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    Will rosewood return to cheap guitars?

    I remember reading last year that the CITES restrictions were being lifted on musical instruments so I'm wondering will rosewood make a return to lower end guitars? Will things go back to the way they were or will they stick with laurel and pau ferro?
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    Replacement pickguard for 1968 Martin D-35

    A family friend has a 1968 D-35 and the pickguard is long since gone and he mentioned wanting to find a replacement so I thought I'd do him the favor. I checked on the Martin site and they list an "Oversize" pickguard but it's not specific about what guitar it fits and contacting Martin...
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    EHX Pitchfork the best compact pitch shifter for different tunings?

    Looking for a compact pitch shifter to achieve different tunings and effects like faux baritone, 12 string, detune and simple step down/up tunings on the fly. Seems the Pitchfork is the best candidate but is there anything else I'm missing? I tried the Boss PS-6 but wasn't a fan of it (actually...
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    MXR Brown Acid Fuzz

    Hope it sounds as cool as it looks :D
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    No sound from guitar but it still works with tuner pedal?

    After 5 years my Grestch Electromatic has suddenly quit outputting any sound. I've checked all external factors and I'm guessing it's either the pickup selector which has intermittently killed the sound before when switching to the neck pickup (a good wiggle has always got it going again) or...
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    New Boss pedals 2014 - Waza Craft?

    Just browsing the Boss site and stumbled across these... DM-2W: Delay Waza Craft Special Edition Ever since being discontinued way back in 1984, the BOSS DM-2 Delay pedal has remained highly sought after by players everywhere for its warm...
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    Which Wah gets you this sound? (Clapton content)

    I have the standard Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby and it sounds nowhere near as 'vocal' as in this clip. DvBlICAzxJw I know he has a vintage mojo wah in the clip but what would be the current production equivalent?