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  1. shampoch

    Fuchs Train II - Smokes!

    Any Fuchs Train II fans out there?? Love mine but it's kinda rare to come across one. A go-to single channel amp capable of dialing in some "huge" killer cleans all the way to gritty & gainy lead tones! A real fun amp that's easy to dial in for any guitar/pickup combo. Mine is a 100w and am...
  2. shampoch

    Small Builder Appreciation!

    Lets hear who impressed you... For me excellent personal customer service recently from... Bill Landry Alan Philips George Metropolous Andy Fuchs Thanks for doing what you do!
  3. shampoch

    Mesa Mark V - Wow!

    I am very impressed and feel a bit foolish that I have not given this amp a fair shake in the years past. I have plugged into a Mark V several times in stores since its intro in 2009 but honestly with a million switches and settings lost interest quickly. Now that I own one I can say this amp is...
  4. shampoch

    Two Rock CRS speakers

    I have been running my Two Rock Custom Reverb Signature V3 through my 65 amps open back 2x12 which I loaded with Celestion G12H-30's and I am really impressed with both the clean and lead channel tones. Never really founf much love for these speakers....kinda blowing me away right now. Never...
  5. shampoch

    Killer JP!!!!

    Game Over - for me... just insane good in so many ways.
  6. shampoch

    Aria Pro II - Fan Club

    As a Collector, I don't have any other Aria Pro II's except these, but I did have a couple strat models as a kid and happened to be lucky enough to come across two of these "Zebra" models within months of each other. Finally got around to cleaning them up and setting them up and actually...
  7. shampoch

    Friedman BE100

    Prediction: The latest version Friedman BE100 becomes a long term "Classic" in the high gain amp world. I think its that good!!!
  8. shampoch

    Landry LS100 G3

    Here is my review of my 2014 Landry LS100 G3:
  9. shampoch


    I have experienced many amps that do one or two things very well, and own a few currently, like a JCM800 and a Soldano SLO for example. Far fewer amps do a great job of being versatile than those that excel at one style/tone. Obviously the is a reason for that in design and cost. A couple...
  10. shampoch

    The Amp you Kept?

    As most readers and contributors here are enthusiasts - we go through gear. But every once in a while we hang on to something. What is the ONE amp you held on to the longest and how long??
  11. shampoch

    Two Rock Help !

    Help!...Looking for some feedback on the Two Rock Customer Reverb Signature V3. All the Dealers I have contacted have surprisingly not been very knowledgeable answering some basic questions. I know opinions are very subject but I can use any advice - finding in-stock examples is difficult never...
  12. shampoch

    Killer 12AX7

    So I was ready to sell my 1986 Marshall 2205. (Pictured below) It is in great shape with no mods and functionally solid. While it always sounded good, it was no match for the rest of the amps in my collection. So I kept it for the sake it was a clean unmolested JCM800. Well, I recently picked up...
  13. shampoch

    1978 Marshall 4x12 Wiring?

    Can anyone identify the type of wiring here from this diagram I made?
  14. shampoch

    Vintage Bridge?

    I am trying to identify this vintage bridge. It came with some original parts in the case of a 1981 Gibson V. I cant find anything on this bridge. Anyone recognize it?
  15. shampoch

    AXE FX Cables?

    I need suggestions on cable choices for connecting my AXE FX II MKII to my Atomic CLR cabs. Should I use XLR instead of 1/4"? What high quality brand cables?
  16. shampoch

    Monster Cables Hype!

    Why is it that Monster Cables have a bad rap for being overpriced? I own several high end brands of cables including Monster and they feel and sound high quality to me. In fact the higher quality cables I own with the exception of Mogami, all sound too bright to me. Has anyone ever had a Monster...
  17. shampoch

    Effects loop and Rack Cables?

    Can anyone recommend good cables for effects loop and rack gear? • Brand? • Balanced or unbalanced?
  18. shampoch

    Neck pocket crack repair Video

    Just successfully repaired a neck pocket finish crack and took some video while doing so. I am a collector not a full time Luthier so forgive the choppy instructions. But, maybe it will help someone else being I could never find any such resource online to date...
  19. shampoch

    Warmoth - Killer Flame

    NGD: Hard not to appreciate this Warmoth....
  20. shampoch

    Fender Pickups - Identify?

    Anyone have a clue what Fender pickups these are??
  21. shampoch

    Strat Pickups

    If there was one set of strat pickups to settle for (config: single, single, single) , at any price (looking to buy new) for all around great tones that will cover many styles.... what would they be?
  22. shampoch

    AxeFx - Best monitors?

    I am looking to put together a new AxeFx II and a pair of real good monitors for my home studio use. Is there a: * "most popular" choice? * "if money no object" choice?
  23. shampoch

    JVM4 Marshall - Real Deal!

    I am happy & surprised to say I feel the JVM4 Marshall is not just another current Marshall. Having experience with just about every model Marshall has made in the last 25 years as well a over a dozen current High Gain Boutique amps I currently own - I would have to say this Marshall holds it's...
  24. shampoch

    NGD! ~ Killer Gibson Explorer E/2 CMT

    I have always wanted one of these for years, CMT, Dirty Fingers and finally scored one in great original shape! Any other E/2 Fans??
  25. shampoch

    Gretsch Porn

    My Second Gretsch - couldn't pass this one up!