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  1. reddgeetarzan

    Who makes the best 5E3 amp right now???

    There are some older threads, but a few new players have come onto the scene. I'm looking for a really good 5E3 amp. Nothing too extravagant but something that sounds great from cleans to mean. I have a really nice 2x12 combo cab I want to put it in. Here are the one's I've looked at so...
  2. reddgeetarzan

    Sold 1964 Fender Jazzmaster in Candy Apple Red w/ matching headstock!

    FOR TRADE at this is a list of possible trade ideas: 50's Les Paul Jr's (maybe a Special) ISSUES guitars are OK as long as the basics are still there and are priced accordingly- especially the pickups!!! 60's Telecasters and Stratocasters (issues guitars ok here) Late 60's/early...
  3. reddgeetarzan

    Sold Ltd Ed Custom Shop 69 Heavy Relic Strat w/ reverse headstock Oly White

    Rare, 1 of 30, 2012 Fender Custom Shop '69 reverse headstock Stratocaster Heavy Relic in Olympic White. Get your Hendrix on! This has the Abby wound '69 pickups. They are AMAZING. I mean really really good. The guitar is great too, but these pickups are special. There is a little bit of wear on...
  4. reddgeetarzan

    Sold 1970 Marshall SUPERBASS 100 amplifier previously owned by Paul Reed Smith!

    ON HOLD!!!! I bought this one from a guitar shop in Anapolis MD and was told it was owned by Paul Reed Smith. They said he had bought THE BEST examples he could find to use as guides to the platform for the PRS series of Marshall 'inspired' amplifiers. Let there be no doubt this is absolutely...
  5. reddgeetarzan

    So are ALL Ernie Ball necks small-ish?

    I've played a bunch of recent EB's. They've all been great, especially this Valentine with a roasted neck I recently picked up, but the guys at the EB factory all have small hands or what? Seems like every guitar I've played has had a very small type of neck. I don't need a...
  6. reddgeetarzan

    How would you feel if you bought something on Reverb only to have your money refunded the next day b/c they sold it for more to someone else after?

    This happened to me on Reverb the other day. Guy (someone that's actually is selling gear on here I've come to find out!) had a PTD Colorsound fuzz on Reveb. I offered a price, he countered, I agreed and paid. The next day I get a refund and ask what's up? His response was that he didn't...
  7. reddgeetarzan

    Sold Fender Custom Shop/Sweetwater GT11 Stratocaster in Olympic White

    For sale is my like new (and I mean BRAND new!) Fender Custom Shop Sweetwater GT11 Stratocaster in Olympic White! This is relic'd but not that 'dragged behind a truck' relic that I've seen. It's nicely done! These have the roasted necks, underwound pickups (which sound SO sublime!), push in...
  8. reddgeetarzan

    Sold Jam Pedals Retro Vibe

    Jam Pedals Retro Vibe in great shape. A couple of slight marks on the front (pictured), nothing major at all- clean with box, papers and silk bag. NO velcro on this one either. $280 shipped and insured.
  9. reddgeetarzan

    Sold PRS 59/09’s $300 shipped!

    4 conductor pair of 59/09’s chrome covers with 59/09 etching in good condition. A slight bit of wear/tarnishing. No issues and LONG leads for both pickups. $300 shipped and insured for these
  10. reddgeetarzan

    Sold DR Z SRZ 65- an early one handwired by Dr Z

    TRADED..... For sale (or trade) My Dr Z SRZ65 Handwired by the Dr himself- Here is the scoop: $1250 shipped on it...OR BEST OFFER. There were either 35 or 38 of them made. IN late 2000, Curt came in to Z as the lead tech. Doc handed off the SRZ65 line to him (and a few others) until he...
  11. reddgeetarzan

    Sold Bigsby B7 with Vibramate

    Brushed nickel B7 with Vibramate for NO modification installs on your Les Paul or ?? Mint with everything you need to install. Installation takes minutes. Easy PZ. $125 SHIPPED and PP'd on this one.
  12. reddgeetarzan

    My gig got cancelled over the weekend due to Coronavirus. Anyone else?

    Anyone else experiencing this yet? Feelings on it? This was an outdoor event, but I 'get it'....I guess. It's going to happen, this we know.
  13. reddgeetarzan

    Sold Kauer Starliner Express 2014 Sunset Limited Edition color "Starry Night"

    Traded! Yeah....I'm really selling this :( Ugh. Here is the original description: About This Listing This is truly a special guitar, built for "KauerPalooza" Starry Night is Doug Kauer's personal favorite finish. This 2014 Sunset Limited model Starliner Express is a truly one of a kind...
  14. reddgeetarzan

    Sold Landry M100L

    Traded! I hate doing this. LOVE this amp, but things change- I need a combo and I've found the one I want so something has to go and this is the one. Has a really beautiful custom made wooden panel the previous owner made for it. The 'L' in the white logo was broken in shipping, so it's...
  15. reddgeetarzan

    Well....I FINALLY 'get' the Gretsch 'thing' !!!!!

    It's taken me what, 30+ years of playing and a handful of Gretsch guitars to get 'it'. I've had a few from all eras- an early 60's Double Annivesary, a 60's Corvette (which I did love!), a MIJ White Falcon and a few other hollow body models that escape me on model number. Well, I recently...
  16. reddgeetarzan

    Sold Bluetron Blueverb Standard 50w

    OK, here goes....I may get cold feet on this one! Ugh. This is the Bluetron Blueverb Standard voicing 50w amp. This one also has the 'd' style voicing knobs on the back that the earlier units did NOT have. It really does make a difference. I also upgraded the footswitch as these had a...
  17. reddgeetarzan

    Sold PRS McTrem w Birds 57/08’s

    2007 PRS McCarty Trem (McTrem) in a gorgeous honeyburst w Birds in Flight inlays. Wide fat neck profile that’s perfect. No skinny DGT profile here. I upgraded the pickups to a really great sounding set of 57/08’s and wiring harness/pots. The original pickups and pots also come with the...
  18. reddgeetarzan

    Sold LSL Carl Verheyen CV Special Saticoy

    With MUCH hesitation I put up this incredible instrument. It's one of the best Strats I've ever had my hands on, period and that is saying a LOT. The ONLY reason I'm letting this go is I have another Strat that I've had for years and years and it's just been 'the one'...probably more out of...
  19. reddgeetarzan

    What's your favorite 'aways on' pedal?

    I'm looking for a good pedal to sweeten my amp tones- one that stays on ALL the time. I'm currently using an early xotic EP booster. It works pretty well for what it does. Any other pedals you all seem to really like? It's for a Landry L100M- specifically for the clean channel. I like it...
  20. reddgeetarzan

    Sold Tone King Ironman II attenuator

    Tone King Ironman II attenuator. In perfect condition with box and papers. These are so useful in so many situations! It's redundant in my setup so I can let this one go. $300 shipped
  21. reddgeetarzan

    Walter Becker's gear to be auctioned off.....HOLY CRAP!!! What a collection!

    Uhhhhhh.....a Gear Pager's wet dream right here:
  22. reddgeetarzan

    Sold LSL Saticoy One

    I have a stupid good LSL Saticoy One. It's an early one (#33). It's killer. Has a few marks on the top and some light play wear (last pictures). It's a player- know that going in- you won't want to put it down! The pickups on these LSL's are out of this world good. The bridge can do the...
  23. reddgeetarzan

    Strange REVERB encounter.....anyone hear of this nonsense?

    I received a fair offer on an amp I'm selling so I accept it.....the buyer then replies with this: "My power of attorney gets the bill. LongFrost R&D 10 E Fasset 32 14895" Anyone ever hear of this nonsense? Like I'm supposed to BILL his P.O.A.? WTF? I just want to sell my stuff, not deal...
  24. reddgeetarzan

    HELP choosing a multi effect unit that can MIDI switch channels on a Marshall 6100LE

    So I picked up a Marshall 6100LE for a great deal and I was VERY pleasantly surprised by it's tone (Ch 2 is amazing!), but it did NOT have a footswitch. The FS is very particular to this model and a replacement is $250! What I'd LOVE to do is a get a GOOD multi effect unit that has MIDI...
  25. reddgeetarzan

    Sold Friedman Smallbox

    I have a really great sounding Friedman Smallbox combo for sale. I’ve owned a few of these and this is the best of the bunch. It really has ‘it’. I’m just stuck on my JJN and have been for a while now. The idea of a combo was also quite appealing but I am a creature of habit and once I...