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    Do you use a overdrive pedal at home, or just use the amp? Whats your rig?

    Depends on the guitar. With a Strat or Tele, either a Mad Professor Royal Blue OD or Barber Gain Changer is on almost all the time set to light breakup into a Deluxe Reverb. Sounds just like the Deluxe on 4, even when I’m playing in my apartment. I tend to run humbuckers with less use of OD...
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    NPD: Barber SmallFryBurnUnit

    Agreed, they’re a steal on the used market. After chasing through a bunch of Zendrive variants on a question for Dumble tone a few years ago, the SF smoked them all and was way more versatile. I’m not a big pedal stacker so I mostly use it standalone as a mid-gainer. The dynamics knob is...
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    Which Make And Model Pick Do You Use?

    Electric: Dunlop Ultex 1.14 Acoustic: Blue Chip TD40. Well worth the price of admission (for acoustic, not so much on electric IMO).
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    Explain the Gain Changer SR to a non-Barber guy

    My simple explanation of the Gain Changer: -The EQ is flat/uncolored - there is a 3-way switch that takes from you from a flat EQ to a very mild mid push -It has a wide range of gain - there is a 2-way switch that takes you from a low-gain mode to a high-gain mode. Because of this, it's very...
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    Name 1 worth the hype / 1 disappointment

    Worth it: bought the Walrus Monument purely off the Joey Landreth TPS video and love it Dud: Zendrive...bought 3 variants to try, all totally underwhelming
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    How often do you change your electric guitar strings?

    Depends how much I'm playing a particular guitar. I only brought one electric to my corona hideout, and have been playing fair bit - I'm changing every 3-4 weeks. Strings lose their vibrancy, intonation gets bad, fresh is good!
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    Help - Zendrive differences (Lovepedal)

    I had the original (#1), red dress (#3), and gold (#6) at the same time. Very similar EQs; just different variations on the level of gain and compression. That said, you can set them to sound nearly identical within most parts of the gain range one would normally use. I ended up selling all...
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    Mid-low gainer for Deluxe Reverb?

    I love the Gain Changer - but I’m actually not sure I’d recommend it here. When I think fusion, I think smooth. The Gain Changer, to my ears, has - crunchier/grittier gain structure. I think the old big box Small Fry works better for those smooth singing leads with a Deluxe. I didn’t love...
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    Barber Direct Drive Similar To Gain Changer?

    Differently different. There is overlap in the amount of gain available but the sound and feel are very different. GC is transparent, less compressed, and has a crunchier gain structure. DD is mid-colored, more compressed, and has a smoother gain structure. For me, the GC is a rhythm pedal...
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    Barber Gain Changer with smoother top end?

    I have a switch on the vibrato channel that toggles between the .47 stock value and .23, and then the normal channel wired the reverb and trem. I like how the amp sounds in .23 mode, but the GC's gain structure gets a bit grainy when set on the higher side (whereas some pedals do not). The amp...
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    Barber Gain Changer with smoother top end?

    Thanks David! I’m running a 12AX7 now but will pick up a 5751 sometime and give it a try. Big fan of your pedals! Mainstays on my board for years.
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    Barber Gain Changer with smoother top end?

    I love my Gain Changer as a low gainer - incredibly transparent and really the closest to an extension of my amp that I’ve gotten from a pedal in terms of feel and responsiveness. I just picked up a new Danocaster S and am really liking the GC vibe through that guitar, to the point that I’m...
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    Barber Electronics Appreciation Thread

    I've had the big box Direct Drive since - I think - 2004? Added the GC at some point and picked up the Small Fry used a few years ago. I've had flings with a few other ODs, but the Barbers always reclaim their spots on the board. I also have a Tone Press, although I just don't use compression...
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    Looking to compliment my Gain Changer...

    Get a Direct Drive! Gain Changer for your lower gain tones, Direct Drive for medium to higher gain. No need to stack.
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    Barber Gain Changer SR at low amp levels

    I think the GC is better for Zep than the DD - it’s less compressed and a bit grittier. It’s a great all-around pedal, but the top end can be a bit strident with a blackface Fender that has a bright cap when running low amp volumes. I’m not sure if the Princeton has that cap or not. The...
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    Barber Direct Drive V3 is the real deal

    I have one of the old black box ones. Musical is exactly how I'd describe it - it's never muddy, never harsh, and has tons of harmonics. My only compliant is that it's a touch too compressed sometimes. I usually run the gain about halfway; can I get a similar gain level but with less...
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    Blue Chip Picks?

    I love my Blue Chip for acoustic playing - it's my favorite by far. I know it sounds like marketing hype, but it legitimately gives my Larrivee some extra zing and clarity that make it sound like a more expensive guitar. Any other pick sounds dull in comparison. The feel is great too; it...
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    Anyone ever went to from the small jazz 3’s back to a bigger pick?

    Switched back to a regular pick (Ultez 1.14) when I started gigging again. Hard to do windmills with those mini picks. But seriously, I play a bit more aggressively when on stage, and having more pick to work with was better for me. I like to stay consistent and switched back to the Ultex...
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    pedal for rock for a drri and a strat

    Vibrato Channel or Normal Channel? Vibrato channel can be picky due to the bright cap. Barber Direct Drive is one of the best pairings I've found.
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    What is the most useless effect (pedal) in your opinion?

    Pedals that are designed to make the clean channel of your amp sound like the clean channel of a different amp (like a SSS pedal) - I just don't understand.
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    Dumble style pedals?

    I agree. The Zendrive has that voicing, but it does not feel like an amp. It felt like a pedal in front of my amp. I've owned three of them (original, Red, Gold Zen II). Talk to Your Daughter has a good amount of gain; the regular Zen was lower-gain than I expected and I think is better...
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    NPD: Barber GCX

    Nice. I run the regular GC into a Deluxe Reverb. It feels like a true extension of the amp - back off and it's indistinguishable from the base amp tone. Dig in and get some extra sting. I find it plays best with single coils.
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    Are there any video demos of Barber Gain Changer vs Barber Direct Drive?

    I've had both on my board for a long time. The Direct Drive is pretty smooth, has a mid hump, and a decent bit of compression. The Gain Changer has a flatter EQ and the gain flavor is a bit grittier. They actually have a similar range of gain, but the GC allows you dial in more subtle shades...
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    Mad Professor Drive Pedals...let's talk

    How would you compare the Royal Blue and the Simble in terms of gain level and voicing? Thanks
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    The Return of the Barber BUSS!

    Have owned an OCD, big box DD, and big box Small Fry. The OCD is less compressed than either and seemed to have less mids and more (borderline boomy)lows, but had a grainier/fuzzier gain structure whereas the Barber stuff is much smoother and sweeter with more sustain. The Gain Changer...