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  1. smithguitars

    Has anyone tried an overdrive pedal to REDUCE overall volume of big amp?

    New Pedal idea; tHE uNDER dRIVER Hey, JHS! But seriously, using a pedal to drop the volume or gain is kind of a Pedal Play 201 level class. Lots of stacking possibilities. Some players really like the Mack Truck driving thru a Rubber Hose sound.
  2. smithguitars

    Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser bleed a swirling background noise when not engaged, any way to fix it?

    You could try to isolate it with a noise gate. A True Bypass loop switcher or a programmable switcher is a good option. If it is to be on-all-the-time, I would go noise gate.
  3. smithguitars

    Boosting a pedal height for a more accessible footswitch

    Those bone white dominoes you lost the double 5 from make workable risers, just velcro together. Stacking Pedalboard Tape/DualLock can lift a pedal up too. I have also used hardwood floor samples from the flooring store back when they were free.
  4. smithguitars

    Tremolo pedal problems

    I would try recording it without the tremolo effect and then synch it with a tempo map in a tremolo plug-in in your DAW. But, that is fairly advanced technique.
  5. smithguitars

    Best de-tune effect on a budget.

    You can add any algorithm to the Core. Check out a Whammy Detune, esp WH-1, Digitech Luxe, & the aforementioned Pitchfork.
  6. smithguitars

    AmazonBasics guitar pedals

    That Pedal Show doesn't take advertisements. They are opinionated, in marketing themselves (Mick as a consultant, expert & Dan as a product designer) and are pretty up-front if they like something or not. My fav. YMMV.
  7. smithguitars

    Is there a formula from making picks sticky?

    Me too! How are you coping? I’m almost giving up on picks because i can’t keep a grip on them.
  8. smithguitars

    I need help with my new pedalboard

    I really like having two i/o boxes, one on either side. I have my wah set to go in the right side, either first, or in the insert loop. W/D/W, exp's & volume on the left side. Also, you are getting a gigrig generator with G3, & a Gigreig power system is more compact than the TrueTone, cable...
  9. smithguitars

    I need help with my new pedalboard

    SA525XDM at a minimum. I love my 525. The G3 is the same size as G2. Check out my rig:
  10. smithguitars

    Flexible (but not huge or overengineered) MIAB Pedals

    I use it as the last drive in my W/D(W) rig. EVH Special --> 1)Keeley Aria (Comp+ & TS9), 2)Keeley D&M (OCD-like & Klon-ish), 3) KoT, 4)Ryra Klone, 5) 5150OD-->Humdinger split to Dry amp. 5150OD is voiced like the 5153 Blue Channel and I have it set to just an AC/DC bite with guitar at full...
  11. smithguitars

    Flexible (but not huge or overengineered) MIAB Pedals

    The MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive deserves a mention.
  12. smithguitars

    What's the cheapest pedal you currently own, use, and love?

    Donner Jet (Mooer E-Lady) $22 Amazon.
  13. smithguitars

    Programmable Switcher in the pedalboard

    I suggest you invest in several available switchers and thoroughly understand them before you try to copy or innovate. This is well traveled territory. Gigrig, Boss, RJM, etc.
  14. smithguitars

    Which Dual OD for Very Clean Amp

    KOT deserves a mention. Btw, I have a KOT, a D&M, and a Ryra Klone on the same board
  15. smithguitars

    MIDI : where to start ?

    A spreadsheet is you friend. G2 sends out PC messages, so making a master list is super helpful. Gigrig support is great too, they will help you out. The Facebook Gigrig User page is good too. Here are some vids to get you started.... GigRig G2- using midi presets TheGigRig G2 Demo - The...
  16. smithguitars

    Best noise gate for poor electricity and single coil

    A wireless unit like the Boss WL20 or WL50 works very well for me in my buzz factory of a house. I got it cheap as a way to try out a pedal form factor rechargeable wireless and it works great as a noise killer for my 60cycle hum problems. Ymmv.
  17. smithguitars

    ABY Switcher that can be triggered remotely

    Gigrig Remote Loopy 2, AbyBaby.
  18. smithguitars

    Talk me out of an H9 Max

    I think Three H9’s is too many. Don’t get three. Two is awesome.. One is great.
  19. smithguitars

    Help Me Name Some Pedals

    1) Ampeg B-15 preamp pedal with 6N21B tube. Working title: "Amp Egg" PEGGY 2) Ibanez TS808 with the input and output buffers replaced with 6N21B tube stages. Working title: "Electric Potato" Tubby 3) Sunn Model T preamp pedal with 6N21B tubes. Working title: "Sunny T Lite" SUN TEA 4)...
  20. smithguitars

    Lowest profile patch cables...

    Lava Tightrope or SIS. I have a fairly static G2 board in a SA525 with all Lava Tightropes. It works for me. I saw Vai's tech Thomas Nordegg did a spot on them and he recommended them. FWIW.
  21. smithguitars

    Placement of Broadcast and/or Benson Preamps?

    Up front after wash and fuzz.
  22. smithguitars

    The Schmidt Array Treehouse

    The the issue is that if you unplug a speaker with power pedal On that is expecting a load/speaker to reciever the power, and you have no load on the amp, that is a problem. Blow fuses and things get smokey sometimes. The plugs are just passthru stereo/trs connectors with a special function on...
  23. smithguitars

    The Schmidt Array Treehouse

    I wouldn’t. Plus the linked jacks might cause some problems if they got used with power. I would not mind being wrong though.
  24. smithguitars

    Analog Man still without power

    Mike, can’t Wait to hear about your new Analogman Power Outage Pedal. Is it a dying battery fizz fuzz? And please put me on that list too! Love and good vibes to you, Tone-brother!