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  1. omfg51

    Earthquaker Park Fuzz is randomly super muffled??

    Couldn't find any internal controls, and I initially put it in the exact same spot in the chain, but tried it in a couple places, as well as isolated.
  2. omfg51

    Earthquaker Park Fuzz is randomly super muffled??

    So I know this pedal uses germanium transistors, which are known for being less sonically stable than silicon in reference to temperature, but today I was rearranging pedals, unplugged and re-plugged this bad boy, and it just sounds totally different. No brightness, absolutely raspy and throaty...
  3. omfg51

    Tenorio Strings ghosted me after payment

    I don't know how many here are familiar with Gabriel Tenorio String Company, I personally only recently found out about them, but I placed a paid order almost 6 weeks ago, and haven't received so much as an update on the status. Has anyone else had this happen recently? At all? I placed a $26...
  4. omfg51

    Origin Sliderig, not for slide?

    DISCLAIMER: I don't play slide whatsoever! I'm looking into adding a compressor to my board and I was pretty set on the SP by Xotic, but the Sliderig is on my radar now as well. I like the idea of the SP because it is very simple and can be used very subtly, specifically as a very mild...
  5. omfg51

    Walrus Audio Iron Horse vs JHS Angry Charlie

    Awesome guys, thanks for the info!
  6. omfg51

    Walrus Audio Iron Horse vs JHS Angry Charlie

    I currently own the Angry Charlie V2, and it's a great high gain Marshall-esque distortion, but I'm not sure that's exactly what I need. I find the gain sweep isn't quite gradual enough, and it's just got too much gain on tap. I'm also not necessarily stoked on the Marshall brown sound, it's a...
  7. omfg51

    Walrus Audio Mayflower vs Klon KTR

    Pretty straight forward question, I'm looking for an OD, is there any real comparison between these two? I've had the chance to play a KTR, and was incredibly impressed, but I've never tried a Mayflower and I've got a chance to buy one from a friend for a great price. Any and all information...
  8. omfg51

    Low mass power supply option(s)

    I currently use a Pedal Power 2 mounted to the underside of a big Pedaltrain I use, but I don't really need such a large board anymore. I'd like to tighten and tidy the layout of my pedals, enough that I can use a smaller pedalboard. The PP2 is mounted to the underside of my current board, but...
  9. omfg51

    Show me your Klon(e) guts

    Bit of background, I've been looking into DIY Klone kits, and toying around with buying/building one, but I'm trying to get a bit more info on how they differ in terms of parts and how they effect the tone of each Klone. I want to get some good looks at the guts of any Klons and/or Klones out...
  10. omfg51

    Good fuzz for bass?

    I've used Big Muff variations before, and while they offer a pretty decent generic fuzz sound, I'd still like to get something else.
  11. omfg51

    Good fuzz for bass?

    I'm looking specifically for something that doesn't drastically cut mids like the Big Muff(s), and something that stays nice and tight for playing runs that are quick and choppy. The Swollen Pickle is cool because it has that scoop knob that allows for control over the mids, but it feels like...
  12. omfg51

    inexpensive quality patch cables?

    Same here, sound great, work great!
  13. omfg51


    For a straight clean boost, I have found that the LPB1 from EHX works beautifully for an inexpensive pedal. Otherwise, I usually use a Soul Food. I've been thinking of picking up a Bass Soul Food as well, just for the enhanced low end and to mess with the blend knob.
  14. omfg51

    Tremolo that is comparable to Supa Trem

    I'm looking for something that has a similar preamp functionality, just to boost the signal a little bit and give it a little bit of breakup if possible. The thing I like about the Supa Trem is that at a certain volume level, it actually sounds like an overdrive. I'd like to find a pedal that...
  15. omfg51

    Cheapest place online to buy strings and other accessories?

    What online vendor/website offers the best prices overall? I know Amazon has the best deals on select items at certain times, but is there any place to find the best deals most of the time? Excluding MF and GC.
  16. omfg51

    Chorus comparable to the MIJ Boss CE2 of the 80s?

    I think I'm going to end up with a CE2, it's the sound that got me going, so I might as well not cut corners :)
  17. omfg51

    Chorus comparable to the MIJ Boss CE2 of the 80s?

    I actually don't own a CE2, but having heard one, I'd like get one for its very simple control configuration and great sound. It would be a pedal I'd simply dial in, and leave alone.
  18. omfg51

    Chorus comparable to the MIJ Boss CE2 of the 80s?

    This chorus is very simple and has a very lush and warm sound to it, very subtle and beautiful sounding. Is there anything that compares very well? I checked out the Ibanez CS9 and it was too bright and harsh for my taste.
  19. omfg51

    Hardwire TR-7 Trem/Rotary or something similar...

    I don't necessarily feel like I'm missing anything in the TR-7, I just wondered what other pedals did similar, if not the same things, but better. The two settings I find the coolest are the Duo trem and the Vibrospan, they make some really cool noises possible.
  20. omfg51

    Hardwire TR-7 Trem/Rotary or something similar...

    I was wondering if there is a pedal with similar functionality, but with more of a rotary focus. I like the way the TR-7 sounds because it can get really trippy and make lots of cool noises other than just a trem or rotary sound. Is there anything that should be on my radar that fits in the...
  21. omfg51

    Your favourite modulation pedal

    Not one that I own, but if I owned a Moog MF-105 MuRF, it would most certainly by my favorite.
  22. omfg51

    What tubescreamer is everyone using these days.....

    I've got a vintage Japanese Boss SD1 that honestly sounds really effin' killer, but I'm still planning to do the Keeley mod to it, and get that Tube Screamer on steroids sound.
  23. omfg51

    Boss pedals love

    I'm not the world's biggest fan, but I've got a vintage Japanese SD1 that sounds incredible, and I love the Feedbacker/booster. I love me a modded SD1 or DS1 too, they sound great as well!
  24. omfg51

    Got a Boss FB2 Feedbacker/Booster

    It'll feedback a whole chord for sure. It isn't polyphonic, and it's actually very sensitive to the natural harmonics of the instrument. Certain notes will feedback differently than others. It definitely works well with clean sounds, and you can adjust how much feedback it will induce and how...
  25. omfg51

    Got a Boss FB2 Feedbacker/Booster

    This pedal is a lot of fun to play around with. I was originally looking for something to just make crazy feedback noises with, but the boost is also incredibly usable. I set the pedal to have almost no effect on eq, and be a very slight gain and volume boost to stack with other drive pedals...