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    Living in an apartment and guitar playing

    I both agree and disagree - you are 100% right that there is a dynamic range you can get from a loud amp that cannot be replicated. But that’s not to say that very good tone cannot be achieved in an apartment, or isn’t worth chasing. A few thoughts as someone who lives in an NYC apartment. I...
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    Are Mesa-boogies hard to get a good sound on???

    I think you just have to adjust your expectations. Just because there are a ton of knobs, switches, and modes does not mean that a Mesa can do every sound, well, in one box. If the core sound and feel of the amp isn't for you, no amount of manual consulting or setting tweaking is going to...
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    DRRI for home use

    The reality is that an amp that can provide meaningful power tube breakup at home/practice volume won’t work with a band (unless you want all distortion, all the time). Two different applications. I actually don’t really love how the DRRI’s own breakup sounds - it’s kinda gritty. Instead, I...
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    Santana playing a Dumble for National Anthem of NBA Finals?

    He sounds awful. Felt like I was watching a washed-up former star athlete who should have hung it up a long time ago. Additionally, I though the drummer was off - several fills seemed sloppy and out of time.
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    Going back to DRRI

    Yup, you get the trem on the normal channel too. I had my tech do it as I have no business opening up an amp, but my understanding is that it's an extremely simple mod. No reason not to do it!
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    Going back to DRRI

    I bought mine over 10 years ago and haven't had significant GAS for another amp since. Perfect size and weight to bridge both home and live playing. I did have the normal channel modded for reverb and added a switchable bright cap (original cap/medium value cap) on the vibrato channel to "fine...
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    65 DRRI Vibrato issue

    I think it's normal. Mine does that. I had taken it to a tech about a year ago to do some other work and he indicated it's sort of inherent in the design and not really fixable (which I was surprised by). In any case, it does render the vibrato essentially unusable.
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    Why Does Everyone Like the Dumble Tone?

    To the original question, I think it primarily stems from Robben and Larry, who have pretty distinctive tones. You hear those sounds, then you learn they come from a rare amp, and that creates a lot of intrigue around the amp and more affordable ways to get there. Whether it's their playing as...
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    Anyone simplify their home/practice rig by going bigger?

    I agree, you probably would be just fine with a Princeton. I used to gig, so I needed the headroom of the DRRI. Less of an issue if you're purely at home (as I am now...I'm just too lazy to trade/swap amps). I had the normal channel of my DRRI put in phase so it has reverb, and installed a...
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    Anyone simplify their home/practice rig by going bigger?

    I live in an NYC apartment and use a DRRI as my practice amp. Many people would say that's overkill - but I play clean quite a bit and the DRRI clean is fantastic at low levels. In fact, much better than smaller amps as the 1x12" and larger cab give some real fullness to the tone that a small...
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    $2000: I really don't know what my options are, help me out. (An update of sorts...)

    It depends how you're using it. The OP stated he likes crystal clean tones the majority of the time and gets his dirt from pedals. If you're looking to get into breakup territory from the amp itself, then you're correct, a NMV Fender isn't a great choice for a bedroom amp - but that doesn't...
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    Fender '68 vs. '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissues?

    Never mind - didn't realize Fender had released a RI of the silverface
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    Fender '68 vs. '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissues?

    My friend/co-guitarist had an early silverface DR (forget the exact year but close the blackface circuit). I personally thought my DRRI was a better sounding amp. The SF sounded thinner and stiffer. The previously owner of my DRRI had a few mods done by a well-known tech (a couple...
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    Anybody concluding same as I am regarding better amps?

    I agree, and this goes in general for all amps. I can get happening Strat/Tele tones out of just about any decent tube amp. I like a clean, clear sound and many amps struggle to "hold it together" with humbucker guitars. Too compressed, too muddy, not enough detail. In my view it's the mark...
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    What do you need clean headroom for?

    My base rhythm sound is almost always a tube amp just barely beginning to break up. So I need an amp that can get me there, and not get mushy and blurry sounding. But frankly, even for rock stuff, I think rhythm parts tend to fit better when they're not too dirty. And when I go back and...
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    Apartment Dwellers - what is your setup?

    Some good info and cool rigs! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like something that helps decouple the amp from the floors is a good idea. The speaker emulation looks neat as well, but I feel like that setup might be a bit more complex than I initially want to dive into. Ultimately, I think the...
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    Apartment Dwellers - what is your setup?

    For those of us who are more volume or space constrained, I'm curious what you're playing out of. I'm in sort of a lucky situation now where my current apartment is located so that I don't share walls with anyone, so I've been able to keep my DRRI. I can't crank it all the time, but on a...
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    Mesa Boogie Express for clean funky tones?

    I feel like I'm in the minority but I was not impressed with the clean tones on the Express. A Deluxe Reverb will deliver that funky clean tone in spades...pair it with a good distortion/overdrive and you're set.
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    name the BEST fenderish clean out of a ch switcher

    Really? I have not spent a ton of time with the 5:50, but I played the 5:50 and the LSS back to back not long a go...I was having trouble dialing in a good clean sound with the Express; the LSS had some great warm, lush cleans right off the bat. Go figure I guess.
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    Amp tastes chang with age? (a survey)

    13 - Squier Strat Pack Amp 14 - Fender Princeton 65 (solid state 1x12") 16 - Mesa Single Rectifier 18 - Peavey Classic 20 (still had the Recto) 20 - Fender Deluxe Reverb RI (sold the Recto) 24 - Contemplating selling the DRRI for Headstrong Lil King or similar, want a Fuchs ODS but too big...
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    Help using DRRI live.

    I always found the DRRI sat perfectly in a band environment around 4-5, which right around the sweet spot where it really sounds good (and it honestly doesn't get much louder past 4). Back off the guitar volume just a tad and full volume for leads, will set the overdrives with a bit of boost on...
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    using both channels in a DRRI

    I built the A/B box on Fulltone's web site. About $25 worth of parts. Works like a charm for switching back and forth between Normal and Vibrato on my DRRI. Perfectly function, couldn't see the need to pay more as long as you're even somewhat handy with a soldering iron - I'm not at all, but...
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    Why no love for the Train 45?

    Mostly agree with what has been said - very responsive amp, can get quite mean when you crank it, and ear-shatteringly loud. It's a simple amp that you control with your guitar. Doesn't really do crystal clean but a very nice "slightly dirty" clean. Last time I was at the shop where I played...
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    Orange ad5

    I like AC30/15s, and at one point I owned a little Peavey Classic 20 that ran on EL84s, and while it had some shortcomings, buzzy wasn't one of them. It just sounded like a loose, ragged little amp with a ton of gain. Maybe it sounds better through a real cab and speaker, I dunno.
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    Orange ad5

    I thought it was one of the worst amps I've ever played. I actually plugged into a second one because I thought the first one was broken it was so bad. Nope. I know it's a small amp, but there's almost zero clean to be had on the dial, and the distortion was very buzzy and harsh as I turned...