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    Fryette Introduces the Power Station

    You may want to try different preamp tubes in the Origin. Honestly, though, I've tried out the Origin on three separate occasions and didn't like it at all.
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    VHT Classic Power Amp?

    2150 has 6550/kt88s.
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    Fryette Deliverance owners: care to tell me about them?

    I bought spare sovteks before they quit making them, I guess the eh tubes are similar. I've read good things about the gold lions, but I never really roll power tubes.
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    Non-Celestion, current production speakers, what’s good?

    Really digging the Fane F70.
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    Eddie Van Halen with a Peavey Classic head and cab

    Correction: music man amps
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    Eddie Van Halen with a Peavey Classic head and cab

    He had a pair of small combos that he used for cleans and ripley stuff. I tgink they were yamahas, but I can't remember if that's correct.
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    Speaker efficiency of the stock speaker in red knob champ12

    It's a great speaker in the right amp. Loud, extended high end without getting harsh.
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    Speaker efficiency of the stock speaker in red knob champ12

    Stick a wizard in there if you need more volume.
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    Is Fryette still making Power Stations ?

    "For some reason"... um, manufacturing in California was shut down for quite awhile, plus supply of parts has been disrupted. Little thing called covid 19.
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    Santiago Alvarez back at Marshall

    He explains it in his tone talk interview on youtube.
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    Marshall Amp Names/Models

    1987 was to be the year they stopped making decent amps :p
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    Marshall Amp Names/Models

    The 1959 was a copy of the 1959 Bassman, the jcm800 series was nsmed after Jim Marshall's license plate. JTM was someone's initials, forget who.
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    Fender champ12 tape input

    You'd be better off with a peavey bandit imho.
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    Do Mesa SPAX7s reduce gain?

    The chinese tube factory has been shut down for awhile now. Mesa may have switched to jj due to supply.
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    Marshall JCM900 1960a cab from the 1990s?

    1960 cabs are plywood. At some point the backs were switched to mdf.
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    Looking at a JCM 900, opinions?

    Way overpriced. You can buy used dsls for $500 all day long, and they're better than the 900 series.
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    Help with old VHT 4x10” cab

    I think those were for the pittbull 45 amps, whichever years they were available (late 90s-early 2000s?). Those don't look like stock speakers but I mat be wrong.
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    Blockhead Jose style JMP build??

    You can contact ossie at 3 monkeys amps. He still makes a jose-style amp called the ze.
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    Anyone else own a Peavey VTM 60 or 120

    With all of the switches off the amp is basically a jcm 800, which don't have tons of bass. A 120 popped up in my local shop this week but was sold before I could check it out.
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    Do prefer having tech built into the tube amp or separate? Referring to IR and Modeling Features

    I think it's great having them together, the only downside is the digital tech becoming obsolete. The ir circuit id very small, though, and shouldn't cause any headaches if you don't use it. If i was playing our more often I'd definitely consider the pt15. I heard Pete demo it locally, the...
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    Thicker and heavier than my Bogner Shiva?

    Only heard it with high gain, but I'm sure it's versatile. I've heard every amp that's been mentioned in this thread and think the uber is what you're after, it's like the perfect recto. I prefer the Fryette stuff myself, but I think you've already been doen that road.
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    Thicker and heavier than my Bogner Shiva?

    Uberschall is what you want.
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    212 cab for 5watt amp

    You'll be fine, use effecient speakers. Eminence Wizards are great with small amps.
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    PSA: Fryette Deliverance II

    I believe it can do either or both at the same time.