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    Greg Koch Gristletone P90s

    According to what Greg said, they will sell the Fluence P90s in Q1 2021.
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    Greg Koch Gristletone P90s

    Similar to his Fluence tele pickups, the Fluence P-90s voiced by Greg will have two different voicings that are selected using a push/pull pot. One voicing is hotter and slightly darker than the other. A separate push/pull pot will put the two pickups out of phase for a Peter Green sound...
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    I need a new Delay. Suggestions Please

    Just replace everything with Source Audio Collider. Boom.
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    Source Audio Collider (Delay+Reverb)

    You might like the room reverb setting for 50's style slapback. It's a fairly filtered, midrangey sound with early reflections. There are 3 different room sizes, but they all sound fairly small to me. For me this engine is very different from what I expected from a room sound. Maybe it's...
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    Strymon Nightsky

    The Facebook-only marketing strategy is so 2019...
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    True Spring Reverb question

    Can the separate footswitch be programmed for long-press tremolo on/off (independent of reverb) and short-press tap tempo?
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    Strymon Nightsky

    My's full of stars!
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    Strymon Nightsky

    I'm seeing the big dipper + 8 lights in a row = Apollo 8. Boom.
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    Pedalboard riser. Please help!

    These risers from Fix Pedalboards & Accessories look nice:
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    Need a Thick Fat Overdrive Pedal for HEAVY Dirt

    Fulltone Mas Malo. Menatone's Thundering Revival mini.
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    Crazy to prefer Catalinbread Topanga over Princeton's onboard reverb?

    I prefer the Topanga to my Princeton's reverb. I run the Topanga with the Belle Epoch set for a slapback delay.
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    Looking for a Low-Gain Pedal...

    Menatone Red Snapper. My fave. The Fish Factory gives you an added tube screamer side. MXR Sugar Overdrive looks nice for a klone.
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    BBD chips are not analog because they are not continuous in time domain. Discuss amongst yourselves.

    Funny, I was just putting the finishing touches on a white paper on the crystal lattice structure of BBD chips. VERY COMPELLING.
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    Surf guys who like "the drip" in their Reverb...what are you using in 2019?

    I'm very interested in this. Does the spring algo drip?
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    Tremolo - what’s good?

    DC Pedals Tremola. Analog circuit. Digital control. Tap tempo. Nice form factor. Surf Green.
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    Best Reverb/Delay in one pedal?

    The Immerse Mk II is a great suggestion. I'm planning on getting one. I've been using Catainbread Belle Epoch + Topanga which sound great together.
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    My take on fulltone

    My only complaint with Fuller is that he needs to upgrade his 3PDT switches to silent switching. I just received two new pedals from him and the switches are the outdated clicky kind.
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    My take on fulltone

    At this point it's pretty clear that the guy is who is he and is not going to change any time soon. Not sure why people would take the outrageous behavior personally. It's just part of the schtick, and it's kind of funny. As someone said above, if there's a problem just follow the...
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    Boss RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station

    This looks pretty cool and this product category is a no-brainer. Hoping the drum sounds are good.
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    Giving Up On Solderless Once And For All

    "I'm a pilot for a major international air carrier and I enjoy making SIS solderless cables in the cockpit when the aircraft is on autopilot." Hope that helps!
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    New Xotic Pedals - Super Sweet and Super Clean

    Looking at the manuals for both pedals, the Super Clean Buffer manual has this unique language: "While it is on the buffer mode, it only uses a discrete circuit for the most open and wide spectrum tone." This may or may not be meaningful; I don't know if the Super Sweet Booster also has the...
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    Fender Tre-Verb

    So how do you like the Tre-Verb? How does it compare to the Topanga? Is the '63 setting more drippy than Topanga? THanks...