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  1. Shades of Blue

    FS Helix Floor - Space Gray Edition

    Selling a Helix Floor in Space Gray. Really cool looking in person, I’m just going back to real amps for a while and a pedal board. Come with box and all accessories. $1399 shipped, no trades
  2. Shades of Blue

    WTB Duellist

    Let me know if you have one for sale...
  3. Shades of Blue

    Buy a Duelist and add to Helix, or just downsize to the Stomp?

    I've owned the Stomp in the past, but not with the 8 bock version. I sold Stomp and all of my pedals last year because I wanted to simplify to the Helix Floor. I've enjoyed it, and honestly have no regrets. However, I'm wanting to add a Duelist overdrive, but I just can't see the practicality...
  4. Shades of Blue

    Does every guitar you own knock your socks off???

    I've owned some nice guitars, but nothing has wowed me like my recent ES-335 that I acquired. It is a 2012, it's not a case queen, and it cost considerably less than some other guitars I've owned. But I'm head over heels for the thing. So much so, that I literally bust out into an almost...
  5. Shades of Blue

    FS 2020 PRS 35th Anniversary Custom 24

    Selling a beautiful looking, playing, and sounding Custom 24. I bought this back in September of this year, and it is stunning. Only selling because I overextended myself a bit on this one and 2021 is off to a rocky start. I can’t find any scratches or blems, so I’d say it is pretty darn...
  6. Shades of Blue

    Proof that I don't need amps...

    I sat down to play my new ES-335 through my Dr Z Maz 18 today. Typically, I run the Maz through a Suhr Reactive Load box into my Helix, where I have patches set up to allow me to move back and forth between the Maz and the Dr Z patch in Helix. Well, I just played what I thought was the Maz...
  7. Shades of Blue

    How do you deal with two similar guitars?

    I’ve never been able to cope with two of the same or similar guitars. If I have two strats or two Les Pauls, I compare the two relentlessly until a victor is crowned. I had a hard time even having a Silver Sky and my Strat. It drives me crazy have two of the same thing when one sounds better...
  8. Shades of Blue

    Sold Gibson Deluxe Keystone Tuners

    Selling these off of my 2017 Traditional. They are in stellar condition, as the guitar is hardly ever played. Will ship with tuners, bushings, screws, and washers. $50 shipped. Thanks!
  9. Shades of Blue

    Post Your “End of 2020” Family Shot!!!

    With 2020 coming to a close, I can say that I will not be altering my stable any more this year. Post your 2020 family shot as we get ready to close out this year and enter “hopefully” a better year in 2021!!!
  10. Shades of Blue

    Sold Gibson Grover Tuners

    These came off of a 2012 Gibson ES-335. Good condition, shows some tarnish. Comes with bushings and washers, but no screws. $25 shipped
  11. Shades of Blue

    Last NGD for a while for me...

    ....ok, so isn’t that what we all say? Just picked up a beautiful 2012 ES-335 this morning. One of the best CL deals I’ve ever been a part of. The guy drove over 2 hours to meet me, and he was probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Got a sweet deal and it “was” in great condition...
  12. Shades of Blue

    Is this Gibson Truss Rod OK?

    Is everything ok with this truss rod? I am buying used and just not sure if this is good or not. I know Gibsons have issues with this sometimes. It’s a 2012 ES-335
  13. Shades of Blue

    Sold 2020 PRS Silver Sky - Tungsten / Rosewood

    I received this lovely guitar from Sweetwater a few months ago. 2020 model, mint condition, practically new. Has the nitro finish, and a nice rich solid dark fretboard. Really nice. $1899 shipped. Only trade I'm interested in would be for the right ES-335.
  14. Shades of Blue

    Do you wish your #1 guitar was something else???

    I'll go first. My #1 is a Strat, but I wish it were an ES-335...
  15. Shades of Blue

    Fender FAT 60's vs Pure Vintage 65

    I'm looking at "upgrading" the pickups and electronics in general in my #1 Strat, which is a 61 Thin Skin FSR. Love the guitar, but I think it may be time for a change (or is it?). I want the guitar to sound bigger and fatter, but with chime. FAT 60's seem like the obvious choice, but the...
  16. Shades of Blue

    Gibson ES-335 vs PRS SE Hollowbody II

    Like the title says, I’m looking for a semi or Hollowbody guitar. I think ultimately I want a 335, but I don’t want to deal with tuning issues. I played a PRS SE HBII, and I liked it, but I played a standard and I’d want a Piezo. I thought it was great, but I think I still prefer the tone of...
  17. Shades of Blue

    Any long time Silver Sky owners around here?

    Any long time Silver Sky owners care to share their experiences? I’ve had mine for several months, and I keep waffling on whether or not to sell it. I love the look and feel, and I like the sound of it....until I play my Strat next to it and I can’t decided which is really better. There are...
  18. Shades of Blue

    Teach a 335 noob...

    I've put off this day for a long time, but I'm finally looking at a 335. I just don't know if I should go standard, VOS, or something different? I'm working on selling a couple things and can probably afford around $3000. I mean, it has to be vintage sunburst, and I'm not a huge fan of the...
  19. Shades of Blue

    Anyone swapped out their 85/15 pickups in their PRS?

    I just bought a 35th Anniversary Custom 24 and I am considering putting in some more vintage sounding pickups. I’m just afraid that the split tones will suffer after the change. Who’s done a swap and had a positive experience???
  20. Shades of Blue

    I just realized....I don't have a favorite guitar

    So, my wife wants me to take a photograph of our wedding rings laying on a guitar for our bedroom wall. I ask her which guitar she likes the look of for the shot, and she just says, "pick your favorite." That is when it hit me....I don't have a favorite. Now, I don't mean this in the "I love...
  21. Shades of Blue

    PRS SE Starla Vs. Gretsch Jet Electromatic

    Which would you choose and why? I love PRS, but I want the chime of a Gretsch. I love the Starla aesthetically, but not sure how it would sound vs the "real deal."
  22. Shades of Blue

    Need QUICK help choosing a Gretsch

    Sold my LP Goldtop and am ready to buy a Gretsch. There are a few really great used ones available, so I need to move QUICK. Which would you choose? I play mainly praise and worship stuff... 1) White Falcon Doublecut w/ Centerblock - out of the price range, but not entirely. I could swing...
  23. Shades of Blue

    I have discovered a serious issue with playing electric guitar...

    I played electric guitar at my church for over 10 years from my teens into my 20s, but took a long 5 year break and played primarily acoustic guitar during that time. Recently during the start of the pandemic, I decided to get back into electric guitar, but I have discovered that I am...
  24. Shades of Blue

    Gretsch vs Duesenberg Starplayer TV

    Looking for a semi-hollow with a clear, chimey sound. I play mainly praise/worship stuff, and I’ve fought off the clique guitars for this genre for as long as I can. Curiosity has gotten the better of me. I’ve owned and played a couple ~$500 Gretsch guitars in the past, so I’m familiar with...
  25. Shades of Blue

    Are your favorite sounds produced by your favorite amps?

    I'll be honest, this thread is meant to be light hearted, but I struggle with choosing what amps to buy based on what I like, vs what I "should" like. So, my favorite tones have always been the big and bold Fender cleans. You know, that bassy 6L6 thing. However, when I play guitar, I just...