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    Praise for Trombetta's Mini Bone!

    The PTD Mini Bone v2 is easily the most versatile and fun dirt pedal I've had the privilege to try/own. If you haven't tried one, you need to: a) Get on Paul's waiting list, and b) Wait for a good deal on a used Mini Bone while you wait to put in your order with Paul. I've gotten to the point...
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    Help: New 6v6 Tubes for Morgan TR19!

    So I have this killer Morgan TR19 that needs some new output tubes (6v6). One of them went on me this weekend. That being said, what tubes would you recommend for re-tubing? I also plan on installing them myself. Any advice, considering this is the first time I'm doing this 'surgery'...
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    PSA/Advice: Lovepedal Roadhouse Eternity available thru Lovepedal

    Sean Michael says he's been stocking NOS components and is re-releasing real deal Roadhouse Eternity's. I've heard lots of great things about this pedal, but have never tried one. Is it worth jumping on now to get a hold of one? $259 seems steep for an OD these days... :dunno Thoughts?
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    A Missing Reverb/Delay - Input Needed!

    So here's a pic of my board as it currently sits: I'm looking to upgrade to a slightly bigger board soon to accommodate some added pedals, like the Strymon Mobius and Micro POG, etc. Dilemma: I'm looking for another reverb/delay (not as important as 'verb) to add to the board before my...
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    PSA: Gravity Picks 30% orders over $50

    For those of you who really like Gravity picks (been using them solid for 9 months, and LOVE the classic big minis!), you can get 30% off orders over $50. I just bought a multi-pack (12 picks) for a little over $40 shipped after the discount.
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    PSA: BOGO Lava Ultramafic Cable Kits!

    Yep - that's right. Check out the ad in the Emporium. E-mail for the details. Crazy deal.
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    The (un)Official Bearfoot Candy Apple Fuzz Thread!

    Looks like Don and the Bearfoot team are up to something good! Anyone else having a hard time not buying a few Bearfoots lately??
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    PSA: 15% off Sale at PGS

    Just got the e-mail. Coupon Code: ONE15 Good for any purchase $99 or more. Ends midnight tonight.
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    I just won a Bearfoot Model 4H!

    Donner at Bearfoot FX held a contest yesterday for 'Talk Like a Pirate' day, asking people to submit videos, poems, pictures, whatever creative thing they wanted with a Bearfoot theme for a chance to win a unique Bearfoot box. I was picked for a poem I wrote, and I'm now getting a Model 4H...
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    Octave Fuzz users - which one?

    I've got the fuzz itch, and I really want to check out an octave fuzz. So, which one(s) should I be checking out? FWIW - Amps: Jackson Britain and '69 Super Reverb. Guitars: Strat, Tele, and LP.
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    Blackout Effectors is Re-Releasing the Blunderbuss!!

    Check it out: You can pre-order the blunderbuss with updated graphic in the same teal/red scheme, and they'll be sending out late August!! :banana
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    Recently re-tubed my 1969 Super Reverb - are the original tubes worth anything?

    I just had my 1969 SFSR re-tubed a couple months ago, and I have the original RCA tubes that the amp was originally outfitted with. The only replacement was a 12at7, but the rest are original. I know nothing of used tubes.. are they of any worth at all?
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    PSA: Tims available at Humbucker Music! For anyone interested. Just checking through their site and saw they were in stock!
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    Got the amp, need a cabinet! 1x12 or 2x12?

    I recently picked up a Jackson Britain 3.0 head, and I need a good cabinet to run the head through. I'm most likely going to be a diva and stick with a Jackson cabinet (possibly port city), but I'm curious about either a 1x12 or 2x12. I'd like the portability of the 1x12 cabinet, but I also...
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    My First TGP-official NAD: Jackson Britain 3.0!

    So up until this point, I haven't gotten any new amps in the time I've been on TGP. I sold off a couple of amps and some pedals on the hunt for a new amp that would complement my '69 Super Reverb well. I was torn between a Matchless, Morgan, and Jackson amp. Long story short, I found one for...
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    What Would you pay for a 1978 Les Paul Deluxe?

    Looks like there's a 1978 Les Paul Deluxe, natural finish, in excellent condition with case for sale at a local shop in the area. I'm not sure what a fair market price for an original 1978 LP deluxe in natural finish is, but i don't want to low-ball (or overshoot) an offer. Help a brother out!!
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    New Amp time - Jackson Ampworks or Morgan?

    I've always taken the word of others with a grain of salt, but for the most part, I've been steered pretty well in gear purchases on TGP. That being said, I'm saving for a new amp. I'm looking for a main amp live for mono use, and a nice stereo image with a '69 Super Reverb on my own/for...
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    I think I've found the cure for pedal GAS!!!

    It's Amp or Guitar GAS. :facepalm Seriously, I haven't had any sort of craving for new pedals. But let me tell you, I'm now hell-bent on saving for new guitars/amps! Just start browsing through the Amps and Cabs or Guitar Emporiums... The only disadvantage: it's going to get a whole lot more...
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    PSA: 10% storewide at PGS

    Just got an e-mail. Now through Monday at midnight. Code: PGS10 Happy shopping! :aok
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    PSA: "Awaiting Fulfillment" is normal - Strymon Content

    Just so everyone is aware, when you order status is updated to, "Awaiting Fulfillment", that is the first step in Strymon's order fulfillment process. You will get another e-mail notifying you that the pedal has shipped. So don't freak out. :eeks If your status reads, "Awaiting...
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    Vintage Fender Amp Service - Ohio area?

    I have an excellent condition 1969 drip-edge SFSR that I'm sure could use some reconing, recapping, etc. I am not too familiar of techs in the Ohio/surrounding states that specialize in vintage Fender amp service. Any suggestions?
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    Any JHS Tremolo users out there??

    I've got a Morning Glory OD inbound, and I'm in the market for a new Trem. I liked the Fulltone, but hated the real estate width-wise. This seems like a vintage-voiced trem with on-board LED for rate speed, which I like... and aesthetically, I love the look of these ones ESPECIALLY the...
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    Compressor, or Buffer?

    I just recently picked up a wireless system for my rig, and I'm running a pedalboard with the following: Skreddy LM > Keeley Comp > T1M Pearl > Timmy > Tuner > Hartman Flange > El Cap > TimeFactor > BSR Here's the dilemma: I've heard several videos of compressors and buffers, and I'm looking...
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    Marshall-voiced OD/Distortion...I want your opinions!

    Come December, my OD setup will be as follows: Lunar Module > The Pearl > ??? > Tim I am thinking about either a nice Distortion or a Marshall-voiced OD. I've got some ideas, being the following: MP Mighty Red Distortion Keeley Rat (LOVE my buddy's Rat tone) Wampler Plextortion Wampler...
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    New Dunlop volume pedal... +/- Feedback???

    Just curious if any TGP'ers are using the new Dunlop volume pedal.