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  1. Ayrton

    Bored...question about ‘68-‘74 Strat pickups

    Enjoying my lockdown as best I can, and I am curious about the differences (if any) between 68-74 Strat pickups. Further, how do the originals compare to the CS69 set? Anyone have experience with both? Many like to “pooh pooh” ‘70’s Strats, but then covet the “Hendrix sound”. Just thinking...
  2. Ayrton

    Ken Warmoth RIP

    Warmoth posted on Instagram that Ken has passed. Godspeed Ken :(
  3. Ayrton

    Need some guidance from the pros

    The fretboard on my '75 strat was jacked, and that made it a great time to change the radius from 7.25" to 12". I measured out how much material to remove and using the radius beam flattened it out. I have some Brazilian or I could use Cocobolo for the new board. Glueing a flat bottom to the...
  4. Ayrton

    "Plexi" style metal faceplates now avaible from MetroAmp

    After pestering George for months about needed some metal faceplates, he came through big time! George also mentioned that if he could get at least 10 orders he would have some three hole (polarity switch) plates made up. I told him I was down for one. Contact George for pricing and...