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  1. Rick Towne

    FS TC Arena Reverb $79 pp/s --- EHX Neo Clone chorus $39 pp/s

    Both in very good condition and priced lowest online. Pictures from Package deal ok. TC Arena Reverb $79 paypal/shipped USPS Priority Mail: EHX Neo Clone Chorus $39 paypal/shipped:
  2. Rick Towne

    FS PCE Aluminum Falcon David Klone (aka AFIII) $129 paypal/shipped

    One of the earliest and best klone models. Small box version with top power jack fits better on most boards. Good condition, and actual pictures available by email to $129 paypal/shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Here's a demo of the same pedal with the AF III label.
  3. Rick Towne

    Sold Coloccia Id Custom Overdrive $129 pps (w/Premier Guitar and Just Nick demos)

    Great low-mid gain overdrive with three band EQ. No longer made as a result of builder’s hiatus. $129 paypal shipped. Here’s the website. Here’s a new demo. And another.
  4. Rick Towne

    Sold Aion Fx Azimuth - Zendrive Clone $69 pps

    Excellent condition Zendrive clone. Top jacks. Sound build and quiet operation. $69 PayPal shipped (No Reverb tax or added shipping). Here’s a sample.
  5. Rick Towne

    WTB EHX Canyon Delay

    In good condition and fully functional. Box or power supply not necessary.
  6. Rick Towne

    Sold EHX Memory Man 550TT (tap tempo) $155 paypal/shipped

    EHX Memory Man 550TT (tap tempo) $155 paypal/shipped via USPS Priority Mail. No box, and actual pictures to come or available tonight via
  7. Rick Towne

    Retro-Sonic Analog Delay compared to Memory Man Tap Tempo

    Anyone had both of these? I’ve had an early R-S (“ehco” model) for 15 years. It’s the best analog delay I’ve heard, but its only drawback is that it does not have modulation. With that in mind, how does the MM 550/1100 compare? The size is right, the power requirement is right and the tap would...
  8. Rick Towne

    Budget Speakers for Stereo in the Garage

    I have a very old but still functioning pair of Dynaco A-25's and am looking for something a little less bassy. I am not a stereophile, and will be playing and sometimes playing along with, cassette tapes, CD's and MP3's. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  9. Rick Towne

    Sold Tech 21 Roto-Choir Leslie Effect excellent with box/papers $159 pp/s Excellent condition with can and all papers. $159 paypal/shipped.
  10. Rick Towne

    Sold Wampler Dual Fusion Overdrive (V1) $135 pp/s

    An independent dual channel overdrive described below. This is V1, which is narrower than V2. Excellent condition. $135 paypal shipped USPS Priority Mail. Priced well below Reverb, with no added or hidden sales tax or shipping charges. Pictures from and questions to
  11. Rick Towne

    Sold Jim Kelley Owner’s Manual $15 pp/s

    Typewritten with schematic. It came with a two channel Line Amp purchased from Robert Stamps at the original Amp Shop in Van Nuys, CA in or about 1990-1991. Minimal cost includes priority mail shipping. Email with questions. Thanks. (A prior listing for this item has...
  12. Rick Towne

    Sold Original 1980's Jim Kelley Amplifier Manual $15 (includes USPS PM)

    Typewritten with schematic from my Jim Kelley collecting days. If I can't give it away to anyone interested, I'll just discard it. Sample picture from Thanks.
  13. Rick Towne

    Shipping Costs on Reverb

    One aspect of Reverb shopping is that shipping charges are often/usually listed separately. if you purchase an item with a $20 shipping charge do you expect, and/or is the seller promising, that the entire amount of the charge will actually be spent on shipping?
  14. Rick Towne

    Sold Caline Pure Sky (Timmy), Caline Orange Burst (BB), Joyo Sweet Baby (Sweet Honey) $65 pp/s for all

    Caline Pure Sky (Timmy), Orange Burst (BB), Joyo Sweet Baby (Sweet Honey) $65 paypal shipped for all. All with boxes and paperwork. All function perfectly but have never been played out. Questions or pictures from
  15. Rick Towne

    Sold Black V2 Diamond Memory Lane, Jr. Delay/box $149 pp/s

    Excellent condition with glossy black finish and black knobs. With box and paperwork. Hardly visible marks from one strip of velcro that had been removed by prior owner. Pictures available from $149 paypal/shipped USPS Priority Mail...
  16. Rick Towne

    Sold J Rockett Tour Series Overdrive $99 PPS

    J Rockett GTO Tour Series Overdrive is in good condition with several scratches. $99 paypal/shipped. Pictures on request to Thanks.
  17. Rick Towne

    Sold TC Alter Ego Delay v2 ($89 PP/S) Or Trade for TC Reverb

    The AEv2 is in excellent condition and I have the box and cable. Looking for an even trade for a TC reverb.
  18. Rick Towne

    Difference between TC Reverbs: Arena, Trinity, Hall of Fame, etc.

    Any significant differences in tone, quality, algorithms?
  19. Rick Towne

    Sold Source Audio Programmble EQ w/presets/box $95 pp/s

    Source Audio Programmable EQ with four presets. Excellent condition with box. $95 pp/s
  20. Rick Towne

    Nemesis Power Supply Question

    I know the manual recommends using the included decorated 9v power supply. Can it also work safely off a isolated spot on a standard power supply? From the One-Spot on up? Any particular considerations? Thanks.
  21. Rick Towne

    Brian Wilson Special with Crosby and Vince Gill?

    Randomly ran across two clips on YouTube with Vince singing Warmth of the Sun and Crosby, Carly Simon and Jimmy Webb doing In My Room. Anyone know the details on this one?
  22. Rick Towne

    Reverb sales tax question

    Just encountered the effect of CA 10% sales tax on a small effects purchase. I’m fine with regular retailers charging the tax, but in the past CA had an exception for “occasional sales”, i.e., by individuals not engaged in the regular business of selling. Is this exception still applicable or...
  23. Rick Towne

    Sold Danelectro Billionaire Spinning Speaker Rotary Effect $39 pp/s NIB (with video)

    Billionaire Spinning Speaker “Big Spender” Rotary speaker effect. New in box, with velvet bag and papers. Actual pictures from $39 Paypal/shipped.
  24. Rick Towne

    Sold Black Barber Gain Changer $95 paypal/shipped

    Questions and actual pictures via email from Here's a sample picture: Higher gain demo: Lower gain demo:
  25. Rick Towne

    Sold Fairfield Barbershop v2 FS $135 Paypal/shipped

    As described. In fine condition. Pictures available from $135 Paypal/shipped. Lower than Reverb or elsewhere.