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    Fuchs Ods Cleans?

    I've never played a Two Rock, but you could probably get a Fargen Super Collider for that much. Not to mention you can have either one tweaked out to your specification. Ben will ask you "who or what you wanna sound like" he'll get it hope that helps, watch the super collider video on...
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    Fuchs Ods Cleans?

    Well, I had the oppurtunity to play on a Fargen Blackbird 20w, Mini Plex 30w and Fuchs ODS 30. I poked around on them for about a month(what a pleasure, make you forget about amps from the local guitar shop). The BB was my favorite, cause I could drive it with a Barber Burn unit and get the...
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    any love for Fargen Amps?

    Haven't played the VOS, but the Blackbird and Mighty Plex's rank in the best in my opinion. You'll run across some boutique amps(so called) that just won't let a note hang in there for you. Well, the Fargens I've played were the next best thing to playing my acoustic guitar(if you know what I...
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    59model Pete Bogash

    Yeh Bob, he spoke good of you, I actually got to try that amp out that he got from you. Thanks for all your condolences. I added a new song of Pete's "Airplay" on Thanks, Jamie
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    59model Pete Bogash

    Hi, I'm sad to let you all know that Pete 59Model died last Tuesday. I realize some of you may already know this. But I know most do not. This community was a HUGE part of Pete's life. He really cared about and respected everyone. Please visit the site for Pete at and...
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    First gig with my new Rivera tonight...

    God bless those fatties....LOL! Since I moved here to Louisiana from Boston two years ago, I`ve had my share of them here, hehe. If you got the Knuck, I don`t think the problem is with the head, unless it was overly bright which there is a fix for. I used Celestion Classic Lead 80`s on mine and...
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    First gig with my new Rivera tonight...

    Oh-oh, I guess that you won`t be accident free since 2004 anymore, LOL! Sorry, checked out your myspace page and I couldn`t resist, hehehe. Hope the amp works out OK for you. I had a few Rivera`s and my favorite was the K55. Sounds like that one would match the style your playing. Good Luck...
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    Deluxe vs DeVille

    Great points, your choice may depend on what style music you play. But I`ll vote for the Deluxe cause I like em, LOL! Good Luck, Pete
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    Isn't it sad?

    Geeez, here we go again getting GAS, LOL! Now I gotta have one. Are you still using the Atomic with it, or is there something better amplifier wise? Please share, as I don`t want to go through the hassle like you did of trying different stuff, and I respect your opinion. Thanks, Pete
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    Isn't it sad?

    Hi Scott, are you using the Ave-FX now? I read in other posts you were using the Pod Live through the Atomic amp. Can you give me your opinion on how the Axe-FX compares to the Pod Live? Thanks, Pete Bogash
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    Have you found your ultimate amp?

    No, and I`ve been looking for years and spent thousands (many) over the years. For now I`m happy with my POD XTL and waiting on an Atomic amp, and I`m REAL happy with my Rocktron VooDoo Valve. This **** blows all the tube amps I`ve played out of the water. And yea, I`ve owned a few Bogner, Top...
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    New (to me) Rivera!

    Hey, Cheap Trick is still usin them. Check em out at Man those dudes still rock like the old days. Still a lot of fun!
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    Have you found your ultimate amp?

    I agree, and really liked my ODS30. Andy`s company has come a long way since I had one of the 1st modded amps he did. Rember that Bandmaster mod I brought into your shop Rod? It`s like night and day.
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    15" speaker ideas...

    The Eminence Big Ben is a favorite of mine, and will smooth out any harshness in a lot of amps.
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    Which amp did you keep the longest?

    Hey Glen, your clips always floor me! You ain`t aging that bad either, LOL, not like me anyway. I guess your diet must be better than my Corona`s and Camel straight pipes, cause we`re about the same age, hehehe. BTW, where did you get that guitar from? I remember a flyer I used to get in the...
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    Vetta II

    IMHO, I`d suggest getting a Floor Pod XTL. It`s way less money and basically has the same sounds as the Vetta, and you can buy one with a Variax 300 for $699 shipped. I REALLY like this unit better than anything L6 has came up with, and it`s cheap as hell! That crappy cheap Variax can go from an...
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    What is a good amp for my situation...I need help please...

    If you don`t mind, and I don`t, about going solid state digital, I`d suggest a Pod Live XTL, man that unit smokes even straight through a PA. I bought one of those and a Variax 300 for $699 US shipped. This is one unit that shouldn`t be ignored, even if you`re a tube guy. I also have an Atomic...
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    Fuchs ODS30 and ODS50

    I found the 50 to have more clean headroom where the 30 just didn`t have enough for me a gigging volumes. I`m using JB humbuckers so if your using a lower output pickup YMMV. But since it has a cascading gain stage where the 1st gain also determines the 2nd channel, this could be a common...
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    Dr. Z Amplification

    I agree 100%. I need a lot of clean headroom if I want to run my pedalboard with distortion boxes on the floor. When doing so the lower watt Dr Z`s don`t cut it for me cause I like to run reverb and delay in front of the amp, and it sounds like crap through an already distorted amp. Just my 2...
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    which amps over 2k take cornish pedals well

    I agree with Butch on this, plus he`s from Louisana, LOL! That Fender Twin with the 15" speaker would be a great choice. It has enough low end and power to knock your balls off. Take Care, Pete Bogash
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    This amp sounds really interesting to me. Does anyone know how well it cleans up with the guitars volume control? Personally, and this is just my opinion, I don`t like open sounding amps. I want a big honk on the midrange. Seems to go well in a band context, as well as home for me, LOL! Take...
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    Bogner Ecstasy w/ Les Paul Sound Clips - Homemade - Green, Blue, & Red Channels...

    Tony, you`re killin me, LOL! That`s what those dudes at Bogner told me, hehehe. The problem wasn`t even the tubes, it was cone cry for the V30`s cause I used so much midrange, but you have a great memory, and I just hope it isn`t negative about me. That was a great amp you sold me, and if you...
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    Best Amp for Jimmy Page early 70s tone live

    Man I`ve heard you cop some of Page`s tones to a tee, and that was a Top Hat I believe when speaking with you last. The tones you were getting were right on the money, and anyone who hasn`t heard your clips obviously doesn`t know. Keep it up Bro, loved the sound you were getting! Take Care, Pete
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    Bogner Ecstasy w/ Les Paul Sound Clips - Homemade - Green, Blue, & Red Channels...

    Great tone! You son of a gun, I miss my old Extacy now, LOL!
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    Best $600 Fender amp choice??

    Great choice! The AB165 circuit is easy to modify to your liking, and you can use an AB box to switch between channels if you wish to add more gain to one.