, very old Repaint, Mahogany Body

    :cool: ... The body colour, now that it has yellowed over time looks quite like Sea Foam Green on my screen. GLWTS
  24. sidekick

    Give the chronological order of the boutique guitars you have/had

    From mid 2000 onwards until present, a 'Bharat' Khandekar, (the UK OTP guy) replica Les Paul, an early period Bill Nash Strat with slab BR 'board, a Dave Johnson replica Les Paul, Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster models, a Lentz S model and a (used) D'Pergo VL. ... The JG's, (2008 - 2018) and...