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  1. MikeyG

    Highly recommend the movie “Once”

    Set in Dublin, a couple meets and falls in love over a common love of music and performing. I’m going to grab the soundtrack, great songs! This would be a great date night movie Check it out
  2. MikeyG

    Does the powered CLR have a fuse?

    My CLR is acting up. At the same time, my Glaswerks is not functioning. Fuse looks ok, but it’s behaving like a blow fuse. I didn’t see a visible fuse for the CLR, I hope it has some kind of surge protection. Didn’t find anything in the manual.
  3. MikeyG

    Best cab for a Wreck Rocket clone

    I picked up a Rocket clone today. First check: low volume cleans, big A+. Second check: edge of breakup, very nice Third check: Full on distortion... what’s going on here? Compressed and flubby. So I thought maybe it’s the speaker... started with a greenback, a V30 was a little better but...
  4. MikeyG

    Bought a Mesa Mark III Red stripe to profile...

    And learned very quickly that I can’t improve on the many profiles I already have. I’ve always loved the tones from these amps, whether it be Brad Gillis or John Sykes. It nails those tones. But so does the Kemper! But I think I’m gonna keep this 75 lb boat anchor for sentimental reasons, and...
  5. MikeyG

    Sold Redplate Magica 50 head -$2100 shipped 50 Watts Switchable to 18 Watts (EL-34). 3 channel: Fender BlackFace cleans + Vintage Marshall (think 60s – 70s) + Modern/Modded Marshall (80s and well beyond) Built –in tube buffered effects loop; no tone-suck. Separate tone stacks...
  6. MikeyG

    Is a Boogie Mark II going to have gain like a IIB? Or beyond

    I have one locally available. This one dates to 79. closer to Carlos or Whitesnake?
  7. MikeyG

    Favorite 2 x 12 speaker combinations?

    I like a Greenback / G12H30 combination. I love Alnicos for clean tones, but not so much more gainier tones. What would be a good pairing for classic/hard rock tones? Also looking for a combination that will make a Vintage 30 (ironically) less modern sounding. I'm into cleans, blues, classic...
  8. MikeyG

    Some Kemper profiles for the taking (Magique, Tomas, Big Fish)

    I'm thinking of starting a business making Kemper Profiles of somewhat rare, hard-to-find amps. In order to build some cred, I'm putting out some samples for your demoing pleasure. The amps: First up, an amp that when you run flat out, the plates may glow, and the resulting sound is magic...
  9. MikeyG

    Sold PRS Private Stock Modern Eagle Quattro

    For sale or trade, trade ideas Anderson Angel HSH Suhr Modern HSH Tuttle HSH Xotic or HSH SuperStrats PRS Private Stock Modern Eagle Quattro Came with 53/10s, I've changed the bridge to a 59/09. Original 53/10 bridge included Tone pot push/pull for coil split Orange Firemist top Ebony Board...
  10. MikeyG

    Sold Myasnikov Big Fish Preamp

    The X88 is SOLD clone of the Soldano X88R preamp. To my ears it has a lot of similarity to the CAE SE+ preamp. This preamp was completely off my radar until I heard the model in the axe fx. SOLD Next up, the Big Fish, which is a clone of the Bogner Fish preamp. I picked this one up because I’ve...
  11. MikeyG

    Taming a bright Tele

    I have a nice American Professional Tele. Love it... but the high E is too bright. I know that's part of the charm of a Tele, but it's too strident. I back down the tone control a bit and that helps but it feels like something is lost. Could anything in the architecture have anything to do...
  12. MikeyG

    Sold Fractal FM3 - $1100 shipped

    This is the early, no headphone jack version. The unit had a broken USB jack that has been repaired by Fractal, and it's back, updated and ready to rock. No blemishes, dings, dents. Unit is as close to new as you can get. Not trying to make money on this. My price is my cost after all taxes and...
  13. MikeyG

    Remember this? (Bill Connors re-working Layla)

    Those screaming notes towards the very end give me chills. I hadn't thought of him in years, but saw Bill come up on the desert island amps thread.
  14. MikeyG

    If you own a Kemper, and like Plexi tone...

    You have to grab the free profile: MM-PRS HX/DA HX ... the Allman profile is good too I've never heard or felt a better Plexi tone. Make sure you get the volume up there and get some speaker interaction. That amp is sorta under the radar, I think
  15. MikeyG

    Texas Flood at el Mocambo, I hadn’t watched it in some time

    If any musician has reached this intensity on video, I want know about it. Oh to be in that room that night...
  16. MikeyG

    I've had a Kemper Stage for a week to compare with my AXE3...

    I wanted to definitively have a winner. No such luck... So I thought I'd share my overall impressions, and Axe III comparisons. First of all, some caveats/assumptions: I've mostly been focusing on the MBRITT profiles, because they seem to be consistently better than most (with the exception...
  17. MikeyG

    Where are the original Glaswerks SODs?

    Never see them for sale. Good reason! Probably the best overall amp I've owned. Any circulating among TGPers?
  18. MikeyG

    Tele/Vox combination = magic!

    I'd read about country players using Vox amps, but today I finally got around to trying that combo (Vox/Tele). Now I see why: piano-like low end, nice vocal mids, and amazing clarity. And this is with a AC15. I'm learning country licks mostly for the first time, and loving it!
  19. MikeyG

    How close are the Morgan DAG15 and AC20?

    Are they tonally similar? Circuitwise?
  20. MikeyG

    The most emotional guitar solo of all time

    Every time I hear Europa by Santana, I get goosebumps on my arms, and my scalp gets this weird endorphin triggered rush.In the earlier parts of that song, you can tell he's barely holding back the onslaught, the guitar is slow and mellow, but the notes still have limitless sustain. Amazing. I...
  21. MikeyG

    Is there a middle ground between FRFR and power amp/guitar cab?

    So a short history of my Axe FX use: 2007 - Axe FX Standard through guitar amp return ... I upgraded to the Ultra and II along the way, but amplified the same way. FF to 6 months ago. I had dabbled with FRFR on brief occasions, never owned the gear, but never bonded either. When the Line6...
  22. MikeyG

    Who/Townsend "The Real Me" tone

    Im using an Axe II I know Pete is known for using Hiwatts, is this the amp on this tune? If so the Fane cab is not the right one I am able to get a dead on Aqualung tone using Hiwatt/Fanes, but it doesn't sound like Pete's Hiwatt tones (I could have the wrong amp or cab). What I would've...
  23. MikeyG

    Historical trends of tube amp sales vs modeling?

    I thought I could find this data via Google. Only for guitars... Fractal, Line6 et al must have a line on this information. I'd love to see a graph. I know modeling must be nibbling away at tube amps, but I dont know to what degree. Info, anyone?
  24. MikeyG

    NAMM concerts for non-members

    I’ll be in town for show related stuff, but not attending the show. Where do you go to catch shows off-site? Who are the must-see shows this year? I’m talking all of greater LA/Orange County