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  1. jay76

    Marshall SV20C (Studio vintage combo)

    Hi all, Has anyone got one of the Studio Vintage combos with the 10" V-Type? I have seen a few posts on the head but haven't found any feedback on the forum re the combo. That guy from Premier Guitar seemed to like the one he was demo'ing a lot. I am wanting the combo rather than the head...
  2. jay76

    Fender BJ / 6p14p-EV Gold Grid EL84's

    I would like to try these in my Junior as I have had them lying around for a while. Currently I have Groove Tube (4's) Can I just swap them out or do I need to take the amp to a tech to get it re biased? Thanks
  3. jay76

    PRS SE custom 24 with Bare knuckle Rebel Yell's..
  4. jay76

    My Champ 600 needs an older brother

    Hello all, I have done the following upgrades on my champ and it really is perfect for jamming at home and loves pedals; Jensen mod 6 speaker 60s german NOS 12ax7 EH power tube The only problem is that it gets boxy when turned up and as you would expect there is no bottom end what with a 6"...
  5. jay76

    slight popping sound - TH30

    I have noticed that since yesterday my TH30 is producing this slight popping sound every 5 seconds or so. I cant notice it when playing... I tried moving it to another room/plug socket and its doing the same thing. I have changed all of the valves just recently but they have been fine for a good...
  6. jay76

    TH30 Tube upgrade

    Hello all... I spent a good few hours with my TH30 and my EQ pedal and I have got it sounding really great. I have the shape knob on 10/11 o clock and boost the mids with my pedal. The only thing its lacking is a little crunch. Any ideas on what tubes to replace and what to replace them...
  7. jay76


    Bought a 2nd hand Rocker 30 last night for £375. I needed a backup amp so have been looking for one second hand for a good few months. It's in superb condition, literally one tiny bump in the body and thats it. Looks cleaner than my TH30 and I have only gigged it once. Standard speaker in...