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  1. Rick Towne

    FS TC Arena Reverb $79 pp/s --- EHX Neo Clone chorus $39 pp/s

    Both in very good condition and priced lowest online. Pictures from Package deal ok. TC Arena Reverb $79 paypal/shipped USPS Priority Mail: EHX Neo Clone Chorus $39 paypal/shipped:
  2. Rick Towne

    Who's using the Nobels ODR-1 outside of 'Nashville'?

    I’ve settled on a used XTS Imperial Overdrive after trying various ODR-1 reissues. Its a keeper. I had a DCW Jam Ray for years so the DCW will be the next option. With a Mythical Overdrive at the end and a Nemesis Delay in between, it gets me into the Bill Frisell/Greg Leisz neighborhood...
  3. Rick Towne

    FS PCE Aluminum Falcon David Klone (aka AFIII) $129 paypal/shipped

    One of the earliest and best klone models. Small box version with top power jack fits better on most boards. Good condition, and actual pictures available by email to $129 paypal/shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Here's a demo of the same pedal with the AF III label.
  4. Rick Towne

    New Harmonic Tremolo Shootout Suggestions - Poll

    Catalinbread Pareidolia. No longer made, but definitely in that category.
  5. Rick Towne

    People you were surprised to find out were good on guitar

    Arkansas. Arkansas. Chicago.
  6. Rick Towne

    Sold Coloccia Id Custom Overdrive $129 pps (w/Premier Guitar and Just Nick demos)

    Great low-mid gain overdrive with three band EQ. No longer made as a result of builder’s hiatus. $129 paypal shipped. Here’s the website. Here’s a new demo. And another.
  7. Rick Towne

    Sold Aion Fx Azimuth - Zendrive Clone $69 pps

    Excellent condition Zendrive clone. Top jacks. Sound build and quiet operation. $69 PayPal shipped (No Reverb tax or added shipping). Here’s a sample.
  8. Rick Towne

    What did meeting a ‘famous’ musician teach you?

    Just saw this again and realized I left out a few we played with at our Los Angeles TGP/TDPRI/CWF jams in the 2000’s: James Wilsey (”Wicked Game”) and Bob Warford.
  9. Rick Towne

    Inexpensive Analog Delay

    The switchable modulation in the Memory Toy does it for me.