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    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    So sad. Seems like the end of an era.
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    as Geddy says....

    I know, right? Given that his career with Rush spanned over 40 years, I'm not sure why no one ever bothered to tell Lifeson to "take the blanket off the speaker cab."
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    killer Neil Peart tribute by kid rocking R30 drum set

    I really enjoyed this. [Edit: changed thread title because I originally thought it was a girl.]
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    Breaking, Neil Peart, RUSH Drummer, Passed at 67 yrs

    Sirius XM is running a Rush/Neil Peart tribute on ch 27. Never thought I'd be listening to "The Necromancer" at work! They're announcing a special program on Neil tonight, Monday January 13, at 7pm EST.
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    Breaking, Neil Peart, RUSH Drummer, Passed at 67 yrs

    What a painful loss. Prayers and condolences for his young daughter, wife, parents, siblings, Alex, Geddy, extended family, etc. Thank you for all the great music and concerts. Thank you for being a great example!
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    Keith Richards - Main Offender album. What a KILLER album!

    Love Main Offender and Talk is Cheap!
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    Where’d my darkness go?

    "Bright light! Bright light!" I'm getting a migraine.
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    Geddy Lee Rolling Stone article on Hemispheres ... no change on Rush status

    Maybe seeing all 3 together in a residency (as opposed to a tour) or in a video playing together? I agree with others that no one could reasonably ask anything more of them. That's not the point. My understanding is that Geddy and Alex themselves want to continue. That's not fans asking them...
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    Geddy Lee Rolling Stone article on Hemispheres ... no change on Rush status

    That was also true 20+ years ago. Glad they didn't stop then! I think the point is that Geddy and Alex would still like to do something.
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    Geddy Lee Rolling Stone article on Hemispheres ... no change on Rush status

    Just read the new Rolling Stone interview with Geddy Lee where he discusses the Hemispheres album and his new bass book that he's been working on for the past 3 years. Article link: Regarding...
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    The Police Andy Summers tone via pedals. Suggestions?

    Just saw this video using TC Electronic mini pedals to get Andy's clean tone. I assume they're using the DynaQ (Dyna Comp) tone print for the compressor, and the Andy Summers custom tone prints for the delay and chorus. Andy Summers' tones start at 18:30.
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    The New Fleetwood Mac hit it out of the park.

    for you the blind who once could see the bell tolls for thee
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    Alex Lifeson!

    Great question. I was watching the Distant Early Warning video the other day and digging the grey blazer, white shirt, blue tie and red strat look. Badass! Winning. Also, Alex doesn't get enough credit for his tasteful use of hair products during this phase. Grace Under Pressure was such a...
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    Joe Bonamassa's current rig introduction. Four twins on 9!!! Sheesh! LOL

    Does anyone know what guitar and pickups he's using here? I'm guessing the guitar is a reissue and the pickups are DiMarzio?
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    150K to start a guitar-related business...

    I've heard the easiest way to have $150,000 from the guitar business is to start with $300,000. Think about that distinct possibility.
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    Joe Bonamassa exploring financial take over of Gibson?

    It's interesting to see how many apparently perfect people seem to absolutely thrive on slagging others and going out of their way to publish on the internet what they perceive others' faults to be. Judge, jury, executioner.
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    Ry Cooder 2018 Tour?

    nice song
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    Grace Under Pressure might be their best...and most under-rated

    Funny, I just started listening to Grace Under Pressure again a few months ago. Great album, tasty guitar parts and super cool guitar tones. Between the Wheels is just a killer track. I always thought the album artwork was cool too.
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    Ry Cooder 2018 Tour?

    Sweet guitar solo on that one starting at 1:30. So damn funky.
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    Ry Cooder 2018 Tour?

    Kick ass song!!! I was watching a fairly well known and highly respected contemporary guitarist's gig on youtube when I saw the link to the Ry Cooder track. After 4 minutes of listening to Cooder's new track, I understood everything that was wrong with what I had been watching on youtube...
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    Tyler Warren doing Permanent Waves

    I've really enjoyed listening to Tyler's cover of the album several times. It's so close that I forget it's not the original version. What's really cool is how he matched all the parts and instruments so closely. Strat, Les Paul, Rickenbacker, Jazz Bass, synthesizer patches, vocal effects...