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    EVH picks

    Dunlop owns the herco name. I think jimmy page uses thrm too.
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    It's past time that digital pedals should have digital interconnect as standard feature

    There's no reason to be using 1/4" plugs at all anymore. They're bulky, unreliable, and expensive.
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    Have Dimarzio ceased business with MF / GC ?

    Not sure, but my local gc is almost empty.
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    Casein pick manufacturers

    You have formaldehyde in your home, trust me. Your furniture, the paint on your cabinets, the nitro paint on your guitars...
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    What's the best real tube pre-amp pedal(s)?

    Synergy sn1 if you can deal with the size.
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    Need recommendation - Best reverb pedal (Van Halen/80’s rock)

    Just a thought, but none of those guys ever used reverb live. Using dual delays, (ala evh, satriani, vai, timmons, etc) can add space.
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    Best Digital Delay for running Dual Delay Times

    Yes, and much more. The dig has more control over both delay lines, plus the golden ratio mode (none of the other delays mentioned have this). The ony downside is the lack of presets, but yeah it does the timmons thing with ease.
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    Hardwire pedals forgotten?

    They didn't really go belly up though. Samsung bought their parent company and shut them down.
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    Pedals you instantly regretted selling

    Big box Fulltone 69
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    Thoughts on Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavio pedal

    I think the new mini version does that.
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    Hendrix 'Four Pedals' Pic: Did He Ever Use FuzzFace AND Octavio at the Same Time?

    Just to note, Jimi supposedly used the axis fuzz on bog (not a true fuzz face). Also, his Marshalls were usually loud enough to distort. I long believed all of his distortion was from the fuzz until watching a bunch of live footage.
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    Duncan JB with less output?

    Dimarzio AT-1
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    When do you use Digital Delay over Analog Delay for guitar?

    digital in the loop, analog in front if I dont have a loop.
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    Good fuzzes for under $150

    Dunlop hendrix fuzz face Any big muff
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    Anyone else disappointed with NYXL strings?

    My experience as well. I could be happy with regular xl, ghs, or ernie balls. The tuning stability is the reason I stick with nyxls.
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    What Power Supply Is Right For Me?

    The cs6 is worth the money.
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    Shortages continue at music stores

    Plenty at my local sam ash. Don't know about guitar center, they wouldn't let me in the door. Lots of local electronic stores are bare though.
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    Cable length has a bigger effect on tone than I initially thought :/

    Buffer only helps the signal after them, doesn't help from guitar to board.
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    Looking for $200 "boutique" PAF's

    "More sensitivity and clarity than dimarzio/duncan", no such thing.
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    Digitech: what future pedal releases did they have planned???

    None. Samsung bought digitech's parent company and fired the whole staff. Some went to line 6, tom cramm started his own company.
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    JHS Smiley

    I know youtube vids are hit or miss, but the pedal show demo didn't sound that great compared to the hendrix ff.
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    Dig vs Timeline sonic quality wise ?

    In front of the amp, the dig is "meh". In the loop it's glorious!
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    The Myth About Double Cream Humbuckers

    Funny how i get warned for anything that can even remotely be political, but people can constantly complain about trademark laws and it gets overlooked.
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    Kinda specific Strymon DIG question ...

    No noise here, but I run mine through the effects loop. Sounds much better there than in front imho.