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    Dream amp no longer made and impossible to find used... any suggestions?

    Magic amps are great no doubt, but there are lots of great boutique amp makers all trying to do endless variants of the same 5 things. There is something else out there that will get you where you need to be. And in the meantime your tastes will probably change after a while anywhere. My two...
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    Forte style vs Dumble style 2x12 - help me pick a cab.

    I can sort of help here...I have a Avatar Forte 1x12 and a Vboutique Vumble 2x12". If I had to choose just one, it would be the Avatar/Forte, no questions. The Vumble looks cooler and is bigger sounding, and it gets brought where stage footprint/look is important, but in terms of...
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    Changing Speakers - the Ultimate Dead-End Tone Chase?

    I was very late to this game. It's trial and error for sure, but when you get the right combo, you get a much larger bigger change to your tone than any pickup swap will ever accomplish.
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    Favorites Carr amp and why

    Happy Slant 6v and Artemus owner here.
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    Boogie Mark V

    I have the V:35 and can concur that the Crunch/clean thing not being footswitchable is an unfortunate limitation. But it's an excellent amp otherwise. I couldn't imagine needing a 90w version.
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    Do you ship amps?

    Yes. Don't skimp on packing.
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    Low volume guitar players tones blows in Nashville bars !

    Luke McQueary at RWW uses a tele into a 70s Deluxe i think, aint nothing wrong with that tone!
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    Low volume guitar players tones blows in Nashville bars !

    When you play 5 nights a week your level of preciousness about your gear and sound probably changes a little.
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    Taming A Loud, Bright Amp: Mesa Dc-3

    EQ pedal in the loop worked wonders on this for the F series. To some extent, I've found this to be a characteristic of just about every Mesa/Boogie I've ever played.
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    Lightest combo tube amps under 25 pounds?

    Came here to say Quilter Tone Block and one of their Soundblocks. Especially if you want a clean blackface sound. But they aren't tube.
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    Any Bad Cat Player Series folks out there?

    I normally gig all kinds of rooms with 30 watt amps. Really want a Cub III but can't find any 30s for sale used. Can I make do with a 15 you think?
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    Why are amps (particularly used ones) selling so slow these days?

    I think it's about 10% the digital modeler thing, 10% economic concerns, 80% survivor bias/unrealistic pricing. This whole concept of "it's worth more to me so I'll hold onto it" is completely arbitrary. In my view, stuff that is priced right moves quickly and always has. Those ads come in and...
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    has anyone tried this 'Tilt a speaker' thing?

    Oh man, i recently got an Avatar Forte and have been trying to figure out how the heck to use the tilt without having the head slide off! Thanks! i
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    has anyone tried this 'Tilt a speaker' thing?

    How does that work exactly?
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    Thinking of selling my tube amps. Mistake?

    They are all replaceable if you change your mind. Chances are you won't change your mind on all of them.
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    Mesa V:35 users, need your advice

    So I haven't had a chance to swap a different speaker into that cab yet, or record a clip! But I have run the head through a different combo cab (2X12" Eminence RWB) and it was vastly different (in a good way). At my gig last night, I ran a different head (Quilter 201) through the same cab...
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    Mesa V:35 users, need your advice

    Thanks, will give that a try! EDIT: When you say Volume, you're talking Gain here or the Master?
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    Mesa V:35 users, need your advice

    I should also mention that the speaker is more or less brand new. I've used it onstage for about 2hours. At home playing another 2hours and run the Ipad through it for 5-6hrs...perhaps some of this will mellow out as break in happens?
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    Mesa V:35 users, need your advice

    Don't have the amp at my disposal at the moment, but pretty similar to doublescale1 a couple posts down on Channel 1 with less presence, less bass, more master. Big difference in the GEQ tho. I had the V going (figuring that you know, cutting the mids would bring the mids down!) but that...
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    Mesa V:35 users, need your advice

    Yeah, I used to do that with great results with an F-50 years ago. Was hoping to avoid that route this time, but if I have to go there, so be it.
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    Mesa V:35 users, need your advice

    The manual gives me settings similar to what I used and similar to what people are posting here, and I get an amount of honk that is beyond what normally works just fine in a band mix and what my ears are used to. But I appreciate your thoughts, thank you!
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    Mesa V:35 users, need your advice

    Oh yeah, long time tele player...well aware of that "tone secret" thanks. In this case rolling back the tone knob doesn't really do anything to alleviate my issue though.
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    Mesa V:35 users, need your advice

    Thanks guys! My settings weren't that different from what is being posted here, except I had the GEQ in a V (which is even more bizarre I was getting honk). I'll go back to the drawing board.
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    Mesa V:35 users, need your advice

    Anyone have any suggestions for dialing out some of the honk on this amp with a telecaster? I am using mine with a recently acquired Avatar Forte 3D 1x12" with a 75W Creamback in it. The honk is overwhelming, no matter how I eq it. It was so pronounced at my last gig that I had to move...