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    how to contact mylespaulforum?

    Anyone know how to contact these people? I can't remember my password and the "forgot your password" link doesn't work properly. It asks you for your email address and then asks "Epiphone is owned by which company?". When you enter Gibson it says "You did not complete the CAPTCHA verification...
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    WTB Bogner Shiva 20th

    Looking for this amp with or without reverb in excellent condition with footswitch. Let me know what you got.
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    CTS pot question

    I just bought some 500k CTS pots off amazon. They are not brass shafts like I thought they were going to be but spec out at 520k and 525k. Is there any quality difference between these and the brass shaft pots?
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    Jazzmaster cap and pots question?

    I have a squier j mascis jazzmaster. I changed out the pickups to a Novak JMV neck and JM90 bridge. The JMV is a jazzmaster neck pickup and the JM90 is a P90 fit for a jazzmaster. I’m finding the highs ice picky with the 1 meg pots on the P90. What pots and caps should I use to warm up or...
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    Sold Fractal FM3-non headphone version

    For sale is a Fractal FM3-non headphone version (1.06 Firmware). Plastic screen protectors are still on the unit. Will ship via UPS ground in original FM3 box with power supply. $OLD shipped.
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    Port City 1x12 OS speaker suggestions?

    I plan on using my Fractal FM3 into a PowerStage out through a Port City 1x12 OS cabinet. I have an ASW crossroads lying around that would probably work ok, but was thinking of maybe trying an alnico cream? Looking for a speaker that can do cleans, mid and high gain well. Any suggestions on a...
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    Boss Speaker Cable

    Looking for a new speaker cable but don’t want to spend high end dollars. Anyone try these?
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    Mix Celestion V30 with ASW Crossroads?

    Anyone try this combo in a 2x12? The Friedman cabs sound amazing with V30s and Greenbacks. My amp is 100 watts and I was considering a high powered greenback with a V30. Anyone try these 2 together or have an opinion on whether these would work well?
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    Sold Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary KT88 Mode Mod

    For sale is my 20th Anniversary Shiva (w/ KT88 tubes) in excellent condition. Photos can be found in the reverb listing. ... dification $OLD shipped for TGP members
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    Sold OX4 A5 Bridge Humbucker (8.2k)

    For sale is an OX4 bridge humbucker with an A5 magnet that measures 8.2k (aged nickel cover and white bobbins). $OLD paypal/venmo Please PM with any questions. Thanks.
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    Sold Arcane Triple Clone Pickups

    For sale is a set of Arcane Triple Clone humbucker pickups in aged nickel. 4 conductor wiring. Bought brand new from guitarbasspro last year. $OLD-shipped/paypalled
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    Sold Celestion Cream Alnico 16 ohm

    I have for sale a Celestion Cream Alnico 16 ohm speaker. Speaker has been barely used. $OLD shipped/paypalled
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    Sold Source Audio Ventris Reverb

    For sale is a mint condition Source Audio Ventris Reverb with box and manual. Amazing tones in this box. I haven't taken advantage of the features and endless possibilities with this pedal (nor do I have time with 2 small kids) so it's up for sale. Please PM me with any additional questions...
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    Sold Sonic Research ST300 Turbo Tuner (full size)

    For sale is a mint condition Sonic Research ST300 Turbo Tuner (full size) with original box. Please PM me with any questions or for photos. $OLD-shipped/paypalled
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    Matched Quad of Tubes?

    I received a quad of matched JJ KT77s from Tube Depot this morning. 3 of them say bias point 33 and the 4th tube says bias point 32. Did someone make a mistake and give me a 32 by accident or is this considered a matched quad? Any info is much appreciated!
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    Diezel Herbert UAD Plugin

    This looks awesome.
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    Sold Suhr Reactive Load-$OLD

    Suhr Reactive Load in mint condition with original box. -$OLD PM with any questions or for photos.
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    Sold 2018 Macbook Pro 15" Touchbar-i7 2.6ghz 6 Core/512gb/16gb Ram

    I'm in a financial bind and need to sell my mint condition/barely used MacBook Pro. This is the one that retails for $2799.00 from Apple. Color is space gray. 2018 Apple MacBook Pro 15.4" Retina LED-Backlit Display with TouchBar - 8th Generation 2.6GHz (Turbo Boost to 4.3GHz) Intel i7...
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    Sold Celestion Redback G12H-150 16 Ohm

    Up for sale is a barely used Celestion Redback. The only reason I'm selling this one is so I can purchase an 8 ohm. Never soldered, only used speaker clips to connect it, so it's essentially in mint condition. Will ship in the original box with the packaging from sweetwater. $OLD
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    Sold Divided by 13 1x12 Cabinet (all black with black grill cloth)

    Up for sale is a Divided by 13 1x12 Cabinet (all black with black grill cloth) with Celestion G12H30. Please see my reverb listing for photos. $OLD
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    Sold Landry LS100G3 2018

    Mint condition Landry LS100G3. This was the first one made for 2018. It is only 6 weeks old and was purchased direct from Bill Landry. Latest specs as it’s only a few weeks old (mustard caps). Included are 3 different front panels to match different cabinets (black cloth with black piping...
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    Sold Divided By 13 Btr23 Head-price reduced

    Up for sale is a Divided by 13 BTR23 Head Black/Black (Stealth) Killer sounding amp, Marshall meets Vox, with a great Master Volume. Tubes were replaced a few months ago and only have a few hours on them (10-15). It's been kept in my smoke free and moisture free home and is in good condition...
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    Sold Fryette Power Load

    Up for sale is a mint condition Fryette Power Load. Really awesome load box and cabinet emulator. These are out of stock pretty much everywhere. Looking for $OLD shipped/paypalled. Please PM with any questions. Thanks!
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    Sold Metropoulos Metro-Plex 100 Watt Head

    Up for sale is a Metropoulos Metro-Plex 100 Watt Head This is an amazing amp, but some unexpected house bills require me to sell it. The amp is in excellent condition and includes the foot-switch and all documentation received when the amp was purchased. $SOLD shipped/paypalled Please PM me...
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    Sold Divided by 13 BTR23 Head

    Up for sale is a Divided by 13 BTR23 Head Black/Black (Stealth) Killer sounding amp, Marshall meets Vox, with a great Master Volume. Tubes were replaced a few months ago and only have a few hours on them (10-15). It's been well cared for, is in mint condition, and Divided by 13 cover is...