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  1. trouw2112

    Fender Mod Shop Colors ... First-World Whine

    Are these US or Mexican bodies and necks??
  2. trouw2112

    Purpose Of Holes In Warmoth Necks...

    See it or not after installed, that's shoddy production.
  3. trouw2112

    FSOT Pickups Suhr set HSS/ DuncanJB/ Duncan lil 59 tele/ Dimarzio transition/ Dimarzio protrack

    All in good to near mint condition. Long leads on everything but the SSV and I will include screws and springs, they may not be original but will function correctly. *SOLD* Duncan JB trembucker $50.00 Duncan little 59 for telecaster $55.00 Dimarzio transition bridge $50.00 Dimarzio protrack...
  4. trouw2112

    Sold Fender telecaster neck MIM

    9 of 10 condition Mexican standard neck. No fretwear to speak of and 1 indention on the top of the headstock by the low E tuner. Not very noticeable. 160.00 lower 48 only.
  5. trouw2112

    Sold Strat loaded pickguard Duncan ssl

    Mint green guard with Duncan Custom and 2 ssl-2s. All flat /modern stagger. Bridge pickup wired to bottom tone knob. 130.00 shipped to lower 48
  6. trouw2112

    Sold Tubes I don't need/ weber bias rite

    I haven't used any of these for 5 years or so. I have no way to guarantee they still work, but I would have gotten rid of them if they didn't. Still, there may be a few clunkers. So as far as I can tell we have Weber bias rite/ honestly don't remember what model it is 13 preamp tubes...
  7. trouw2112

    Sold Charvel DK24

    9 out of 10 Condition. Has player wear and a screwdriver scrape between the neck screws. Bridge pickup has been swapped to a Duncan Custom, can be swapped back if you choose. Neck pickup is a Duncan Jazz. No fretwear and nice low action and Ebony board. Good guitar, just don't reach for it...
  8. trouw2112

    Les paul pickup out of phase problem

    Swap your hot and ground wires on one pickup and if that doesn't work one of the magnets needs flipped
  9. trouw2112

    What Model Charvel is This?

    Well, it's killer and I rock the sh&t out of that thing, whatever it's called. :cool:
  10. trouw2112

    Charvel SoCal Setup advise needed.

    Warped neck, wrong saddle radius or maybe you just need to raise the low E side of the trem a bit. I tend to hit the wound strings harder and they rattle more.
  11. trouw2112

    What is your first memory of an electric guitar sound?

    My first music memory is my mom's 8 track of the Beatles greatest hits. My guitar memory is hearing the beginning of Kiss Calling Dr Love.
  12. trouw2112

    Talk to me about the PRS CE24

    I've had older ones and currently have a 2020. Both are great, the older ones have a deeper carve and better US trem, the newer ones have better pickups and birds. To me they have a super strat vibe going on, but a solidness to the feel and sound that other super strats don't have. I don't...
  13. trouw2112

    “Butler’s Bag” from “Crossroads”

    Well done, playing and ax
  14. trouw2112

    Help with Luminlay side dot markers - they won't charge!

    Bummer on the luminlay, but those fret ends look very nice.