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  1. joemiracle220

    What's your favorite fender and plexi in one box amp?

    I've tried a few .. Certainly not all .. My favorite would probably be the Shiva 6l6 . and believe it or not a friend of mine had a mark five and it had a great clean and I believe it was the mark I mode that I felt it got really got close to a Marshall sound.. It was one in the second channel...
  2. joemiracle220

    Boss RC 30 external footswitch function question .

    This can probably be done but I don't see it in the manual. I have the boss rc30 and a boss fs7 footswitch. The default settings for the footswitch are that if you single press one ...the fx turn on and off ..single press the other it switches tracks .. If you long press either of them the...
  3. joemiracle220

    What scales should I use on " the christmas song"

    The orginal nat King Cole version . what scales should I use for improv?... I usually do rock and blues improv which I'm really decent at... I don't really play jazz but we are doing this song and they want me to do a solo... Maybe I'll just stick to the vocal melody as a last resort.... I'd...
  4. joemiracle220

    which noisless single coils should i get for my strat?

    im looking into the Dimarzio Areas but i wanted to get some opinions here on whats best and which models to get. i tend to go for a SRV "kerthump" type of strat sound.
  5. joemiracle220

    Should I get compensated saddels for my Tele?

    My American telecaster currently has steel saddles on it and I was thinking of throwing some brass saddles on there... Should I get the compensated version? If so what do you recommend?
  6. joemiracle220

    Lakland Skyline 65-S guitar Has anyone seen or played this guitar? It looks very interesting... Seems to have a floating trem when you zoom in . I'm looking for some reviews
  7. joemiracle220

    Gibson SG Standard '61 Maestro Vibrola, your thoughts

    I'm really wanting to add this sg to my guitar collection. I have some questions, if you own it or have played it what are your thoughts ? Do these new ones have a long or short tenon? Hows the tuning stability overall with the trem system I know some crazy movement will probably throw it...
  8. joemiracle220

    PRS 594 semi-hollow single cut.

    If I get a PRS 594 semi-hollow will it kind of scratch the itch for both a Les Paul and 335?
  9. joemiracle220

    My thoughts on Gibson, Epiphone and lawsuits

    They have the right to protect what they think is thiers . However If Gibson would change the epiphone headstock they would have no issue with having to sue ppl who make guitars in the sub 1000 category .. The reason the vintage brand does so well is they have the look. Not because they...
  10. joemiracle220

    Tv Jones Magna'trons in a tele?? Anyone try them?

    Im thinking of putting a set of magnatrons in my LSL ben bone... i have a powertron and t90 in there right now... i like the t90 but the powertron is just to compressed for my liking and a little dark in that guitar. Has Anyone tried a set of magnatrons in a tele.. if so id love to hear some...
  11. joemiracle220

    Whats the deal with the 1981 pedal?

    Ive watched a bunch of videos on it and they all sound bad to me. .. does it sound great in a mix or something? Had the opportunity to buy one yesterday pretty cheap and passed because i hated the demos of it. Its basically a rat right?.... the cheapest version of the rat sounds better to me.
  12. joemiracle220

    Whats your favorite 112 cab?

    I really wish bogner made a 112 version of thier oversized 212 . Something with an angled baffle and the ability to be both open and closed. Im currently using a mesa widebody. 112
  13. joemiracle220

    Personus Audiobox 44vsl vs focusrite scarlett 18i8

    Ive had the audiobox 44vsl for years and was thinking of upgrading to the scarlett 18i8. Would it be worth it in audio quality or would it be basically the same?
  14. joemiracle220

    Guitar player wanting a bass.. opinions wanted

    Im a guitar player , played for like 20 wanting to get a bass to mess around with, do some at home recording, either direct or through my Kemper. .. im wanting something that can get me a lot of tones for recording and am considering one of these two...
  15. joemiracle220

    Are Fender elite / professional trems interchangeable?

    If you have an American professional and want to put an American elite trem system on it are they drop in interchangeable ?
  16. joemiracle220

    Yamaha HS7 or HS8 monitors? ??? whtich ones to get

    im wanting to get a set of either the hs7 or hs8 for home use, looking for some opinions from people who have tried both. since they are so close in price.
  17. joemiracle220

    Where do you all get your pots, caps ,switches etc?

    Looking for a place that has quality parts but with shipping that isnt crazy.
  18. joemiracle220

    Anyone tried a cream alnico with the kemper?

    Im thinking of getting this speaker and looking for opinions of those who have used it with the kemper.
  19. joemiracle220

    Im looking for a good open/closed convertible 112 cab

    Im wanting a good quality 112 cab that is convertible to be open or closed. What you got..
  20. joemiracle220

    Kemper into a 112 cab....what speakers you using?

    Looking for suggestions on a good speaker to pair with the kemper in a 112 cab. Blues and rock are my main styles. Srv to van halen..
  21. joemiracle220

    Does the same speaker at different ohms sound different?

    Like say for example a cream alnico at 8ohms and one at 16ohms . Ive head ppl say they do, but i dont remember why or how.
  22. joemiracle220

    Are studio monitors frfr?

    Id like to get an frfr just for setting up sounds so it would give me a better approximation of what my rig would sound like though FOH. But ...i really need some studio monitors ... yamaha hs8 is what im looking at.
  23. joemiracle220

    Kemper update idea.

    It would be cool if you could assign a frequency range to the Bass Mid Treble and Presence controls so that they act more like the exact controls on the amp.
  24. joemiracle220

    Whats the most versatile speaker youve ever tried?

    Im looking for something balanced not to dark or bright sounding. To go in a 112 cab. Im going to need it to cover fender cleans to mesa chug. Without sounding stiff or flubby Edit: The cab I'm currently using is a Mesa wide-body 112 closed back with a C90 in it. It sounds really good but I...
  25. joemiracle220

    Anyone using the mission Gemini HS rack ?

    Im thinking of getting one of these for my kemper and was wondering how those who have it like it... i really wish they put a handle long ways like a normal head has...seems like carrying it with two hands just seems like a bad design.