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    Jimmy Wallace Pickups

    I've been thinking about putting some Throbaks in my McKay 335. My repair guy is swearing up and down I should try these Jimmy Wallace pickups. Anybody know anything about these?
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    Vintage or Boutique?

    Sorry if this gets long. So I've been playing since 1970 but I've never owned a good acoustic. Now I finally have the money to buy 1 nice guitar and I have to decide if I want vintage or ??? When I say vintage I mean D-18, probably from the 60's. If I buy new it will probably be a mahogany...
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    PRS Starla...any thoughts?

    I'm looking around for a back-up for the Tele. I want something with a different type of pick-ups and with a Wammy. I like the look and price of the Starla. I guess they made a core model but now only have the Korean ones. Like I said...any thoughts?
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    Large Martin inventory in Texas

    Hey folks, I'm thinking of buying a D-18. I'd like to play and compare some. Is there anyplace in central Texas with a large inventory?
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    Who would take a Collings I35LC over a '65 or later 335?

    I'm a tele guy and kind of a one guitar kind of guy. That being said, I've always loved vintage 335's, 345's etc.... So if I ever buy a second guitar it would be like that. I'm never going to have a $10k and up guitar so that pretty much rules out '58 through '64. I have no interest in the 70's...