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  1. TheNewWhatNext

    Anyone experienced a big reversal of opinion on a guitar type?

    I write this as for a long period of my guitar playing life, I hated Strats. Absolutely hated them. My first guitar was a Tanglewood Strat and I just couldn't understand why I couldn't get the middy thump and grind of Ian Mackaye and Blake Schwarzenbach out of the skinny singlecoils, no matter...
  2. TheNewWhatNext

    Could a bass have wrecked my amp?

    Hi guys, hope someone can weigh in here! Long story short, I lent my Laney GH100L to my bass player for use in band practice today, and up until now I've used it with guitar and rarely taken the master volume beyond 3. He was playing it through a Hiwatt 4x12 at a less than half, set quite...
  3. TheNewWhatNext

    Show your improvised/unconventional pedalboards!

    So I was toying with the idea of making a new pedalboard for the second band I'm in, comprising of a SUF Skinner Box and a tuner, to go into a clean amp as opposed to the usual amp gain route I take with my main band. I just happened to come across an old and long-since unused bread board in the...
  4. TheNewWhatNext

    Tele into RAT guys, share your setups!

    Been really enjoying my Tele into a SUF Skinner Box (based off the 'Bud Box RAT'). Tight, raw crunch with a nice mid kick; running it into a Bassbreaker 45 Head set to a gritty clean. Show your Telecaster/RAT setups! Mine is below.
  5. TheNewWhatNext

    NPD: Ltd Edition Stomp Under Foot Skinner Box & short review.

    Been looking for a good RAT for some time, but the 80s/90s vintage boxes are getting stupid expensive and have that irritating jack tip power lead rather than the standard Boss 9v. I ended up stumbling across a SUF Skinner Box on eBay after missing out on a modded Rat 2 with the LM308 chip...
  6. TheNewWhatNext

    NPUD - Oil City Pickups 'Airship Trooper'

    I recently acquired a 1991 Orville LPC-75 in Alpine White, and was loving it and planning to keep it stock. Unfortunately, the more I played it it I couldn't ignore how the bridge pickup was becoming microphonic at anything above 3 on the volume knob on my Laney GH100L, and this wasn't being...
  7. TheNewWhatNext

    NGD - 1991 MIJ Orville LPC-75 in Alpine White

    I've always wanted a faded white Les Paul Custom ever since seeing Blake Schwarzenbach from Jawbreaker toting one for the vast majority of his appearances on stage. My finances didn't stretch to a Gibson, so for a long time I've been scouting for an MIJ piece on the usual suspects (Reverb/eBay...
  8. TheNewWhatNext

    Amp rear grille help

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had this issue and might be able to help; as per my most recent NAD thread, I picked up a second hand Laney GH100L off Reverb for £325. Hugely happy with the amp and loving its sounds immensely. However, the seller removed the amp's rear grille before...
  9. TheNewWhatNext

    NAD - Laney GH100L w/mini review

    I've been casting around for a true high gain head for some time now, as I've been finding myself wanting more gain and tighter response than is available from my Bassbreaker 45 head, and eventually spotted this on Reverb for £325. I really can't afford a JCM 800, as here in the UK they always...
  10. TheNewWhatNext

    NPD - Subdecay Super Spring Theory w/review

    After years of swearing off of reverb in general, my Luddite punk rock tendencies relaxed themselves a bit after hearing it work well in some aggressive post/surf punk contexts, and so I found myself shopping around for a reverb pedal. I managed to find this beautiful example on eBay. I...
  11. TheNewWhatNext

    Unexpected NPD: Dunlop EP101

    I'm currently in a gear buying freeze due to being 'between employment' at present. However through a combination of my bassist's generosity and his employment giving him access to unclaimed items of lost property, I have acquired Dunlop's take on the Echoplex preamp for the bargain price of...
  12. TheNewWhatNext

    NPUD - Dimarzio PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge

    I've always wanted to try one of these, and I'd become a bit disenchanted with the Duncan JB in the bridge of the Schecter PT it previously sat in; it's not to say it's a bad pickup at all, just that it's a bit too much output for me and perhaps not quite as percussive in the low end as I like...
  13. TheNewWhatNext

    Help me fill a pedalboard space

    I'm probably going to regret this... I have a Pedal Train Jr missing a space (probably about your standard MXR box size) following a reshuffle, courtesy of a new power supply for my PT Nano (Voodoo Labs X4, amazing and tiny). On the board I currently have the following; Malekko Ekko 616...
  14. TheNewWhatNext

    NPD - Malekko Ekko 616 Delay MK II

    I probably didn't 'need' this but wanted a delay for the larger pedalboard, as my Boss DM-2W is basically a staple of my gigging Pedaltrain Nano and I am loath to move it, so I picked this little candy red guy up from eBay. I'm rather impressed! It's got that analog BBD 'thump' and sweet decay...
  15. TheNewWhatNext

    NRFGD - an old friend made new again.

    To explain, the title stands for newly re-finished guitar day. I've had an Epiphone '60s Tribute Les Paul since I was 19, so it's done quite a few years of service. However, in recent months I found myself getting sick of the sunburst, and decided to have it refinished and revamped to the most...
  16. TheNewWhatNext

    NPD - Earthquaker Devices Hummingbird

    Picked one of these up after hearing multiple positive reviews, and also because I wanted to nail the opening few seconds of 'Tongues' by Jawbox and had been hearing it all over Midnight Oil records. So I caved, as per the below. It's impeccably built and sounds captivating; equally adept at...
  17. TheNewWhatNext

    NAD: Fender Bassbreaker 45 Head w/review

    After hearing multiple good reviews of these and having a jones for something Marshall-y, I spotted one of these for £439 and figured I'd treat myself to an early Christmas present; it came Sept 24th, just to clarify. The reason I didn't get a Marshall was that I couldn't see something in their...
  18. TheNewWhatNext

    NPUD - Finally tried a Duncan JB

    After a brush with a JB in my Edwards LP Custom that unfortunately turned out to be defective, my line of thinking came back to the same pickup when I realised that basically every guitar I own has medium to low output pickups in it; not a problem as such, but I wanted to try something with a...
  19. TheNewWhatNext

    A pickup swap

    In recent months, the pickup I had in my Schecter PT has - an Oil City Scrapyard Dog, which is based on a T-Top - been starting to sound a little 'peaky'; a certain slight over-edginess that was a touch harsh to my ears. I was starting to evaluate possible replacements when it occurred to me...
  20. TheNewWhatNext

    A change of knobs

    Not sure why but I felt like a change of cosmetics in my SG. Here's the before: And the after: And, because why the hell not, I swapped out the knobs on my Tele for a couple of the old speed knobs: Just figured I'd share for your appraisal. I quite like the new looks, personally.
  21. TheNewWhatNext

    Amp noise issues

    Hello all, hope you're able to help! Just been playing with my Hughes and Kettner TM36 and I've noticed something with the Clean channel - there appears to be an ever-present, high-pitched whine that, while it's not noticeable while playing, is definitely audible while the amp is idling. It...
  22. TheNewWhatNext

    NCD - Orange PPC212OB

    Picked up this handsome beast on Friday for an upcoming headlining show. Figured it'll give me a bit more firepower than my usual 1x12. Got to break it in a little bit today and it kills; just more spread, more power, more volume. Everything I was looking for, essentially. Gave it a work out...
  23. TheNewWhatNext

    NPD EHX Deluxe Big Muff Pi w/ short review

    A brief intro - for a long time, I've wanted to capture Blake Schwarzenbach's guitar tone on Jawbreaker's live record 'Live 4/30/96', wherein he makes frequent use of standard Big Muff. It sounds brutal on that album, pushed into a Marshall JCM800 which is pretty crunchy to start with. However...
  24. TheNewWhatNext

    NGD - Gibson SG Classic (2010)

    After seeing these slip through my fingers time and time again on the old 'bay, I finally sacked up and bought one. £655 with free shipping and hardcase - a steal, if I dare say so myself. Fit and finish is outstanding. There's one or two tiny chips or dings here and there but I couldn't care...
  25. TheNewWhatNext

    Belated NPD/Review - MXR Custom Badass Overdrive

    Somehow I managed to justify buying another pedal. I didn't need this, as I'm still very much a fan of my DOD 250 RI... but something about this one spoke to me. Wanting to try out a more classic circuit than the fuzz tinged 250, I picked up one up, as I wanted to slap it on a tiny minimalist...