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    Which Pedal for controlled Feedback

    +1 That pedal is the best feedbacker out there. Listen to the clips on the L6 site. Sounds like those Fernandes sustainer pickups. :dude
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    Howie has changed my life!!

    +1 I had one of the originals and it sounded like a wet fart, and all the mud that goes along with it. The pinch harmonics were really bad as well. Hope the new design blows the old out the window.
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    Anyone else having fun with their POD Live?

    Hi J, life is good and I just bought a great 1800 sq ft house from HUD for a whopping 45K, LOL! The POD Live sounds best through an old Showman Red Knob loaded with KT66`s through the effects return. I tried it direct thru PA and it was just OK, a bit harsh, and thru a MosValve poweramp with...
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    Anyone else having fun with their POD Live?

    Gotta say, this is one of the most fantastic pedals on the market today coupled with a Variax, IMHO. I`m running it through the effects return of a Red Knob Showman loaded with KT66`s, and it`s probably the best $700 I spent, and that`s including the Variax 300. This is a cover bands dream for...
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    Pedal on Bad Co`s r&r Fantasy

    Ant ideas on a new pedal that will come close?
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    Pedal on Bad Co`s r&r Fantasy

    Thanks. RWE333, if it happens to say what was used live I`d appreaciate it. Any other pedals like the Blue Box get that sound?
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    Pedal on Bad Co`s r&r Fantasy

    Anyone know what type of overdrive/octave type was used in the intro and a few fills on this tune?
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    Good Recto type pedal

    Hi John, good to hear from you! It`s good to know that this unit can do other tones too, cause I change gear like I do my socks, so maybe this one will stick around a while, LOL! Come to think of it, I gotta go change my socks. :BEER
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    Good Recto type pedal

    Thanks for all the ideas, I really appreaciate it. Looks like the MI Tube Zone won the popularity contest, and the way everyone takes their pedals serious here, I`m pullin the trigger on one right now. The clips on their website also show a good range of other sounds, so it definately won`t go...
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    Good Recto type pedal

    Looking for something that can do the Godsmack, Nickelback type crunch for a cover band I`ll be jammin with. Just has to be close as we`re only doing a few of these tunes and my Wreck clone has the classic-rock thing covered. Any ideas?
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    best distortion pedal for Fender Deluxe Reverb RI

    Barber Burn Unit EQ and the Tonebone Trimode. Both have rythem and lead settings and volume, and can be bypassed to enjoy that nice clean Deluxe tone. The Barber sounds Dumblish and the Tonebone Marshally. Simple setup that works for me anyway. Good Luck!
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    Fulltone Soul Bender???

    Can`t compare it to a Timmy, but with a Tele and a Deluxe Reverb, Zep 1 and 2 could be had easily. That`s why I bought mine. :)
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    Verbzilla users help!

    I got one and think it`s great, but I don`t believe it will sound good in front of an 18watt amp unless you play it low and use pedals for OD. Reverb should always go after OD, not before, so if your crankin the amp, the pedal just ain`t gonna sound good IMO.
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    Your jam-at-home drum machine pedal?ZOOM?

    Great post, I was just wondering the same thing. Lost some of my recording gear thanks to Rita, and I just got a Tascam 8 track with the CD burner, I know but it`s all I can afford right now, LOL! Are the ones mentioned good for a unit like this? Can you put fills in on the fly, etc.?
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    What brand of electric guitar strings do you prefer? Vote

    +1 on my trem strat. Do you use them on non trems as well? I`ve never tried them on any of mine, just d`addario. Now I want to try a set on my Jr.
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    Anyone here tried JJ with Tonebone?

    I tried it in my Hot British and my Classic and couldn`t really tell. Then for a laugh I tried a Telefunken smooth plate and still no difference to speak of. I`ve read threads where some can hear a difference, but personally I couldn`t, and it`s a pain in the but too, LOL!
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    I'm in Love with my Fulltone OCD!

    Thanks for this info Jim, very helpful. I just got an older unit with the 500K pot swap, and found it good for an amp on the edge of breakup, like my Marshall with the preamp low with a touch of OD, but too bassy and trebly through my clean Twin. Sounds like these mods will do the trick. It does...
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    My wife's going to kill me!!

    LOL! That was the favorite saying in the 25yrs I worked at Verizon as a lineman....too funny, and true.
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    Words of praise for the Boss TU12H chromatic tuner.

    The old Boss tuner was good only if you used it thru an EB volume pedal with the tuner out jack, or an AB box as I did. Other than that, it sucked tone to the bone IMO. Some of my friends didn`t think so. Maybe a gift cerficate to an ear doctor would be a good gift for them in the future, LOL!
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    Pedal board reviews!!!

    Really nice stuff for my downsized board, and the fact you can tuck a power supply in is a BIG bonus. Plus, who needs in/out jacks when you have them on your pedals anyway? Thanks for the link. Will be real helpful when I narrow down what I just NEED and don`t want taking up space. :AOK
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    No Effects At All...

    Nice job Bro, were you using the EQ, and if so how did you have it set? I really liked that clip!