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  1. Alter

    Dance Fever - A stratocaster into a looper!

    Building a groove with a Boss GT-1 for sounds and a Boss RC-300 for live looping, recorded direct. Fun toys once in a while! ;)
  2. Alter

    Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    An improvised tune using the Boss RC-300 looper, together with a Boss Gt-1 for sounds..!
  3. Alter

    The Fly Catcher

    A telecaster, a tweed model on the Boss Gt1, an Rc-3 looper, and a fly swatter..
  4. Alter

    Boss Gt-1 into camera, clean sound..

    Not bad at all... really impressed with the sounds on this box. What 200$ can get you these days!! And i haven't even really tweaked all the possibilities yet. Just choosing what seems as appropriate gear choices for various sounds, blackface fenders for cleans, tweeds for blues, marshalls for...
  5. Alter

    After The Spirit - A Hammond Trio tune.

    A tune of mine from a recent gig we did with this trio. Pretty happy with this project! Guitar is a 70s Gibson 335 played through a 60s Princeton reverb and an Aer compact 60 (using a Lehle splitter). Thanks for watching!
  6. Alter

    Anyone recognize what series this left handed 1998 Ibanez RG is?

    I 've had this guitar for years now, reminds me of my metal youth days! :D I have however forgotten what series it was, and trying to figure it out. It's made in 1998, RG series, headstock sticker says CE F98 21990 Japan. GGotoh tuners, pickups are V8 , S1, V7. Its RG series but which model...
  7. Alter

    Gibson 335 into a Princeton Reverb with an organ trio.

    Some sounds from a recent gig. 335 straight into the Princeton. Love this amp, could have downscaled years ago!
  8. Alter

    Amazing Grace guitar cover

    An arrangement of Amazing Grace I've been working on for an upcoming concert..
  9. Alter

    Fender Tweed Pro junior speaker suggestions for headroom?

    Well, after recently selling a couple more amps I see a tweed pro Junior in my future. Hard to find an older one in Europe so I'll probably buy a new version IV. I've had that amp years back so kind of know what to expect, and am ok with using a 15 watt combo onstage. But I would like to use it...
  10. Alter

    Opinions on the bigger (250 watt) Dv Mark heads?

    I'm looking to get a portable solid state, loud rig, and the Dv Mark ones seem like a great solution. I've played a lot through a friend's micro 50 head and I like it, but I've never tried the bigger 250 ones, so I'm looking for opinions from people with experience with them (the raw dawg, the...
  11. Alter

    Differences between older and newer Fender pro Junior tweed amps?

    Been looking at getting a tweed Fender pro Junior lately, and a couple of friends recommend getting an older tweed version. I know production moved from the USA to Mexico at some point, but other than that were there other changes done to older models? Or is it just the general quality...
  12. Alter

    Picks similar to Dunlop Jazz III, but of a regular size?

    I really dig everything about the Dunlop Jazz III picks, thickness, feel, tip shape and material, but i dont like the small size. I prefer the normal fender style pick size, and even the XL Jazz III are smaller than normal. So is there anything available that comes close, or any version of these...
  13. Alter

    What speaker for a bit extra bass on a Fender Champ X2 combo amp?

    Recently bought this little amp used, to replace a blues junior i have for a lightweight gigging tube amp. (i wasn't thrilled with the BJ sound, and its weight is close to my allessandro so i don't really need it). I like its sound, however, being used to playing bigger amps with 1x12 or 2x12...
  14. Alter

    Safe to play a Fender Twin head through a Fender VIbrolux 2x10 cab?

    I have an old twin reverb head i recently had serviced and restored, i had bought it used (it was made into a head by the previous owner). It plays great on a 2x12, but at home i only have a friend's 2x10 cab. He says it has two jensen 10s coming from a vibrolux amp. But it is a closed cabinet...
  15. Alter

    What's a good alternative for a Pod XT? Compact and with many effects?

    I 've got a Pod XT that is getting quite old, and since i use it in live performances i would like to replace it with something new and thus more trustworthy. Features i enjoy on this little fellow are the portability (i have an external foot controller but i usually don't need it), and the big...
  16. Alter

    A question about Digitech Solo Xt looper

    I foolishly sold my Boss-RC3 when i bought the big RC-300 looper only to realize the usefulness of a small looper pedal as well afterwards. So i m checking the small Solo Xt but... i use the small looper when playing solo or duo gigs. Say i record some chords, solo over them and then, on the...
  17. Alter

    Hot Organic Trio

    some music by our organ trio.. a mix of soul, jazz, and blues :beer FwHoDFwkq24
  18. Alter

    John Coltrane's Impressions

    an improvisation on the form, that is.. A Gibson 335 through an AER amp ITp5YVn2Vxw
  19. Alter

    Pentatonic Thing on acoustic (video)

    here 's some improvisational playing with an acoustic guitar into a looper.. (a Taylor 810 into a Boss RC-300 looper) KkfjePHzxvM
  20. Alter

    RC-300 Looper Improvising

    Using the RC-300's effects to create the bass part :o oMmZO6I9AOA
  21. Alter

    Alone Together

    played on an acoustic guitar :) -_gEG0AUVmU
  22. Alter

    Some RC-2 Looper Grooves

    Improvising some grooves with this looper.. I 'll be sure to get a pitch shifter on the pedalboard next time, for more of an authentic bass sound.. :console G3q7cwlZqk0
  23. Alter

    A Tele playing some soul :)

    well.. what the title says.. :beer playing around a simple I VI II V progression really kYSQTctBQO8
  24. Alter

    Sansamp Blonde & Blackstone Overdrive video

    here 's a short clip i did for a friend, some sounds out of the Sansamp Blonde stacked with a Blackstone overdrive, one of my favorite overdrives ever.... Amp is an Alessandro Rottweiler 1x12, guitar a Gordon Smith custom (some english brand). Just wish i could record this LOUD, but... neighbors...
  25. Alter

    Blues with a Feeling

    just a clip from a recent gig that i enjoyed a lot. Usually this band performs as a hammond trio, but this time we had 2 horns with us :BluesBros The guitar its an old Gibson 335 straight through an Alessandro Rottweiler 1x12 LPF3LwQn9Lc