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    Best guitar for the money

    I am looking for a new guitar and am willing to spend some money but I am looking for other suggestions as well. I am looking at a Fender American Deluxe with S-1 switching and a soft "V" neck, Fender Eric Johnson sig, PRS Custom 24 (2008), PRS Custom 22 (2002), Equator Instruments guitar ('doc...
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    Vintage Thomas Int. Corp. Wah Question

    I just went to a vintage guitar shop around the corner just to see what they had. Usually good stuff but today was a good day... 2002 PRS Custom 22, 1968 Fender Showman head (Silverface) with cab, and this... a Thomas International Corporation Cry Baby wah. When I walked in, I wasn't going to...
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    Looking for that sweet vintage sound

    Hey everyone, I'm in need of the sweetest vintage tone I can get out of a Les Paul. All I want to do is a new set of humbuckers... Preferably Seymour Duncan's. If anyone has any suggestions on what p/u's to get, I would like to know what they are. Thanks.
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    Weber Speakers vs. Celestion Speakers

    I'm looking at buying a new amp (Fender Twin Reverb) and am looking at getting rid of the Fender speakers and getting some new ones. I've heard good things about too many speakers; Tone Tubby, Celestion, Weber, Eminence and so on and so on. Anyways, Weber and Celestion are the top 2 for...
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    Any good true bypass delay pedals?

    Does anyone know of any good true bypass delay pedals? The only brand that I'm really looking at is the Electro- Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man but, unfortunately, it's 300 or so odd numbered dollars and that's a little much for a delay... even though it is built the typical (and awesome) over the...
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    From Mississippi

    Hey everyone, I go to Mississippi State University. I've been playing guitar for about 7 years now. I have a 2005 MIM Fender Strat H/S/S (from bridge to neck), A Peavey Raptor I bought at a pawn shop for $70. Stripped the the beautiful 3-tone sunburst paint off of it, stained it, put a little...