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    For all you Tyler haters - NGD

    Great looking guitar. Enjoy it!
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    Peter Florance Guitars

    Great looking guitar. Is it a solid body?
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    New CRESTON Offset

    Stunning guitar. That switch seems a smart feature. Hard to switch to another pickup by mistake.
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    Tele-style builders sells them at £1,385.00 but they ran out of stock. They had 4 I think and they sold within a couple of weeks.
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    NKD (New Koll Day).....

    Congratulations ! That's a great looking's one of the best looking guitars I've ever seen.
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    Homebrew Esquire, share your stuff!

    Is that a Glendale Billy Gibbons bridge ?
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    Rick Kelly guitars

    Ok, next time we will :-) I noticed your cable and/or amp-issues but it really didn't affect the performance. Was it a rental Twin that you were using ? I've been using rental Twins three times and every time I had issues with them so I guess every time it was the same Twin.
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    Rick Kelly guitars

    Yes, we (my wife and me) were there. What a great gig that was ! Let me know when you play in the Netherlands (or Belgium) again so that we can have a coffee :BluesBros
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    Rick Kelly guitars

    It also sounds great when played overseas, in places like Amsterdam for example.
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    Introducing the Telstar...the PERFECT "T" and "S" style marriage!!!

    Looks similar to a Linhof, except for the extra cutaway.
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    Suhr with Tyler style .....

    This guitar was shipped by Suhr in april 2008, so I guess he does those 'tyler-style' paintjobs again.
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    Suhr or tyler

    Beautiful guitar. Is that a one-piece body ?
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    Hansen Guitars.....handcrafted with vintage feel.

    Very good relic job indeed. What is the price for a Strat ?
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    Anybody heard of this guy...

    That blue guitar reminds me of an Epiphone that was made during the 80's. A classmate of mine had one. The horn was very similar on that guitar.
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    Anyone else in the same boat?

    You're not alone :-) I recently bought a Selmer copy by Saga/Cigano. Paid 225 euro's for it (used) and can't stop playing it.
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    new stevens S style

    I would like to see his take on a Tele.
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    Duesenberg Double Cat

    + 1 Great company. (I'm in The Netherlands)
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    Grosh ElectraJet!!

    Very very cool guitar. Looks like a mix of a Strat and a MM Albert Lee. I'll have to convince my wife I need one.
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    Collings 290 w/humbuckers...owners please share thoughts.

    That's very interesting. I love the sound of an SG but I don't like the shape. Are those special orders or are they regular models nowadays ?
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    Stonetree Custom Guitars...

    That's a stunning piece of wood. Great paintjob as well. Very classy.