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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    This thread is just wow. I'm not seeing who benefits from any of this other than Neural. There's no such thing as bad publicity. Maybe Neural is a great company with great people behind it. What is certain is that they've taken money from consumers and "surprisingly" have missed shipment...
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    They should get this into the hands of many, many more death metal players so we can really see what it sounds like!
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    One year a young girl made extensive plans for her (very modest) birthday party and she looked forward to it for weeks. Everyday she would ask her parents "how many days to my birthday" and would tell them about the plans for her party. Then the big day came. Everything went fine, but did not...
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    I’ve owned and gigged them all Fractal is the best.

    Sleestack + content that so many will take offense to = winning
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    If these captures are only for a "specific dial," meaning specific gain and eq settings, the usefulness seems fairly limited to me, although I understand that approach used by Kemper has plenty of fans. Just not that excited about it personally. I wonder if you could make an adaptive profile...
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    This is not going to be well received well by the cranky folks at TGP! [Yells in background: "Hey kids, get off my lawn!"]
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    That's a very generic list of modulations, but I guess it's understandable for a launch. With "9600 man-hours a month" on this project, it'll be interesting to see where the list is a year from now. I figure it'll be about then that I'll buy this unit which for me has bumped the FM3 out of...
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    Fractal FM3 - Reviews, Tones, Questions

    "Fractal FM3 - Reviews, Tones, Questions" Edit: Reduced the size of the font and removed bold. I initially just cut-and-pasted the thread title on my screen without thinking about it. Sorry. A couple people seem to have been particularly bothered and/or amused by the use of the large bold...
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    Strymon All in One

    It seems like a no-brainer for Strymon to do a simplified all-in-one unit. The showcase "feature" should be a streamlined feature set offering a few really good sounds that cover all the main bases. Like a Tech21 FlyRig, but all digital.
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    If you were to ask the fine folks at Line6 for a new amp model - what would it be?

    Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie Boogie Fillmore Boogie California Tweed Carr Mercury V
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    Quick Guide to Monitoring your Amp Modeler

    Thanks for making this useful thread.
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    Petethorn 10 Parts,10 Tones, Fractal Fm3! Free Presets! 2pm Today

    Wow, 4 pages of the most asinine thread I've seen on TGP. And that's saying a lot.
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    What to play FM3 through...need monitor equivalent of FM3

    Good suggestion. I've looked at the Deuce Deluxe it looks really nice, although it doesn't seem to have gained much traction. Not much out there on it in terms of videos, etc.
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    What to play FM3 through...need monitor equivalent of FM3

    My invite for the FM3 (with headphone jack) should be coming soon. This would be my first modeler. Hence, I have no monitors or other speakers to play a modeler through. Besides my Princeton clone, I sometimes use Scuffham S-Gear using the Yamaha THR10 as interface and monitor, and I think it...
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    My one sentence FM3 review as an AF3 owner.

    I was a huge consumer of Prego during that time; it seemed pretty good.
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    My Fractal Audio FM3 Based Rig

    Scott, it looks like the Boss expression pedals didn't work out for you?
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    Fractal Audio's New FM3

    Lots of TGPers would be more than happy to brave the biohazards and pick them up for Cliff. I'm thinking some kind of a float plane would do nicely.
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    Fractal Audio's New FM3

    "Cameragate 2.0" this thread I'm calling.
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    Fractal Audio's New FM3

    Son, IR's might be truncated.
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    Fractal Audio's New FM3

    I may be going out on a limb, but it's difficult to understand why people would go to a Fractal forum to discuss a competing product...and then complain about the treatment of said thread? Why not simply go to the forum hosted by the product manufacturer and discuss it there?
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    Axe-Fx III 11.02 Beta - New Flangers & More

    You forgot to credit him the 3.7 trillion bonus for playing Alex Lifeson. Let's stay focused!
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    Boss Waza Air Headphones

    If something sells out instantly, it's not overpriced. It's underpriced.
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    Jensen (almost) FRFR Speaker - D-Series

    Anyone try the N12D?