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  1. guitrr

    Jazz guitarist with the best tone?

    As a guitarist who barely dabbles a bit into jazz but enjoys listening to it, I find it intriguing that most of the commenters on this thread prefer the muted (usually) neck pickup tone. While I admire many of the players who use that, I have always found the music appeals to me in spite of the...
  2. guitrr

    Could it be a trend? Many guitarists have many been changing to lighter strings

    I went from 10-52 to 09-44 about two years ago, mainly because I’m (rapidly) approaching age 60, and want to save my hands. I’ve spoken with several professional guitarists I highly respect who have had career threatening hand issues in their 50s and 60s.
  3. guitrr

    Gigs you attended, so loud it sounded like white noise and songs hard to identify ?

    Alice In Chains, outdoors, around 2016. They played well, but were so loud it hurt. The sound man must have come from a techno background, because the mix was all bass. My wife and I walked out halfway through the show, and she still tells people it is the worst concert she’s ever attended.
  4. guitrr

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    Chris Cain. He should be a Blues superstar. Great soloist, but I love his comping.
  5. guitrr

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    Melvin Taylor
  6. guitrr

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    Jack Pearson
  7. guitrr

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    Duke Levine
  8. guitrr

    I'm trying really hard to appreciate Billie Eilish . . .

    You could walk into a choir rehearsal at any university and find half a dozen young women just as (or more) talented,
  9. guitrr

    Clapton's blues me what the fuss is about.

    Greg Koch really nails it here. To paraphrase him, if Clapton had done nothing after Mayall and Cream, his place in the pantheon of guitar heroes would still be very secure. Eric Clapton was the Stevie Ray Vaughan of the 1960s; at a time when very few people, especially white people, were...
  10. guitrr

    Cool to play Dead songs at bar gigs?

    My GD hating band member is the bassist, which strikes me as odd, given that if you’re covering Phil Lesh’s bass parts, the sky is the limit :D I’ve thrown Fire on the Mountain and/or Franklin’s Tower into shows a few times when people have sat in with us, because a song you can teach in ten...
  11. guitrr

    Realizing that after all these years, I'm really not a very good player...

    BB King, Billy Gibbons, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, etc; them and many others played basically the same licks with the same tone for most of their careers. Who cares? As long as you get satisfaction out of what you play, embrace it. Most of the guitar players in the world never advance...
  12. guitrr

    poll: Are you practicing in the age of coronavirus?

    All gigs cancelled, all group rehearsals cancelled. Three generations of my family was on a vacation in France a week ago, so on CDC recommendation we’re quarantined at home. Consequently, not only am i practicing more than usual, but am also giving guitar lessons and music classes to the...
  13. guitrr

    Who’s the artist you haven’t seen live that’s on your bucket list?

    Duke Levine JD MacPherson Pokey LaFarge David Gilmour Steve Travato Tomo Fujita He was on my list for years, but I finally got to see Redd Volkart last October.
  14. guitrr

    Has anyone changed string gauge after Beato video?

    After playing 10-52’s for over thirty years, I went to 9’s and 9.5 gauges about the time I turned 50, because I have met so many pros I respect who are in their 50’s and 60’s who have had hand issues, like Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis, etc. I’ve never second guessed the switch to a lighter gauge...
  15. guitrr

    Rites of Passage: worst nightmares on stage...

    I'll have to change the names and blur a few details, to protect both guilty and innocent: I play in a local Blues band, and we got hired to be the backup band for a vocalist who has considerable name recognition, because he's the offspring of a very famous musician. I'll call him Mr. Famous...
  16. guitrr

    That's it... I'm done going to see bands from my generation

    My issue is mainly with audience members of my generation and older (I'm 57). Seems like many of them go to shows not because they're interested in the show, but because they seem to feel it's the hip place to be on a given night. Seems that what they're really looking for is a chance to go...
  17. guitrr

    'Why PRS Is Gaining Share in the Guitar Market' - trade journal article

    I own an Indonesian made Music Man bass, and I have to say, it’s pretty damn good.
  18. guitrr

    'Why PRS Is Gaining Share in the Guitar Market' - trade journal article

    I toured the Collings factory about a month ago, and the happy and very proud employees made quite an impression on me. (Fwiw, I own two Collings and four PRS)
  19. guitrr

    The “Under Rated Guitar Player Thread”

    Great choice; terrific player. My first choice is always Don Felder. Most guitarists are lucky if they create one solo in their career that people can sing from memory; Felder created many, perhaps dozens.
  20. guitrr

    Jim Campilongo on "No Guitar is Safe"

    Yes! I love Jim’s music, and love the No Guitar is Safe Podcast - win win!
  21. guitrr

    I just started teaching guitar to a few kids for some scratch but they're so flakey …

    I taught for about ten years, roughly mid ‘90s through early 2000’s. A few adult students, most of who were fairly consistent with practice; a few of them had lousy rhythm, so we did a lot of metronome work. One had been playing a long time, but had pretty lousy ears when it came to discerning...
  22. guitrr

    What's your favorite Allman Brothers song?

    Blue Sky Elizabeth Reed would be a close second for me. Having said that, the ABB song I perform most often is Southbound, because I can easily teach a reasonable version of it to someone who’s never heard it, in about 30 seconds. So if we’ve got someone sitting in or subbing, Southbound is a...
  23. guitrr

    How much money do you make from a typical gig?

    All figures are per person, for cover music of various genres: Bar gigs, $70-$100 for four hours of performing (I try to avoid these gigs altogether any more) Guest Hosting an open jam, $100-$150 Private parties, weddings, etc, $100-$300 (I'm usually the bandleader of these, and I won't take a...
  24. guitrr

    You're on stage and girl(s) in audience are flirting with you --- how do you act?

    Story #2 I'm playing a small club weekend gig half a dozen years ago in a club about a 1/4 mile from the sand of New Smyrna (FL) Beach. The band is cooking, the crowd is partying, everyone's dancing - perfect club gig. A trio of thirty-something women from Tennessee are there on a three day...