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  1. smithguitars

    EVH Wolfgang Standard Tuner Replacement

    Is your guitar Floyd Rose or HT? The Locking nut makes the tuners kinda irrelevant after you lock the strings. They are 10mm, I'm pretty sure. I am partial to the older pearloid buttons, myself. I'd go with Gotoh or Schaller. Fender may offer something. The bay probably has some available with...
  2. smithguitars

    Floyd Rose locking nut moving

    I'd be very tempted to drill through and put a traditional FR Nut. I had this problem with a Nune N2 and a Ibby 7 string. I hate top mount fr nuts.
  3. smithguitars

    Can anyone help with a Low E intonation issue?

    A strobe and a bassy tone on the neck pickup is what I find best to set intonation. Adjust to the sustain part of the note, not the attack. Light pluck, And drop the pickups, esp if you have them adjusted super close. I use Peterson 590, StroboStomp, iStrobosoft & TT Turbo Tuner Mini with...
  4. smithguitars

    Help with Luminlay side dot markers - they won't charge!

    it is fairly straight forward to replace them should yoiu decide to do so. A local luthier/tech/builder might be willing to drill out and re-do your inlays for you.
  5. smithguitars

    Stewie Spring Puller Tool for >1/2 off

    I have thin skin, bleed easily, and heal poorly--that and, springs always bite me. I don't need a tool for everything. but this one is very helpful.
  6. smithguitars

    Do you like two way truss rods?

    I like the ability to cotrol both convexity and concavity, but I am not a vintage purist. Options are often a workaround for perfect workmanship. Mass production does not lend itself to perfection, IME, IMHO, & YMMV.
  7. smithguitars

    Stewie Spring Puller Tool for >1/2 off

    Save yourself the extra $5 and get the same tool here. It’s $4.05 + shipping and they take paypal.
  8. smithguitars

    Looking for a template for installation of tuners

    G-Tech Tuner Installation Tool/Jig is $38.97 on ebay. $10 cheaper than Stewie, esp if you don't have the MAX free shipping deal. Basically identical tool.
  9. smithguitars

    Fixing a mild back-bow?

    A Neck jig may be able to pull it straight, but the leveler bar is just a flat sander, not going to help get the neck in position and keep it that way. And, the neck jig just simulates the neck geometry with the striungs off. when it gets strung up again, it's a whole different thing if you...
  10. smithguitars

    Fixing a mild back-bow?

    Check them with a fret rocker or credit card. The Frets may need a kiss to get them flat and buzz free. Shimming is only going to get your strings up to the fret plane--If the frets don't rattle, or buzz, I'd be tempted to just leave it til you have it re-fretted, and then have the neck...
  11. smithguitars

    Are these nut slots too deep?

    I usually prefer the have the nut cut so that the wound strings are well seated but about half exposed and the plain strings are just below the top of the nut. Height of the action at first fret depends on the feel of the guitar. I took my cues from Dan Erlewine’s Nut Making videos in the early...
  12. smithguitars

    Floyd Rose Push-in arm assembly mounting nut specs

    It must be custom. I can’t find a single supplier of a fastener that spec. No M9 1mm nut.
  13. smithguitars

    Floyd Rose Push-in arm assembly mounting nut specs

    Of course it’s an odd ball. Thanks. Now I’m off to the hunt.
  14. smithguitars

    A question about neck relief

    Might it be a high fret?
  15. smithguitars

    Floyd Rose Push-in arm assembly mounting nut specs

    Dropped it and it disappeared. Any idea what this little bugger is?
  16. smithguitars

    How do you “roll”... the fingerboard?

    Original Poster here. The reason I ask is that I recently did 4 T style builds with necks from a variety of vendors I am trying out. 1 was sharp and horrible, two were smooth and more comfortable, one was comfortable like an old pair of blue jeans. All rosewood boards. I used Micromesh to...
  17. smithguitars

    How do you “roll”... the fingerboard?

    I’ve used a screwdriver, micro mesh, etc. I’m just wondering what you folks use and how you do it. Thanks!
  18. smithguitars

    New Stewmac Understring Fret Leveler... thoughts?

    I did two fret level and polish jobs today, trying out the fret bars. They work OK for the strings tension leveling, and fine tuning high Frets. I did a regular nickel silver and one ss. I think i still prefer the neck jig, as i in still have to re -crown and polish—and I have a routine based...
  19. smithguitars

    Neck cradle for setup work.

    A cheap set of shooting rests from WallyMart cost me $12 a decade or two ago. The Front and rear rests work great for electric and acoustic giving just enough lift to get the neck up off the workbench pad. My set is shot filled, so it works for light pounding as well. I don't see it currently...
  20. smithguitars

    How to re-seat lifted frets on the cheap?

    Water-thin CA glue in the end, and among rub paste wax on the fingerboard to resist the glue and ise a large nail setter with a groove filed into it to push the fret down, a light hammer tap or two may help seat it. Ideally, glue, tap down & then clamp it down with The capo or something that...
  21. smithguitars

    1, 2, and 3 string not “in tune” when using electronic tuner

    High Frets and pressing hard can also push notes out of tune. You will never be perfect at every fret, but you can manually sweeten the tuning. Traditional Tele Three barrel bridges are a compromise no matter what you do. Tho compensated saddles are with the $20, they are still not perfect. The...
  22. smithguitars

    1, 2, and 3 string not “in tune” when using electronic tuner

    Try using the neck pickup and roll off the treble on the tone control. Open and 12fret should be in tune. You may need to intonate, esp if you changed string guages.
  23. smithguitars

    Floyd Rose nut problem question

    The casting and/or machining quality varies. Usually apparent in the cost, too. Check out the usual suspects schaller, gotoh, and FU’s naval brass & Ti offerings, . I am partial to FU-Tone, and I am a dealer, so disclosure, etc...