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  1. Bigsby

    SF Champs

    Dang. I got mine 1991-ish in the Recycler for $100. Vibro champs were $110.
  2. Bigsby

    Vox ac 10 limited edition??

    AC30's with 2 6L6's? Someone's trying to pull a fast one. The whole, "Our roots begin in the mid 1950’s with Skiffle" thing is pretty interesting. More evidence that anybody can write anything on the internet, at any time, for any reason, and not really mean anything real at all.
  3. Bigsby

    2nd speaker for TopHat Club Royale 2x12 - suggestions?

    I've got a Scumback S75-PVC Alnico in my ('97) Club Royale 112 which sounds perfect when I'm running the combo alone. I have a matching extension cab with a Red Fang in it, which sounds extra middy in isolation, but helps the amp cut through on a muddy stage and ends up sounding balanced in...
  4. Bigsby

    Oh no, they're going after amps now too

    Maybe it keeps the demand and prices of vintage amps down a bit. Some people want the look and ballpark sound, but they'll go for this instead of dealing with old amp maintenance.
  5. Bigsby

    Your first Vox like amp. Which one of these?

    Club and King!
  6. Bigsby

    Anyone with a Tophat Ambassador head?

    I'm looking online for an image of a plastic glide tab and not coming up with anything. Do you have a link to what you're referring to? I'm curious. Thanks!
  7. Bigsby

    Anyone with a Tophat Ambassador head?

    Brian Gerhard is usually pretty helpful on the phone or on the facebook group.
  8. Bigsby

    Tweed Bandmaster build thread

    Definitely watching this thread! Very cool project.
  9. Bigsby

    Why No Upper-midrange Speakers?

    I play two blues in my AC30 clone and a S75-PVC alnico in my AC15 clone. I've been close to swapping in a Vintage 30 for one of the blues for those gigs when it's not quite cutting through at a reasonable volume. With the preamp mids cranked and the bass rolled off a little, it can still be a...
  10. Bigsby

    Why No Upper-midrange Speakers?

    Just to be clear, I'm not advocating tweeters or adding treble. A guitar amp through a hi fi speaker isn't something anyone wants to hear, especially the top end. I'm talking about that mid-range that's already there. it would be nice to just gradually add more mids at the cabinet stage, rather...
  11. Bigsby

    Why No Upper-midrange Speakers?

    Except you can't turn down the mid hump on a Vintage 30 when you don't need or want it. I'll probably try putting a midax or some other likely contender in a cab at some point and end up finding out why it's not a common thing.
  12. Bigsby

    Why No Upper-midrange Speakers?

    That's probably it. I've got a Red Fang that has a slight, weirdly tinny, "transistor radio" edge to it. Sounds a little odd when I'm playing through it solo, but in the right band context, it works really well and I can cut through with less volume. Things can sound really different in a live mix.
  13. Bigsby

    Why No Upper-midrange Speakers?

    Having played at many different places at this point, I've experienced my AC30 and AC15 type amps in a wide range of environments. One stage and room might make your amp sound perfect and easy to dial in over a thumping drummer. Another place is a complete struggle the whole night trying to be...
  14. Bigsby

    6l6 boutique heads

    The dual 6L6 version of the TopHat Ambassador.
  15. Bigsby

    IAD...Back in the Top Hat Club!!!

    Don't let the secret out!
  16. Bigsby

    IAD...Back in the Top Hat Club!!!

    All of Brian Gerhard's amps have a certain tone that I would call creamy or buttery, for lack of better words. I really don't know why they aren't more widely used. It ends up better for TopHat fans though. I have three of them!
  17. Bigsby

    IAD...Back in the Top Hat Club!!!

    I've got a 35-watt Ambassador. Sounds great through a Vintage 30 and ceramic Blue Dog I had laying around. Amazing sounding reverb.
  18. Bigsby

    Pretty sure it's bad AC giving me Tube Amp tone issues

    Can you run an extension cord from the dining room outlet to the basement and compare with the suspect outlet in the same acoustic environment?
  19. Bigsby

    Playing out in clubs, low wattage amps?

    Showing up in a room you haven't played before with a low watt amp can be really frustrating if you end up with an indifferent sound engineer. I tried to make it work with a Princeton Reverb, then an 18-watter, then both, and it was a drag. I got a 36-watter with a nice master volume and added a...
  20. Bigsby

    Cheap modelers - bang for buck

    Can you provide any more detail about the speaker controls you're referring to? I'm trying to look up more information, but google isn't returning much for "tonelab le" and "speaker control" or "speaker controls"
  21. Bigsby

    AC10 clone

    Maybe "Mint" would be a more appropriate description per Reverb's condition guide. Or, I guess he could flip the logo upside down and call it the "XϴA Acey Ten" Looks like one of the English Vox owners got around it by calling it a "fOXX" when they needed to export to the US.
  22. Bigsby

    AC10 clone

    I wonder what the law is about this. It's like replacing everything on a Strat, other than the neck and body, and leaving the Fender logo on the headstock. Or putting a Porsche engine in a bug. Is it still a VW?
  23. Bigsby

    Princeton Reverb with 12" Speaker

    I've got a weber c10v in my '67 PR. It's basically a ceramic blue dog with a 10-inch cone instead of 12-inch (BIG magnet). I love the way it sounds and haven't felt the need to try anything else since I put it in 20 or so years ago. A 12-inch "might" move a little more air, but I doubt I could...
  24. Bigsby

    Rusted screws – can't get my EVM-12L out of cabinet. Help!!!!!!

    Cool! It's always nice when a simple and cheap (free) solution makes a problem go away.
  25. Bigsby

    Rusted screws – can't get my EVM-12L out of cabinet. Help!!!!!!

    Maybe ask Jim Seavall @Scumback Speakers (or call someone who's dealt with a lot of old speakers)