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    Reverb makes hum and feedback

    Hi Dave, everything is going great thanks. Both you and Mike were right. I turned the reverb pan around 180 degrees and the hum stopped. I changed the 12AT7 to a 12AX7 and swapped the return tube as well and the problem has cleared up. Well, for now anyway. I`m not sure how this reverb circuit...
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    Reverb makes hum and feedback

    Thanks Mike, shutting the reverb control off has no effect, I have to unplug the tank. I tried swapping the tube that comes after the 12AT7, but maybe that`s not the return tube. I have no schematics or tube chart on it, so maybe I`ll just have to start changing every tube after the 12AT7 since...
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    Reverb makes hum and feedback

    Hi, I got a Fender amp that after I play it for 1/2 hour it goes into a squeel and gets a loud hum. I tried replacing the 12AT7 reverb tube twice as well as trying a new reverb tank with no luck. If I unplug the reverb cord it stops, so I figure it has to be coming from the reverb circuit...
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    Does anyone besides Allen do a Bassman conversion like this?

    Mike from KCA does that mod too. He`s a great guy and stands behind his products, so I wouldn`t hesitate a moment contacting him if I were considering this. Good luck!
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    Help me pick a preamp tube combination

    If your not playing metal, I`d suggest some lower gain tubes. 5751`s are great and will tame some shrillness. My Marshall TSL sounded like a chainsaw when I 1st got it. I put a Philips 12AT7 in V1, and cheap Sovtec 5751`s in V2 and V3. Sounds like a good older Marshall now. You may have to run...
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    Great site for Mullard and Telefunken`s cheap

    Yep, that`s right. You have to try tubes before you believe the hype. I never understood all the BS about Telefunken smooth plates until I tried them. The amp you use will have a big difference on how different tubes react as well. I`ve found that really high gain monsters have less effect on...
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    Great site for Mullard and Telefunken`s cheap

    To be completely honest, I don`t know....hehe. I heard the long plates are more prone to microphonics, but give out a smoother tone (not so harsh in the high mids). I did notice a difference in gain, as my tube tester proved, that the shorter plates have more gain. But, it`s funny, my...
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    Great site for Mullard and Telefunken`s cheap

    Hi, who`s from HC? I`ve never posted there before. And thanks for the positive comments, I appreaciate it. After getting all the tubes I needed, I just posted this guy for the members here who like old tubes. To get a Mullard or Telefunken that is tested and guaranteed for $30-35 is all I wanted...
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    Great site for Mullard and Telefunken`s cheap

    Sorry people, I`ll delete this thread if it brings negative attention to this site. That was not my intension. Let me know if you think that should be done, and I`ll get rid of all this BS. I was just trying to show a good tube vendor. :confused:
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    Great site for Mullard and Telefunken`s cheap

    59model here, I don`t appreaciate your comments as I didn`t do any panty twisting on this one. The reason I got defensive is because I would only post here on someone who was trustworthy, and I have done business with a few times, and know of others who have gotten the same quality service as...
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    Great site for Mullard and Telefunken`s cheap

    That`s great Dan, glad you had great results like I had. Sorry I bought his last 3 Mullard long plates before I posted....hehehe. Did you get any of his Tele smoothies for $35? I just put a couple in my Naylor and they sound incredable. Sorry I waited until I got his last Mullard long plates...
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    Is there any way to compensate for the "drawbacks" of 6v6s?

    No it shouldn`t be unless you are trying to push the bass control too high. I have a Marshall Studio 15 that will compress to heck (which I love) but I have to roll back the volume control when playing chords. If you have plenty of gain, try a 12AT7 in the phase inverter (preamp tube closest to...
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    Great site for Mullard and Telefunken`s cheap

    Verry funny, I would NEVER post here on a RIP artist, on the contrary, I have been repramanded on many sites for some raw dealings I`ve had. Before you question the guy`s honesty, why don`t you call him or deal with him, or show where you heard this, then post your replies with some webpage...
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    Great site for Mullard and Telefunken`s cheap

    Hey thanks Dan, good to hear from you as well. I told the guy I put up a post about him here and that I hoped he had a good supplier for those Tele`s. He said he has over a hundred in stock, and at $30 for a ribbed plate and $35 for a smoothie, I must have bought about 15 of them in the past and...
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    Great site for Mullard and Telefunken`s cheap

    Found this guy on line and bought from him a couple times. I just bought his last 3 long plate Mullard ECC83`s for $35 a piece, but he said he has a huge stash of short plates for $30. I think the Tele smooth plates are about the same price. He tests everything and is an easy guy to deal with...
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    Head Shell vendors? He`s the only dude I trust with my custom work. I haven`t used many others, but nobody will do some of the crazy ass ideas I have. The guy has balls and is a pleasure to deal with. Sultone? Forgtaboutit. I had him do a combo cab for my Bruno UG30 and the speaker was too...
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    Bewildered, but not shocked!...........[tube biasing question]

    If you aren`t putting the tubes back in the same sockets you may be adding the OPT difference to that of the tubes. Try swapping the position of the 2 power tubes and see if that helps.
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    Tubes for Marshall Bluesbreaker RI

    The Mullards are really good in the pre. I`m using the Valve Arts KT66`s too and really like them. I just bought some Mullard KT66`s too, so I`ll let you know how they sound when they get here. I also put an OEI Plexi 50watt OPT in, and it`s a bit more aggresive sounding. I also had Rob at...
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    Speaker Frequecy Graphs???

    For some reason, they don`t work as well as ears. :p
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    Mesa Nomad power tubes question

    Call the Lord and get the 7581`s. Great sounding and very long lasting tube. I`ve run them in my Mesa, 2Rock, and Bogner with great results. Good luck!