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    Crosby reflects on Garcia David Crosby Remembers Jerry Garcia: ‘He Did Not Play for Money — He Was Chasing the Notes’ In an adoring and...
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    Dancing About Architecture

    I'm not sure what genre this music would fall under, if you have any idea ... please advise. Doug - Flute Serg - Guitars The video depicts a true story/journey I took about 40 years ago to the base of Angel Falls, deep in rain forests of southern Venezuela. It was other worldly... kind of like...
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    Strat LSR nut rattle/buzz - help!

    Help! I summon forth the wisdom of the Gear Page to advise on an urgent situation! My early 2000's Beck signature stratocaster's LSR nut is buzzing / rattling, it is noticeable on certain notes or if I hit open strings and it's starting to bug me. How can I fix this? Do I just replace it? If...
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    "I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that in that place in me, we are one." Hey TGP! Just sharing a few of my original music videos. I play a...
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    Gone to0 far?

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    The Mountain Knows

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    a heavy little dirge for World Peace

    My latest music video observation 'Event Horizon' is a heavy little dirge for World Peace, with sobering apocalyptic warning visions to remind of the dire consequences of failure. Special thanks to my very talented friends Brett Funk and Roger Sullivan who joined me in this effort, I'm a big...
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    Tangled Weave - internet collaboration

    Sharing an original tune recorded with a little help from my friends spread out across the country.
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    Logic X, iMovie, S-Gear, Internet collaboration

    Looking to engage in conversation with songwriters, producers, musicians and creative types who are into making recordings and interested in Internet collaborations. We can talk about the collaboration process, songwriting, gear, DAWs, plug-ins, amp sims, music, videos, computers, etc.,. I'm not...
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    2017 Logic X shenanigans

    I used the guitars in my avatar, let me know what you think ...
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    Morning Dew

    Let's talk about Morning Dew, there is just something about this song that makes it very special for me. Post your favorite version. Morning Dew is a haunting post-apocalyptic folk rock song written by Canadian folk singer Bonnie Dobson in the early 60's. It has been covered by Jeff Beck...
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    suggest Delay for non effect loop amps?

    I have an old DD-3 pedal, works fine with my Princeton reverb amp. However, it doesn't sound so hot in front of my little marshall (maybe I just haven't dialed in the right settings). I play mostly clean on the fender, but with gain on the marshall. Any suggestions for delay pedals that will...
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    Dance of Shiva

    Dance of Shiva (first clip at the top of page linked below) John Bonham - Drums sergv - guitars,bass,keys I used a Les Paul and P-bass, pod-xt live.
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    Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

    Anyone familiar with Gillian Welch & David Rawlings music? I saw them play this song on the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival and became an INSTANT fan, love it!
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    Hubble telescope flies high again (music video) The Hubble telescope is fixed and back in action, to celebrate the occasion here is a little original music video I threw together inspired by the cosmic images. Peace :phones
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    Delilah and sergv do Franklin's Tower

    Franklins Tower (Garcia/Hunter/Kruetzmann) Delilah - vocals, backing vocals sergv - guitars, bass (beck strat, P bass) Peace, and may the jams be with you.
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    Moonlight Cool - new collab featuring Doc Wilson and Bonzo

    howdee folks, just wanted to share my latest collaboration tune with ya ... let me know what you think if you feel so inclined ... Moonlight Cool Doc Wilson - vocals/lyrics, harp John Bonham - drums SergV - bass, guitars...
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    Ebow Sonata - a Beefoven/Sergv collaboration

    Its the clip on the top of the page linked below ... an original collab with the talented Mr. Beefoven. Beefoven - piano sergv - guitars Peace, and may the jams be with you. :JAM
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    the Bonham - Beck - Ebow JAM

    This little jam features John Bonham on drums, and I used my Beck strat and an Ebow. Let me know what you think. Its the clip called 'Lost in Space' at the top of the page linked here: If anyone would like to 'jam with Bonzo'...
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    Nothing Lasts - original tune by Boomer, Casper, Clav, Doc, & SergV

    Happy New Year TGP! I just wanted to share the latest original collab tune I put together with a little help from my talented friends over at with ya'lls, its called ... Nothing Lasts Words/Lyrical Poetry by Doc music by sergv...
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    Six Hombres Orchestra - MicWalt, BradP, Bobi, DrumGod, ScottL, SergV - mp3 action!

    This new original tune was put together 'with a little help from my friends' over at I haven't posted a tune around here in a while ... hope you dig it! Introducing the ... Six Hombres Orchestra Featuring 2 hip Cats from the West coast, 2 swinging cats from the East coast...
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    Cosmos Riddle ?

    For all you music, guitar, and Carl Sagan fans! Fun for the whole family!! Various sounds were done my old Variax 500 and a POD XT. peace
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    Morning Dew JAM - Red Ant, Scott Lerner, Gennation, Normster This is a mellow jam framework I done just threw together (with much love) based on Bonnie Dobson's 'Morning Dew' song ... which has been covered by many folks thru the years. Its a great 'jam' song, and fun to sing too. Lyrically its...
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    Russian Lullaby Gypsy/Jazzy throwdown action clip

    My son was born a few weeks ago, and I wanted to learn a little song that I could play and sing for him in the wee hours of the morning. I picked this song by Irving Berlin called Russian Lullaby, but it was the version by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman that really caught my ear. There have been...