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  1. guitrr

    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    It’s that light. Before I bought it on Reverb I wrote to the seller and asked, “Is that a typo? Five and a half pounds?” He replied, “No typo, it’s really that light.”
  2. guitrr

    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    My Hollow Shorty T, Rosewood top, Alder Body, stained maple neck and fingerboard, Even Taper neck profile, 5.5 lbs. My only mod has been to install Ron Ellis pickups.
  3. guitrr

    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    The guitars not close to me as I type this, but I do know the neck is an Even Taper +.30
  4. guitrr

    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    Classic Shorty, in Metallic Black Cherry. The finish looks spectacular in both sunlight and stage lighting.
  5. guitrr

    Top 5 Boutique Guitar Builders.

    My list, in no particular order: Don Grosh Tom Anderson Scott Lentz Scott Walker Ralph Novax I have to also recognize Bill Collings, as my token acoustic builder (I own superb guitars from several other small builders, too; and I hated to leave them out. Narrowing it down to five is an...
  6. guitrr

    Cocobolo Neck and the best Finish process. POST PICs if you got em

    IMG_3980 by guitrr posted Jun 7, 2017 at 2:22 AM My PRS Wood Library Cu24, with cocobolo fingerboard
  7. guitrr

    What does TGP think of Scott Walker guitars?

    :pI had the opportunity to meet Scott at NAMM last week, and spent about 15 minutes in an isolation booth, playing the Santa Cruz model he had on display. Scott is a super cool, gracious guy, and was very generous with his time, which was much in demand. I am no stranger to Scott's guitars -...
  8. guitrr

    Tom Anderson Forum?

    Awesome; thanks!
  9. guitrr

    Tom Anderson Forum?

    Does anyone know how I can register for the Tom Anderson Forum? It's telling me the admins have closed registration. I just bought my second TA, and would really like to converse with the folks on that forum. Thanks, Kane
  10. guitrr

    Suhr Modern vs Classic S

    I prefer the Modern. The slender neck shape, 24 frets, and access to the upper neck due to the innovative heel design, are what really do it for me.
  11. guitrr

    New Guitar Day - Anderson Short Raven

    Ya'll aren't making this any easier; I've been seriously eyeballing a TA Raven, and trying to weighing a purchase vs. getting a second Grosh Eletrajet. Tough call, especially since I don't have access to a Raven in order to try one. I'm considering just buying one via the internet, from a...
  12. guitrr

    Mystery of James Tyler Guitars?

    My Tyler Burning Water is my wife's favorite of my 15 or so electrics, and that's true testimony from a non-musican. What I know is that is has the best guitar neck I've ever handled; don't know how they do it, but the neck is to die for. As for the headstock, I think it's kind of cheesy...
  13. guitrr

    Ron Ellis pickups - 1 year in

    After quite a long wait, I got my Ron Ellis pickups a few months ago. I just got around to installing the strat set, but so far it's VERY impressive. Still a bit early to offer any kind of definitive review, as I'm still feeling them out. I ordered two Tele sets, but sold my second tele by...
  14. guitrr

    New Tom Anderson model out.

    Nice looking axe, but I'm thrilled with my Electrajet. Why do (any) builders insist on placing the pickup selector switch directly under where the whammy bar hangs? Arrrrr, that drives me nuts. PRS ruined a great design when they did that to the Custom 24.
  15. guitrr

    NGD: Grosh Electrajet Custom

    Gorgeous guitar, congrats!
  16. guitrr

    Emailing Ron Ellis

    Just heard from Ron a few weeks ago, it took him about a few weeks to respond, but that's understandable with all he's got on his plate. I have spoken with him via phone in the past, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more polite, humble, and gracious guy. Kane
  17. guitrr

    NUHGD x2: Tyler and Robin content

    You're going to cherish that Tyler!
  18. guitrr

    Approx percentage of luthier made in your collection?

    Currently: Large factory made - 3 Small shop made - 9 electric, 2 acoustic Independent luthier - 1 Self built from parts guitar - 1
  19. guitrr

    Grosh Electrajet, anyone play one these days?

    Despite being a huge Grosh flag waver, and owning both an RC and a TC, I was surprised to find that I didn't care for the EJ. I bought a used one, and it lasted one gig before I sold it. I didn't like the offset body shape at all, it felt like it shifted the entire guitar to the left when I...
  20. guitrr

    Anyone prefer vintage style Klusons on their S style guitars over locking tuners?

    I'd rather have locking tuners on any guitar.
  21. guitrr

    Where do all these "Boutique" guitars go?

    I also regularly gig with PRS, Grosh, EBMM, and LSL guitars.
  22. guitrr

    Read my report from NAMM 2012

    Great stuff, Mats, I really enjoyed that!
  23. guitrr

    LSL Guitars?

    Penny, my ash T-bone is a killer guitar; light, resonant, and pretty much bombproof. Not like anyone's going to notice if I put a ding in it. I have a set of Barden's in it right now, but have a set of Ron Ellis pickups on order which are going in it. Kane
  24. guitrr

    Grosh Electrajet gas!

    That's exactly my situation. However, after several weeks, and listings here, Birds and Moons, Grosh Forum, and Z Talk, my PRS isn't moving. Barely even any nibbles. I was weak - broke down and got an EJ, even though I've still got the PRS. Found a steal on a used one at Mass Street Music...