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  1. shampoch

    OD for strat

    Zendrive or Blues King from VFE, if you are looking for something outside the common lane.
  2. shampoch


    I have been down this rabbit hole.... look into Vovox Sonorus. It a great cable very sensitive and on the brighter side as you are looking for. It's not my personal go-to as I am not looking for a brighter cable right now, but I do own one and its very high quality.
  3. shampoch

    KOT fake?

    The price is not uncommon on CL (just had one recently sell for that near me) but this pedal obviously has a top "decal" label which I have never seen on a KOT (and the misaligned "in/out" previously mentioned).
  4. shampoch

    Best Dual Overdrive 2020

    Ugh...never ends lol
  5. shampoch

    Best Dual Overdrive 2020

    I have a sweet honey deluxe I like a lot ...any opinion on how the voicing compares to the Supreme?
  6. shampoch

    Best Dual Overdrive 2020

    I may be able to help... I currently have TOO MANY...a KOT, Gladio, Duelist, Protein, Jester, and Dual Fusion, Broadcast and a BE-OD for that matter. I have had the KOT for a couple years. The rest acquired this year I run them on a GigRig so its easy to compare a/b. I plan to sell off the...
  7. shampoch

    Metropoulos Supa-Boost!!

    Yeah that sounds about right.
  8. shampoch

    Metropoulos Supa-Boost!!

    Monster Pedal! I waited way too long to get one!
  9. shampoch

    Friedman, Metropoulos, Germino or Ceriatone?

    Agree on Splawn! I own a BE-100, Metroplex and Splawn quickrod. All great!!!!
  10. shampoch

    Metropoulos Metroplex owners - your thoughts so far?

    I always follow the manufacture's direction.
  11. shampoch

    Sold 3rd Power Kitchen Sink Black Head #3

    A great amp!!!!!!!!!!
  12. shampoch

    Sold Metropoulos Metroplex Head $2500

    Yes mine is incredible. Best amp for rolling back the guitar volume.... just amazing!
  13. shampoch

    NAD: 3rd Power Kitchen Sink

    6 months with My Kitchen sink and it's still my best "do it all" amp! Incredible Effects Loop, Excellent onboard Reverb, Fender. Vox, Marshall, modded Marshall... and everything is excellent!!! I own a lot of amps right now, and the Kitchen Sink covers everything except Metal (which I run a...
  14. shampoch

    Metropoulos Metroplex owners - your thoughts so far?

    I have put together this combo in a 4x12 but don't use this cab currently (lots of money tied up there). Its sound good, but I just love the Marshall straight cab w/Blackback 25w with the metroplex! It's sounds incredible!
  15. shampoch

    Metropoulos Metroplex owners - your thoughts so far?

    I had a 1960tv and sold it . Loved that cabinet!! Never tried a metro 2x12 but they look cool !! I do own a ridiculous number of 4x12 cabinets right now and have ran them all with my metroplex, with my favorite being a mid 70's blackback loaded marshall slant 4x12! It's the perfect match...
  16. shampoch

    need advice fast: Two Rock Custom Reverb Sig or Bloomfield Drive

    OP - you should update your thread title to CLASSIC reverb
  17. shampoch

    Diezel Herbert vs Diezel VH4 shootout

    I still own both and can't part with either. If I had to... I would probably keep the VH4. It's a lilttle less scooped and might be better suited for a wider range of rock tones. Herbert is still killer however and has the mid scoop!
  18. shampoch

    3rd Power Kitchen Sink

    4x12 w/ Warehouse Retro 30's - killer!
  19. shampoch

    3rd Power Kitchen Sink

    Oh yeah!
  20. shampoch

    3rd Power Kitchen Sink

    This continues to be my go-to amp for everything but compressed metal tone (ENGL, Diezel, VHT, etc...) My favorite classic rock amp by far as of today. The clean channel for me works the best dialed half way between VOX/Fender. Just great to have the options. The foot-switchable master defeat...
  21. shampoch

    3rd Power Kitchen Sink

    I am still impressed with the versatility of this amp. Aside from heavy metal, it can do it all and do it really well. The loop is great too!
  22. shampoch

    3rd Power Kitchen Sink

    It stays on
  23. shampoch

    Opinions on Warehouse Guitar Speakers

    I ended up returning Invaders for Retro 30s. I really like the Retro's being a bit brighter and voices more neutral. My G12m-65 speakers may be perfectly voiced, but are cut in the high end a bit. Great speakers too!
  24. shampoch

    3rd Power Kitchen Sink

    Wow. What an amp! The Top Boost and Marshall hi-gains are blowing mind. This amp has great touch sensitivity, and I couldn't be more impressed! I called to cancel this amp because it was taking so long and I am so glad I decided to wait it out. It covers a lot of ground without sacrifice...
  25. shampoch

    3rd Power Kitchen Sink

    Sweet. Mine just was just delivered yesterday via UPS. I return home from vacation tonight. So I can fire it up tomorrow!