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    Is Eric Clapton stratocaster one of the best stratocasters made?

    Very versatile guitar, but I can’t get along with the small frets. In some ways I’d like it to serve as the equivalent of a superstrat in my fleet - has the single coil tones and can really rip when the boost is on - but I don’t find it plays easily. Perhaps I’ll get mine refretted at some point.
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    2021 purchase plans

    I’m still digesting my recent Collings 290 purchase, so nothing near-term. Honestly, I have most of my guitar bases covered at this point. Interested in seeing whether a boutique or vintage upgrade to my DRRI makes sense. Similarly have a nice Larrivee acoustic but may explore an upgrade to...
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    How important are cables?

    Let's put it this way - capacitance DOES create a tangible impact on sound (interesting, I've found some of my guitars are more impacted than others). Whether you feel the need to address it and how you do so is a separate matter.
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    NGD Collings Aged Black lollar 290

    Awesome! Just got an aged 290 wraptail myself a month ago. Everything you describe is spot on. It’s sort of like a massive sounding, super refined Tele. Scale length is actually slightly longer than Gibson and they come with 11s, which probably explains the string tension. Also, the subtle...
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    Are your guitars day-to-day for you?

    I feel the same way. I’ve got 5 out on a rack and when one isn’t speaking to me, I’ll pull out another. And some’s just not your day no matter what guitar!
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    Bridge P90 vs Bridge tele pickup

    Not really. Was just playing my Collings 290 and K-Line Truxton back to back. The Truxton actually has a Lollar Special in the bridge which is supposedly more P90-like, but while the actual P90s can get really bright, they have way more output, mids, and snarl than the Tele. Both are great...
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    Strat Tone Knob Configuration

    Because people are always complaining the bridge pickup is too bright, hence the solution. Poor original design that Fender doesn’t fix out of adherence tradition rather than logic. I personally almost never use the middle position by itself, so makes much more sense for me. I’ve owned...
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    Tell me about your number one

    Tough call. I have a top 4 of what I consider equal awesomeness that I rotate. But if I have to pick one...I’m going with my K-Line Truxton. Great guitar and one that carries a lot of good memories (with wear to show for it) - it was my primary gigging guitar for four years and I played the...
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    Gibson bought Mesa/Boogie?

    Pretty logical deal synergies for Gibson from my perspective (I work in PE). Gibson doesn't have an amp presence, but amps go through the same distribution and sales channels as guitars. Plus your standard back office / overhead synergies. KKR is now the controlling shareholder so I'm sure...
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    NGD: Collings I-30

    I just bought a 290 and similarly now have an insatiable urge to buy a CL and an I-30. Perfect guitars in every way. Beautiful I-30s, both yours and the OPs! Lollar or Throbak? I have the Throbaks in my 290, but have heard the Throbacks are more aggressive...thinking the Lollars might be a...
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    "Gibson Les Paul Juniors shouldn't cost as much as they do because they used to be entry-level student guitars" - A Response

    I completely agree. I just bought a Collings 290, which many people would consider insanely priced for a Les Paul Special clone. But when you step back, the real differences between a Special and a Standard are: -Pickups - different, not worse/cheaper -Bridge - different, not worse/cheaper...
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    New Heritage guitars vs. older?

    Happy to help! That’s too bad about Heritage QC - I bought mine used and have had it for 12 years at this point so it’s not really fair for me judge the QC, but it does have a more “handmade” vibe to it than my Collings which is like a jewel. It’s an outstanding sounding guitar, although I...
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    New Year's (Maintenance) Day

    I definitely enjoy throwing on some good tunes and doing some simple setup work. I took care of my K-Line yesterday - polished the finish, polished the frets with Gorgomyte, restrung, and tightened the the truss rod. Anything beyond that is out of my league though. I too strongly prefer fresh...
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    No case is that the new trend?

    As a city dweller, I strongly prefer a gig bag - when I was gigging, lugging a heavy and bulky hard case around NYC was a huge pain, and it’s not like city apartments have a ton of storage space for cases. I don’t gig anymore, but that only highlights the need for a single gig bag since the...
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    is there much difference in sound between the 2019 Les Paul Junior or Custom shop?

    Interesting that people don’t think Juniors and Specials aren’t worth the upcharge for CS but Standards are. The fundamental differences aside from hunbuckers vs P90s are a carved top, inlays, and binding. None of those things are functional. All of the other reasons for going high end are...
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    Doc's Rant of the Day

    People have different incomes and different priorities. $3000 is no sweat for some people, and way too much to have wrapped in an instrument for others. There's no magic number. While diminishing returns are a real thing, I do agree with your point on value retention. As lower-end...
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    New Heritage guitars vs. older?

    I just checked the Music Zoo’s site since they usually post neck measurements - looks like the new Heritages are 0.85” at the nut and 0.92” at the 12th. The standard Collings neck (which I love) is 0.87” at the nut and 0.97” at the 9th - so similar in initial depth but the Heritage neck stays...
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    59 Singlecut Shootout: Gibson Custom, Bartlett, Yaron, Dave Johnson

    Awesome guitars and clip - thank you for putting this together. Definitely more similarities than differences. I listened on AirPod Pros and it took me a bit of time to get a sense - the Highway to Hell riff towards the end actually was where the differences were most accentuated IMO. The...
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    Which is more important “Feel” or “Tone”?

    A good guitar calls you to play it and that’s the one you should keep. There’s the physical element of feel (neck shape, setup, etc) but also a tonal element of feel. Different guitars have different responses to playing touch, and that invites you to play differently - a feedback loop. Some...
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    If you're getting a NGD today, what is it?

    I bought myself a Collings 290 with Throbaks, wraptail bridge, and an aged finish earlier this week. Was actually intending to buy something else, but the feel and tone of this one really spoke to me. It was “used” but I can’t find a single sign of prior play from the finish to the frets, so...
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    The 2020 Annual meeting of GASoholics Anonymous - what did you buy this year?

    I sold nothing and bought precisely one thing. And it is a very good thing. Collings 290 with an aged finish, adjustable wraptail, and Throbaks - 52/54 in the neck and an overwound Special in the bridge.
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    How stuck some of us are in preconceived ideas: neck shapes, fingerboards

    While all of the online guitar buying options we have these days are great, I definitely think it results in a fixation on the spec sheet and what you “think” you like versus what you actually experience. In addition to the measurable, there are so many variables in what makes a neck feel...
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    Happy holidays from my Les Paul Junior!

    Wow - great looking finish and the tort guard pairs nicely. I just picked up a Collings 290 and am seeing the light as to what a simple slab of mahogany can do! Less is sometimes more. Enjoy!
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    NGD: Probett Rocket III & Collings 290...Update - We Have a Winner!

    It's been fun playing these non-stop for the past day, and my fingers are dead! But we have a winner, and I think I knew it within minutes. I've updated the original posts with my thoughts for those who are curious or interested in learning more!
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    Medical Grade Collings gas

    Just bought a 290. Monster guitar. Has “vibe” or “mojo” or whatever you want to call it combined with stellar fretwork and finishing. Yes, they’re expensive, but the smile it’s putting on my face is worth the price of entry.