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  1. Alter

    Dance Fever - A stratocaster into a looper!

    Building a groove with a Boss GT-1 for sounds and a Boss RC-300 for live looping, recorded direct. Fun toys once in a while! ;)
  2. Alter

    6V6....must be me.

    Different valves for different tastes. 6V6 are my favorite ones for their warm sound, especially with humbuckers. 6L6 for single coils and blackface, sparkling scooped sound. EL34 for biting tone, great with all kinds of pickups and guitars. Don't personally care much for EL84, but they are...
  3. Alter

    A Guitar You'd Never Give Up, Even If Your Favorite Guitarist Traded One Of His Personal Guitars?

    I have an amp i wouldn't trade, a 60s princeton reverb, but unfortunately no perfect guitar so far.... YET! ;)
  4. Alter

    Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    An improvised tune using the Boss RC-300 looper, together with a Boss Gt-1 for sounds..!
  5. Alter

    The Fly Catcher

    A telecaster, a tweed model on the Boss Gt1, an Rc-3 looper, and a fly swatter..
  6. Alter

    Deluxe reverb or Princeton for unmiced gigs?

    They sound very different. Both can work, with DR having more headroom if you need it. I prefer the PR for its sound and light weight. I did change the speaker though, so now it is very close to the volume of a DR.
  7. Alter

    The reality of the current used guitar/gear market

    Well, regardless of the economy, I don't see people getting together to play/watch music anytime soon, so..
  8. Alter

    My gig got cancelled over the weekend due to Coronavirus. Anyone else?

    The point where, worldwide, financial problems from this epidemic will not be our first concern unfortunately seems to be only 1-2 weeks away for many countries...
  9. Alter

    My gig got cancelled over the weekend due to Coronavirus. Anyone else?

    For most musicians, what is their secondary source of income...Teaching. Now guess what's closing down all around the world after (or even before) live venues..
  10. Alter

    My gig got cancelled over the weekend due to Coronavirus. Anyone else?

    My guess is, give it one or two weeks and music gigs will be a thing of the past for most if not all countries (already are in mine), at least till the epidemic is somewhat controlled..
  11. Alter

    Post your #1 favourite guitar video of all time!

    Best Video clip ever!
  12. Alter

    Is the Coronavirus going to kill off live music for the near future?

    If it doesn't subside as the weather improves in the northern hemisphere, of course live music and sports are largely gone until further notice. Already a huge percentage is being cancelled.
  13. Alter

    I refused to buy a guitar because he was "thinning the herd"

    There's always the possibility of a problem in a sale/purchase, so a few questions beforehand let you have an idea about who you're dealing with. Any signs of attitude and it's next person in line.
  14. Alter

    Do you always bring a back up guitar when playing live? (poll)

    In thousands of gigs I've never needed a backup. But I do use good gear that I know thoroughly and is dependable, keep it in good condition, and install locking tuners in my electrics. If I bring extra guitars it's because the music needs them. I was never big on carrying stuff I guess.
  15. Alter

    About ready to take the SS plunge to my Quilter

    In my experience, the best way to form an opinion is to gig both for a while. In time the strengths and limits of both tubes and ss become obvious. It's nice to have both as options. If looking for blues sounds out of a tube amp, i would definitely try something smaller than the vibrolux, to...
  16. Alter

    TC Electronic Plethora X5

    I 've always found multi effects that have a few actual knobs on them a bit more practical
  17. Alter

    Chapman of Chapman Guitars - what is the issue?

    At least Rob Chapman has a huge body of legitimate work to show, years of videos creation, andertons work, his guitar company etc.. Don't like his guitars, don't buy them, don't like his videos, don't watch them. All these people and channels, trying to gain status (and money) by fake drama...
  18. Alter

    Why is so much money required to have some decent tone.

    The problem is with the volume level, not the gear. Real electric sound ain't gonna happen in a small room at whisper volumes. If buying used, you can get a perfectly fine gigging rig with 500$, i 've gigged with cheaper ones and they can sound fine! Just keep at it ;)
  19. Alter

    Are "dirty" guitars best?

    So what was that again you use to clean grit from the fretboard? I have a couple of guitars that do need that, its beginning to join between the frets! :) I 've damaged two good guitars by cleaning them. My first Gibson, i used a Gibson cleaner but probably did it too often and dirt got into...
  20. Alter

    Gigging "lesser" (even practice) amps and getting away with it - share your stories.

    After gigging 40 watt tubes and more for years, I've gone to smaller ones, around 15 watts or less (currently a vintage Princeton reverb with an upgraded speaker and a new stock pro junior iv). Takes a bit of knowing how to do it, but it works fine, an easy to carry and awesome sounding...
  21. Alter

    What kind of guitarist are you?

    Here's an original tune from a recent studio session. And the kind of video i sometimes record at home. My Youtube channel is kind of a hobby of mine, its so simple nowdays to record videos at home or at concerts etc.. Wish i had bought a camera earlier, there would be some nice gigs to...
  22. Alter


    It's only hard if someone starts by learning theory, trying to make sense out of it. Do it the other way around: start by listening to the music. Swing, 40s and 50s jazz, songs and vocalists you can dance to. Learn and play the songs, sing them, sing the solos.. then it becomes a lot easier...
  23. Alter

    Have you ever broken a Gibson neck/headstock? (Poll)

    Have a Les Paul and a 335 for many years, no problems. My 355 actually fell once, years ago, the only time in 20 years that I've had it. There was no place on the room, so I leaned it carefully to a mirror. I'm on the other side of the room and I see it sliding sideways. I flew towards it but...
  24. Alter

    Twin Reverb in a Head Cab...Reverb Question

    I had a twin reverb head that was tall, sounded fabulous. But a friend has a similar one into a much shorter box, and it also sounds great, hum or problems free. Both are the same early 70s silverface, serviced by the same, very knowledgeable tech. So a short box can work fine as long as the...
  25. Alter

    Boss Gt-1 into camera, clean sound..

    Its the twin model with the 2x12 cabinet. I'd share here, but i could only connect the Gt-1 to Windows 7 once never managed it again.. no signed drivers..