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  1. GDS Racing

    Black Friday sale at Guytron!

    This Friday, for the first two responders, we will have two Guytron GT100 F/V heads at the unprecedented sale price of $1999. This includes the footswitch and cover and shipping within the continental USA. These two heads are black and ready to go to work on your next gig. (Click image for...
  2. GDS Racing

    Guytron GT100 F/V Wreck Clips!`

    Well, Chris Delis has done it again. He recorded some really cool clips with his Guytron GT100 F/V which showcase a tone that is very similar to a Wreck. I am not going to argue over whether it is accurate or not - who am I to say! But, they do sound incredible. Have a listen for yourself at...
  3. GDS Racing

    New Guytron GT100 F/V sound clips by Chris Delis

    Guys, I got these clips from Chris a few weeks ago but I just finally got around to putting them up last night. I really do not like working on webpages! Check them out here... Let me know what you think. We are beginning to ship new Guytrons. The build rate...
  4. GDS Racing

    GDS and Guytron

    On July 1st, I purchased the assets of Guytron Guitar Amplifiers in Troy, Michigan. I have spent the last couple weeks moving, organizing, counting chassis, transformers and other parts and ordering parts to fill gaps in the inventory. I am hustling to setup production at my facility. I hope...