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  1. omfg51

    '68 Deluxe Reverb RI: loud enough?

    I may try the different V1 preamp tube too, simply because it's a cheap adjustment, and I can keep a tube I buy for future use if I don't like it in that amp.
  2. omfg51

    '68 Deluxe Reverb RI: loud enough?

    I think that if I'm going to spend any money, I may as well spend enough to upgrade to the Vibrolux model right off the bat. I'm going to try the gig with the Deluxe and see how it treats me, and make a decision from there. On the plus side, at least I know that the Vibrolux will sound great!!
  3. omfg51

    '68 Deluxe Reverb RI: loud enough?

    What might be the best set of power tubes to try with more headroom and tonal improvement? I had been thinking about the Hard Duet Tung Sol 6V6 matched pair, simply because they are one set of few that I've found that has any kind of rating for the breakup, the other option being the Groove...
  4. omfg51

    '68 Deluxe Reverb RI: loud enough?

    Thanks for all the input guys! I recognize I have a list of options here, a few of my initial thoughts were different speaker options, I'm more seriously considering upgrading to the Vibrolux model, also perhaps before my gig, trying to use higher rated power tubes for more headroom, and also...
  5. omfg51

    '68 Deluxe Reverb RI: loud enough?

    By this, I simply mean that the amp does not have the right amount of clean headroom, or at least it may not be enough for what I'm doing. I picked up the amp today, played a rehearsal for a show with it, volume was constantly set at 5, plugged into the Vintage channel. It sounded FANTASTIC on...
  6. omfg51

    Amp for low volume gigs?

    Not sure if it's right for your particular context, but I recently saw a band play live, and the lead guitar player was using a tweed Blues Jr that was mic'd up, and it sounded phenomenal.
  7. omfg51

    Deluxe Reverb RI: '65 vs '68

    I'm just wondering what the general consensus is at this point. Personally, I'd say I greatly prefer the '68 to the '65, to my own surprise honestly. The Bassman channel sounds great, and being able to jump the channels pretty much makes the amp for me.
  8. omfg51

    Ibanez TSA15H

    This head looks cool, seems like it'd be a really great bedroom amp with the 15w/5w switch. Anybody have any personal experience to offer up?
  9. omfg51

    Best 112 cab under $300?

    I have been checking out the Egnater Rebel 112 with the Elite 80 speaker and the Ibanez TSA112 with the 70/80. I like how affordable the Ibanez is, but will the Egnater's speaker sound better? I am looking for something with a speaker at 50w at the very least. I'm open to suggestions...
  10. omfg51

    Fender Deluxe Reverb vs Vibrolux Reverb

    THIS THREAD IS ABOUT THE REISSUES, NOT VINTAGE AMPS Outside of the wattage and speakers, what are the differences here? Do they both feature the same reverb and trem tanks? Do they both have the same circuitry for the bright channel? I'd like to know the major differences between these.
  11. omfg51

    Trying to learn about preamp tubes

    Thanks Dave, I appreciate the input. I'm currently on the hunt online for some tube options, I'm thinking I'll snag a few and try them all out.
  12. omfg51

    Trying to learn about preamp tubes

    Bought a 12AT7 locally, Groove Tubes, threw it in my amp to test it out. Unfortunately in this case, it was very squealy, and gave me some tube rattle. Not sure if it was just that individual tube or not, but it is not going to stay. On the plus side, I did get a noticeably different tone...
  13. omfg51

    Trying to learn about preamp tubes

    Very helpful info, thank for that smolder! It seems like they could both fit the bill fairly well, and as expected, trying them both myself will be the best thing to do.
  14. omfg51

    Trying to learn about preamp tubes

    I've got a pal who recently shared some really interesting information with me about preamp tubes in terms of actual volume output vs pure breakup capability. It was a large part of an article he'd copied from the internet that compared all of the output stats of the different preamp tubes, and...
  15. omfg51

    Looking for Fender Bassman, school me on what to look for

    I used to be innately biased against anything Silver face, but I played a '68 Bassman at my local GC, and it sounds absolutely excellent. Both channels are absolutely killer. There was even a '64 Bandmaster there to compare with, and it didn't measure up to the Bassman. Trust your ear.
  16. omfg51

    Where should I look for 12AY7's?`

    I'm trying to find a decent selection of brands to choose from, so far I've only found one website that carries a few options from one brand. Is there any kind of online tube suppository website where I can peruse a seemingly infinite catalog of power and preamp tubes?
  17. omfg51

    Tone Myths?

    Very good article. Never underestimate the power of the telephone game.
  18. omfg51

    Tube rating?

    I got these new JJ 6L6s for my amp, and on the boxes were these small writings. I'm not sure what they are, but is the 2.8 the tube's output rating? I bought a matched pair, but had no option to select my own preference for output, as some other brands allow.
  19. omfg51

    Tell me what you can about a '66 Fender Bandmaster

    Point taken. :D I'm going to really put it through it's paces today and see about getting it!
  20. omfg51

    Tell me what you can about a '66 Fender Bandmaster

    I'm looking at picking up a vintage '66 Fender Bandmaster, blackface, vibrato channel, the works. It's going for $650 locally, aesthetically a little beat up, but it's a pretty great sounding amp. I'm just curious if these models were known for having break down issues, or frequently needing...
  21. omfg51

    Best clean pedal platform (low watt)

    This is my experience, as well as the general consensus most of the time. What's your application? I'd go for a Fender '65 Princeton reissue.
  22. omfg51

    DRRI always fizzy?

    I've been testing out pedals using a DRRI lately, and I've noticed that any gain pedals coming through sound super fizzy on the top end, unbearably so. Is this always the case? And if so, is it the speaker? I know the stock ones have the Jensen C12K 100w speaker, I'm wondering if a good...
  23. omfg51

    What is your favorite 6L6 amp?

    Yeah, I'm looking for something with excellent clean tones, and good for just a little dirt.
  24. omfg51

    What is your favorite 6L6 amp?

    Update: I now know that Divided by 13 doesn't actually make any 6L6 amps.
  25. omfg51

    What is your favorite 6L6 amp?

    I'm currently on the hunt for another 6L6 powered combo amp, and I'm not sure what's out there these days. I really love the sound of the Fender '65 DRRI, but I'm also somewhat interested in something a little less common, I like unique gear. I know that Tone King makes some killer 6L6 amps...