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  1. guitrr

    Who is actually paying 8k for a i-35?!

    I absolutely concur. I have to admit I’m biased, as I own a H2SH acoustic and a 360LTM electric already. Nonetheless, I toured the factory last October, and to say I was very highly impressed would be an understatement. The attention to detail shown by every single employee is beyond measure...
  2. guitrr

    NGD: PRS Silver Sky (Dodgem Blue)

    No, that’s made by one of our own TGP guys, he sells them on Reverb
  3. guitrr

    NGD: PRS Silver Sky (Dodgem Blue)

    Not a great photo, but here’s my Orion Green. It looks spectacular in person.
  4. guitrr

    Let’s see your #1

    Hahn Model C
  5. guitrr

    so I posted my new tele on FB tele tuesday

    You can imagine the reactions I get in that group when I post my Strandberg Salen :confused:
  6. guitrr

    One Week Later... Silver Sky impressions (UPDATE)

    Both of these pickguards were made by our own danelectro: On the right is my Orion Green Silver Sky with white pearl guard. Below is my black SS with a black pearl guard.
  7. guitrr

    People who insist on their Strat being SSS, what do you use the bridge pickup for?

    I tend to use mine for tele type bite, and Billy Gibbonsesque pinch harmonics
  8. guitrr

    Coil split is NOT the same of coil tap... let's get educated about this

    How is PRS able to split the coils on my 594 without a drop in volume?
  9. guitrr

    Post a photo of a badass Tele!

    My Hahn, Don Grosh, Tom Anderson, and Strandberg
  10. guitrr

    Hollow Body and Semi-Hollowbody Guitars - Ugh!!! I'm At Wits End!

    They are above your stated price range, but for what it’s worth, the Knaggs Chena is fully hollow and has a very chunky neck.
  11. guitrr

    Ebay is still the king for a quick sale!

    After buying and selling exclusively on Reverb for the past two years, I bought a PRS a few months ago on eBay. I have a fantastic Suhr I’ve had listed on Reverb for about six months, and it’s been either the lowest priced or next to lowest of that model the entire time. So far I’ve had half a...
  12. guitrr

    What is your favorite American PRS model?

    I’ve been playing and owning PRS since 1985, and have owned about 15 of them. I have hundreds of gigs with a McCarty IRW. However, my favorite is my Silver Sky. In fact I like it so much I bought a second one as a backup. I’m also quite fond of both my 594 and my Cu24 Semi-hollow. The 594...
  13. guitrr

    Inverse relationship between financial security and guitar satisfaction

    Ah, that quote is from Keith Williams’ YouTube page Five Watt World. If any of you haven’t discovered Keith’s videos, they would be of interest to anyone who has found this thread intriguing. As a long time weekend gigger who owns way too much gear, the Five Watt World videos have been...
  14. guitrr

    "How much does it Weigh?" Really!?

    Five years ago, I retired after a 25 year professional firefighting career which left me with 7 bad spinal discs. I gig 3-4 times a month, usually for 3-4 hours each, along with rehearsals, practice at home, and jamming with friends. Does weight matter? To me it sure does; it's a major...
  15. guitrr

    "How much does it Weigh?" Really!?

    This. Just weigh the guitar, how difficult is that?
  16. guitrr

    Do you like active pickups for clean tone?

    I don't know about the Les Paul; every time I've seen Jody he's been playing his Klein. With EMGs ;)
  17. guitrr

    Do you like active pickups for clean tone?

    The new EMG Retro series are very good, too. I am an NGW alumni, too; went about ten times throughout the 90's and 00's. (The reunion last fall in Austin was fun) I took Jody's class one year at NGW. Despite being in way over my head, it was extremely educational. And yes, the guy is a...
  18. guitrr

    Each noiseless pickup’s drawbacks (Mojotone, Dimarzio, Zexcoil, N4)

    Not everyone WANTS to sound "the same". I don't think my EMGs sound like passives, and I'm quite comfortable with that. I've been using EMGs since the late 80's, and to me the advantages far outweigh any tonal differences. I don't have them on all my guitars, because I feel like if it ain't...
  19. guitrr

    Do you like active pickups for clean tone?

    EMG's seem to work for Jody Fisher
  20. guitrr

    Reverb business practices - bad seller

    The one time I had difficulty with a Reverb transaction, I called Reverb on the phone. They were extremely helpful, and resolved the problem within 24 hours.
  21. guitrr

    Bass players: Why?

    Good god, I'm sure glad I don't have to move that rig from gig to gig!
  22. guitrr

    Bass players: Why?

    After a year on the guitar I bought a bass and got decent enough at playing it to gig. My reason was there were often times jamming with friends when there was no bassist; and it seemed a lot easier to get a gig as a bass player. Guitar and voice are my primary instruments, but I have owned at...
  23. guitrr

    NGD: Kiesel Vader V6X - Worth every cent

    I play headless guitars for a couple of reasons: 1. I have a bad back, and a headless guitar weighs anywhere between 3.5-4.5 lbs. This is the reason I initially bought a headless. 2. The ergonomics just make sense 3. Ease of moving them around, especially on an airplane 4. Around here (central...