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    What is the heaviest amp you've ever had to lift?

    My Orange AD15, not huge but I think it has to be the heaviest 12" combo made. The thing is a tank.
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    Big Clean 6L6 Sound and Headroom in Smallest / Lightest Box - GO!

    I love that amp, has great overdrive also, reminds me of Champ on roids plus it can run at 7 watts.
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    What Is Your Dream Amp?

    Trainwreck Express
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    What would be the "Poor Man's 5E3"?

    here's a clone, 500 tho.
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    Converting Deluxe Reverb RI to 6L6's

    I've always been tempted to drop a 6l6 in my SF Champ to help the bottom end.
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    Converting Deluxe Reverb RI to 6L6's

    What if you used 6l6's and kept the tube rectifier ?
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    Three amps you would buy today, if someone handed you $5000

    Naylor ? I just met her.
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    Official Marshall 50th Anniv. 1-watt thread

    I think one reason you buy these amps is for the low volume gain, so I'd go with the JMP-1, that's the only one I own. I think the JMP-1 also has a bigger speaker.
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    Three amps you would buy today, if someone handed you $5000

    Milkman 5w Victoria Regal II about 600 left over, maybe find a SF Princeton.
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    Converting Deluxe Reverb RI to 6L6's

    You could say that about almost every person on this forum. How many people flip amps or own five amps and play one ? Modding the amp to suit his needs was the smart thing to do and no one knows if the amp really works for them until they've gigged it enough times. Sounds like a great idea to me.
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    Milkman amps?

    The 5 and 20 watt sound incredible.
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    Victoria Victorilux tremolo 'thump' - HELP!!!

    Great info, thanks.
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    Who offers the best deals on Victoria amps?

    Prices vary definitely check around.
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    5f1 champ clones

    I think its cool what they did here. A real low cost tube champ, for the price it seems worth it even tho its not ptp.
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    No more love for Dr. Z on TGP?

    They seem cool but most of their line is el84 based which limits them a bit imo. The Z28 would be the one most suitable for me but for the money there are too many other options out there in a 6v6 amp.
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    Need help: Supro/Valco amp handles
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    Apologies in advance

    You also might want to consider something with a master volume or even solid state for a home practice amp to keep the volume down. Any tube amp with a 12" speaker will be loud before you can get the overdriven sound. If he wants to practice at night you might want to take that into...
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    Looking for a jazz amp

    Try to find an old Ampeg reverb rocket
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    Champ with two 6v6's ?

    Sounds darn good, and fine playing to boot. Sounds like a bit more high end than a typical Champ.
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    Champ with two 6v6's ?

    Nice suggestions Fuchsaudio and stratus, full apreesh, gives me some options to think about.
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    Champ with two 6v6's ?

    Interesting, and what is a Champ ODS ?
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    Champ with two 6v6's ?

    Why no tube rectifier ?
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    Great.....Another amp I NEED! Supro inspired amp sounds incredible

    Found another video 3twR41o4S18
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    If you ever wanted Keef's amps settings...

    Awesome pics gents.
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    Interesting Emporium Issue (Accessories)

    I wouldnt really consider a power cord an accessory. A cover yes.