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    Recommend the Best Songs to Learn for Country Cover Band

    So I’m a person that likes country music but is no expert. I’m also looking to play in some local outfits when lockdowns end and this is as good a time as any to practice. Recommend some hits from yesterday (70s-90s) AND today (say the last 10-12 years til now) that are a must in the...
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    YouTube Guitar, Pedal & Amp Demos - They really aren't that useful

    Although YouTube demos are wildly imperfect they are still quite useful. This is especially the case to GAS-ing TGPers. When you think back to the greatest music ever made there weren't that many choices in terms of guitar gear. Now we have an unbelievable range of choices but it can get very...
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    Who was the first guitarist to put a humbucker in a Strat?

    This is something I've wondered about as well. The guitarists in Iron Maiden seemed to have been doing it in the 70s and we've all seen the mods people were making using Dimarzio Super Distortions throughout the decade but it's felt like EVH gets the most credit for legitimizing it. Heck...
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    What five guitarists have influenced you the most?

    David Gilmour Prince Jimi Hendrix The Brit Heroes (Clapton/Page/Beck)
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    The Edge vs. Andy Summers

    Wow you have me really thinking here. Chicken and egg - did Keith and Bernard possibly influence Andy? The Police really struck me as jazz/fusion guys who absorbed punk and New Wave and said, hey this is easy for us and its popular so let's go do that and sneak our own thing back in along with...
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    The Edge vs. Andy Summers

    It's not really that wild a comparison. For those of us deeply into that 1977-82 Punk-meets-New Wave (or any of the many names it's been called) sorta magic these two were very much cut from a similar cloth. They were sorta punk rock meets soundscape creators who used the guitar to be both...
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    Breaking, Neil Peart, RUSH Drummer, Passed at 67 yrs

    Neil was a right of passage for every young musician who wanted to take their love of rock to the next level. Rush was a sort of school to prove you were serious about music. They were truly a unit and seemed more like a family than a band.
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    Bands you hated while growing up but now like in your old age

    Depends on that we mean by "kid". My parents exposed me to music and lessons young but 5, 7, 11 and even 13 were miles apart. There were things I understood the moment I heard them such as The Police, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Motown sounds, Prince, The Stones. Then there were things I had to...
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    Whose AMPS have sold more records- Leo Fender or Jim Marshall?

    I voted Fender just given what we know. as aforementioned Vox probably deserves more credit than it gets. In general I think everyone gets seduced by the image and fashion behind music as much as the music itself. Rock photography has had a huge impact on music. These days folks will wear the...
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    Most iconic strat player

    As opposed to an LP, the Strat is a much harder one to pin down as it is really the most utilitarian of all electric guitars. Even in the midst of Swinging London, before Jimi's arrival, guys like Pete Townshend and George Harrison were wielding Strats. It's the most durable guitar, easy to...
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    Most Iconic Les Paul Player?

    Hmmm then the answer is still Page. For a certain generation Slash was the guy that brought it back and made it cool through the 80s when Superstrats were the thing and into the 90s when Grunge-based pawnshop prizes, indeed Slash was a constant. However all those guys were basically trying to...
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    Marshall amps user vs MIAB users

    Interesting OP. No it is not weird at all. Owner of two Marshalls here including a PTP Metalface (thus my screen name lol) and I actively seek and love MIABs. Better yet, I love running MIABs into my Marshalls. Crazy, right? Marshalls are the bee's knees and they are also completely...
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    Favorite guitarist, current and all-time

    Current: No one. Love music but guitar music isn't that relevant. All time: David Gilmour though Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and a bunch more have something to say about it.
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    Getting into Glam. Suggestions?

    Beat me to it. How no one has mentioned Marc Bolan and T Rex blows my mind! Simply THE best GLAM! Glam was an amazing style that didn't last as long as it could or should have. It did influence the 80s in big ways with Def Leppard, Quiet Riot and Motley Crue making overt references (or...
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    Billboard announces Song of the Decade...

    Great tune, killer voice but so strange to mark this decade with a song that overtly sounds like Zapp & Roger and Cameo circa 1985. Very strange to mark a decade with a sound from 30-40 years prior. Even the imagery in the video is a callout to an era long gone.
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    Is Vintage Gear Worth The Money? A Look at Gibson, Fender & PRS

    The answer is NO... unless you find the holy grail by accident. By holy grail I mean you pick up and play the guitar and it really is your missing link in terms of sound, feel and your connection to the instrument. That is a very personal and rare thing to have happen like Brian May and the Red...
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    Ken Burns: "I'm not sure that I respect Eddie Van Halen enough to put him in the same discussion."

    Agree with all of the above. It's easy for the faux-literati to bandy about jazz as they push the narratives of a few top names off the top of their heads like Coltrane and Bird. I've enjoyed Burns specials but I have never gathered that he understood the music deeply so much as he is good at...
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    Is it me, or do people just need spend far too much money on gear??

    You're killing the fun Sometimes gear is a calling card (re: optics). Unfortunate reality but gear can be like wearing a power suit on Wall Street, esp in for hire situations. You pull out the right gear and clients sometimes feel "oh wow, I hired the right guy" or "oh, my guitarist played this...
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    Serious Question. What is it about this place and Van Halen?

    This is a fun discussion. I get where the OP is coming from as well as this post, but I look at it from a completely different angle - music hasn't generally aged well. As much as I love Tears for Fears they sounded cheesy by the early 90s because music rock and indie (alternative) had gotten...
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    Supertramp opinions?

    They are brilliant and a little bit forgotten. Every time I hear one of their tracks on the radio, incl. numbers I've never heard before, the creativity stands out. They never use cliches yet unlike a lot of prog rock they draw every type of listener in while still challenging their ears.
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    Is Rock Music Doomed? - BBC podcast

    I'm in the "it's doomed" category but for specific reasons. Rock will likely live on in a new form that incorporates some of its values and instrumentation much as the way rock itself took on elements of other music. Rock was built around simple structures (like I-IV-V) and 'revolutionary new...
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    RIP - Ric Ocasek.

    Love the Cars. Ocasek was an amazing producer, writer, artists and music exec. What a force! He will be missed. RIP
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    Hand cramp.... AT A GIG!!!

    Hydration is often overlooked
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    Becoming the lead singer

    There's a lot of good advice in here. My $.02. Go for it. It's a worthwhile experience even if for the learning alone. The worst crime about guitarists and other instrumentalists is they never fully understand the challenge of fronting a band let alone being a key writer (lyrics, vocal...