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  1. PosterBoy

    Kawai ES920 replaces the ES8

    I've been on looking around for a digital piano for when my attic conversion is complete and had my eye on the ES8 It seems it is being replace by the ES920 with the unfortunate but expected jump in price
  2. PosterBoy

    Jazz Theory From Basic to Advanced Study By Dariusz Terefenko

    Has anyone used this book and the accompanying workbook? Any reviews or opinions?
  3. PosterBoy

    Modified my Epiphone Dot

    I'll skip over my attempt to dull the ultra glossy finish, let's just say it isn't a perfect satin finish but in forgiving light it's fine. I enlarged the holes and shoehorned in a 50's wiring harness from, It's a really nice harness, I could have just bought the...
  4. PosterBoy

    Epiphone Dot Electronics

    I'm going to be changing out the pickups in my Epiphone Dot for a set of Thornbuckers I bought (yes I realise the pickups are almost the same price as the guitar). What's everyone's opinion of the rest of the electronics in the Epiphones from Indonesia, is it worth getting a wiring kit if I'm...
  5. PosterBoy

    Fishman Rare Earth Blend Socket Issue

    For a short while now, after no problems for years, the socket on my Fishman rare earth blend is occasionally ejecting my 1/4" jack slightly causing the connection to be lost. This can happen 4 times or so during a gig. At first I thought it was the fault of the Neutrik Silent jack pushing...
  6. PosterBoy

    Truefire Live - Tim Lerch

  7. PosterBoy

    Truefire Live - Andy Timmons

    Just in case you missed it yesterday So we'll be getting an In the jam with Andy Timmons in the next couple months. The closest I'll get to sharing a stage with him!
  8. PosterBoy

    USAGC / Musikraft Necks

    Which of their profiles would be closest to the standard Tyler neck profile. I'm thinking of selling a couple guitars and getting an Mark Jenny VTT, he has the option of either a USAGC or Musikraft neck, and I love the neck on my Tyler Burning Water, I know it won't be exactly the same but I'd...
  9. PosterBoy

    Andy Wood Live at Truefire HQ

    I for one am looking forward to Andy's courses
  10. PosterBoy

    NBD The humble Sire Marcus Miller V3

    Huge shout out to Andertons, for £3.99 they delivered to Ireland in 2 days. For the price of £234 I am completely floored by the quality you can get from certain companies who use Asian factories. This bass is from Indonesia and I can't find anything in the workmanship to bitch about. The...
  11. PosterBoy

    Digitech / DOD Disbanded

  12. PosterBoy

    Ngd 2001 Ibanez Rg770fm

    Arrived today from @JeKo Basswood with flame maple cap, Lo Pro Edge
  13. PosterBoy

    New Cheap small set up required

    I'm putting this out to the general audience as well as having it in the Passion & Warfare thread. I have a Blackheart Lil Giant and an original Marshall Guv'nor to base a cheap small rig on that I can leave at my new church in there storage cupboard. So I'm looking to create a small board, I...
  14. PosterBoy


    Ok so it was last Saturday. My beautiful Eastman MD315 Great sound and finish. I got a full set up and an upgrade to a Cumberland Acoustic bridge
  15. PosterBoy

    Michael Sweet - Radio

    Joel Hoekstra on guitar
  16. PosterBoy

    What are the options for a production SuperTele

    In my head I kinda see what a telecaster version of an Ibanez RG, basswood with maybe a maple top sharp body radius, double locking trem and either HH or HSH, reverse headstock a bonus Does this exist or would it be a custom/partscaster venture?
  17. PosterBoy

    Jack of all trades Nylon string guitar

    A nylon string guitar is something I don't have in my house. I would quite like to start looking at some classical studies as well as flamenco (I enjoyed the TF courses) I know whilst the guitars look similar, they are just as different due to the tonal properties the two types of music are...
  18. PosterBoy

    Anyone remember The Almighty?

    I'm not sure if they made any headway in the US but what a great band, a blend of punk and hard rock in the late 80's early 90's Ricky Warwick is fronting Thin Lizzy\ Black Star Riders now or he was
  19. PosterBoy

    Collapsed thumb

    Does anyone else's thumb on their fretting hand naturally collapse at the knuckle. I'm thinking this is causing me extra tension in my fretting hand, but I'm not sure how to remedy it (apart from trying not to let it collapse!)
  20. PosterBoy

    Paul Gilbert - I Can Destroy.... teaser

    I wish he brought Freddie Nelson in to do vocals, but the playing is back to his old shreddy self again!
  21. PosterBoy

    I don't share very often

    There are such good players on here that it's quite intimidating to share my efforts but I think this site provides constructive critisism rather than just back slaps. I hear so many things to work on when I record myself, mistakes that are easily glossed over when just playing for the moment...
  22. PosterBoy

    Tim Miller's Truefire course

    Available for preorder now! This looks like one I'll enjoy getting my teeth into.
  23. PosterBoy

    In ear monitors on a serious budget

    Has anyone tried the MEELectronics M6 Pro? Are they any better than say the Sennheiser Cx300 II, I'm currently using? It's not worth me shelling out a ton of money for a Sunday morning to hear click track and backing tracks.
  24. PosterBoy

    Axe Fx Ultra, GCP, Rocktron Hex Expression Pedal question

    I know we're a few models past the Ultra but I've had it since 2008 and got married in that time, so can't upgrade, and to be honest haven't really got the need with what I do. My trouble is I have never got my Rocktron Hex expression pedal to work well with the GCP pedal inputs and Ultra. Is...