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    Collings 470 Julian Lage Signature

    I've been waiting for more on this since it was announced! I'm a big Lage fan and love my 290...I hope these aren't a limited run since I'm going to have a hard time justifying another one this year.
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    Fellow Boutiquers, why have you taken the "road less travelled"?

    Oddly, I got into small builders to save money. I wanted a Tele and a Strat with certain specs - nothing unconventional at all, just particular color/neck/pickup combinations. Those exact combinations weren't in stock at local shops, and it cost less to order it from K-Line and Danocaster than...
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    What’s your Saturday house rig?

    Well it’s technically Sunday, but here’s my home guitar nook. Just restrung the K-Line and trying in vain to learn some Brad Paisley licks.
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    Show me your K-Line Truxton's!

    Here’s a very recent shot of mine, which I ordered in 2012. I was going for more of a rock/blues Tele (Stones/Crowes/Zep/Robben Ford) and Chris recommended the alder / rosewood combo and Lollar Vintage T and Special T pickups which I LOVE although I know Chris rolls his own now. The Special T...
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    Completely agree. A lot of products that are far more complicated than guitars are built with components with external suppliers. I did setups on both my K-Line and Danocaster tonight, which give me an opportunity to observe the neck pocket fit. The K-Line is an in-house guitar, the...
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    I wouldn’t quite agree with that, Chris has been building great guitars and has had a stellar reputation for customer service for a long time now. It’s not a fad. It felt like Nash was one of the first alternatives to Fender. I remember playing a few back in probably 06 or 07. At the time, I...
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    I’ve now owned my K-Line Truxton for about 8 or 9 years and remain super happy with it. I’ve played some nice Nash guitars, but I think the K-Line is a more refined product, and in my personal view Chris’ aging work is much better looking. While it often comes down to the individual guitar, I...
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    Longest anyone has waited on a build?

    18 months for a Danocaster. While this was about twice the amount of time I’d originally been guided, most of that time was spent “on the list” with no money down. Once the deposit went in, it was only a couple months. While I would have loved to get the guitar sooner, it’s hard to really...
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    New T style guitar purchase: K Line or Xotic

    +1 I also have both Danocaster and K-Line in my collection - both are outstanding, but Chris is delivering the best value proposition out there right now. Awesome guitars and great service.
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    Show your DANOCASTER!!! (Really? no thread dedicated to Danos???)

    Never posted mine after finally getting it!
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    New To Me Collings 360 LT M

    Looks fantastic with the metal pickup covers! I'm definitely starting to get intrigued by these as a different voice to add to the collection...
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    So annoyed at the price hike on Danocasters

    And literally get snapped up minutes after Dan posts them! Given the instant demand for the new products at $3200, I wouldn't be surprised if used examples are coming in above that.
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    How many of you use a Tele for rock, blues rock,americana NO COUNTRY(Sorry, Not a fan)

    Teles are simple but super flexible. I used mine in a cover band that was playing anything from current Top 40 pop to 80s rock. But my guidelines when ordering the guitar was for something that would excel at Stones/Zeppelin/Crowes tones. I went with an alder body and rosewood board, which is...
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    Your Favorite Boutique Instrument, 2010-2019

    Here’s my boutique guitar of the decade - and my first ever boutique order - a K-Line Truxton I got from Chris in 2012. This was my main gigging and rehearsal guitar with two different bands. The guitar was originally a shiny NOS finish, but Chris shoots the thinnest nitro I’ve encountered and...
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    So now that Danocaster is out, who are you looking at for your favorite S and T type builds?

    Now that I've had my Danocaster for a few weeks, I'm comfortable saying my K-Line is just as good in terms of fretwork, fretboard rolling, and overall build quality. Obviously the components are top notch on both. My K-Line is (probably more accurate to say "was") a new finish. I haven't seen...
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    Which new guitar will appreciate most over next 25 years?

    A guitar needs to be iconic (in addition to scarce) to become valuable, and a famous player needs to become associated with that guitar for it to become iconic. The problem is that guitars aren’t in the limelight anymore. So I have a hard time seeing any modern guitar seriously appreciating in...
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    So annoyed at the price hike on Danocasters

    The thing that separates Dan is the aging work - I think most agree that his finishing stands on a level with few others, let alone his original price point. Those aesthetics created a gotta-have-it factor, hence the wait list. And now that there’s no more supply, prices went crazy. People...
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    So now that Danocaster is out, who are you looking at for your favorite S and T type builds?

    I just received my first Danocaster this week. It's an awesome guitar - but I wouldn't say it's "better" than my K-Line in terms of fretwork, build quality, components, etc (which is no backhand compliment, they're both KILLER). If you want a great playing and sounding Fender-style guitar in...
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    Danocaster vs everyone else

    Is the artistry of making a great of Strat or Tele really in carving/CNCing the body and neck blanks? In my opinion, the value add is in the fretwork, finishing, and little details like rolling the neck edges. Building a bolt-on is never going to be as complicated or involved as building an...
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    I Hope My Grandchild Can Afford It (Danocaster)

    It's definitely fair to point out that his deposit policy is pretty much the gold standard. It's a bummer to wait longer than you thought, but no cash is tied up for most of that wait period, and the downpayment is very modest once finally required. I've always felt that working capital is the...
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    I Hope My Grandchild Can Afford It (Danocaster)

    I got on the list at the end of February 2018 with a 10-month quote. Got the call for my deposit at the beginning of April 2019, and am still waiting for the guitar. I wouldn’t think it’s too long after the deposit since he’s not carving wood blanks; it’s finish, assembly, and setup. But I’m...
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    Danocaster vs everyone else

    This is great advice. There are a ton of Fender-style builders out there. Each operates with a different spin on the Fender design (for example, vintage recreation versus modernized take) and at a different price point. Think about what you want in the guitar, and then find a builder that...
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    It's not here yet... but it is a Danocaster...

    Awesome! Great looking pickguard. Hope you’re enjoying it. I just put my deposit down a few weeks ago. Out of curiosity, how long was it from deposit to delivery?
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    Well, Back in the Danocaster Queue

    It even sounds like existing build spots are taking longer - I got on the list in Feb with a 9-10 month estimate, but it now seems like I'll be looking at 15-16. It certainly doesn't seem like it's going to get shorter any time soon.
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    Why is it so hard to get in contact with Hahn Guitars?

    For a Fender-style guitar, I agree there's very little need for post-build service from the luthier - so I would have no concerns going used. That said, there are many outstanding Fender-style builders at this price point (several of whom are active members here!), so there's no room for...