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    Best strat pickups?

    Honestly there's a ton of great Strat sets out there for cheap and the most basic sets have been on every famous album you can imaging so there's no need to chase "unobtanium". There are sets that I've experienced over a long period and they are just so mindbending and undeniable. 1) Dimarzio...
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    What's the cheapest pedal you currently own, use, and love?

    The Ibanez TS Mini, Mooer Hustle Drive, Black Secret and Donner Yellow Fall are quite impressive. Dirt cheap. Does used count? Then my Ibanez SD9 was a steal as was the Lovepedal Eternity Burst which came in at $60 each.
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    Studio strategy with pedals

    That's probably the best answer. If it's your own session and your own studio you might experiment a ton and set things up and break them down as you see fit. In most other sessions it's a lot of things happening on the fly with conversations like: "check out this track", "what are your ideas...
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    Reviewing & revisiting the misunderstood Voodoo Labs Giggity

    Never has a pedal been so appropriately and poorly named at the same time as the Giggity. It's so good I went Quagmire and uttered "Giggity" while using it. Part of the problem is it truly lives up the moniker "preamp" but most guitarists don't really think in terms of preamps in the studio...
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    Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe

    How do the BE and BED compare in terms of preamp and delay sounds?
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    The Marshall Guv'nor Mark 1 - KILLS most BOUTIQUE pedals!

    It’s a solid pedal but v2 isn’t bad and there’s so many clones that you can get that sound but enjoy lower prices and reliability. Don’t believe the hype.
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    TC Spark FULL features in a mini

    Need a mini version of the Spark such as Fat modes and treble / bass controls but in mini form. Yes the Spark Mini exists but it doesn’t have all the features. Any suggestions?
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    Folks who have owned Boss RV-6 and TC HOF2

    Mostly plate to create some space in my sound. On occasion I use longer verbs like Hall etc. I have an Eventide H9. The RV6 is for a grab and go board.
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    Folks who have owned Boss RV-6 and TC HOF2

    Are the tone print tones better sounding than the stock sounds? Versatility aside.
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    Folks who have owned Boss RV-6 and TC HOF2

    Which did you keep and why? Also, did you use them live? That would really help to know which was in the mix better. Sure there are tons of comparison threads but they are inconclusive. I'd love to hear from folks that put both to the test on their boards and know which came away the winner...
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    Eric Johnson's Lead Tone - Can I Get Close with a Vox AC15? Marshall Plexi Pedals?

    You both beat me. The Dover Drive works shockingly well with an AC15 but the prices are going through the roof. One of the best pedals as well as fuzz pedals ever made. The Rat will do it but it will have some of that unique Rat tone coming through so it’s gonna be similar but have it’s own thing.
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    Pedals to spend on and pedals to save on?

    Great question. These days with all the import mini pedals on Amazon you could technically cheap out on everything. The Mooer and Donner stuff is scary good and the prices are insane whether it’s a a Yellow Fail Delay or a Hustle Drive or any number of variants. Buy one and go make a record...
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    Tried revive my All Boss pedalboard... and...

    How do you like the RV6? Can you describe the Combo Drive? The internet samples don't always sound great, would love to hear a user. Do you like the CS2 more than the CS3? Have you ever used it as a boost?
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    Smoothest Overdrives for Fender Rig?

    The BB is incredible. It's always been on my radar and then one day years ago I saw my friend's band that had 3 guitarists. One of the 3 sat in the mix but also cut through the mud at the same time. I was curious what he had and it was a BB and a Deluxe Reverb RI - nothing else. The BB hasn't...
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    Tried revive my All Boss pedalboard... and...

    I am not so sure I am happy with it. There's a BCB6 Boss pedal board I've had for years. It used to be my only pedal board and I gigged it a ton. After starting with DOD in junior high I quickly landed my first Boss SD1 Super Overdrive and then added a Flanger (long lost now), PS2 Pitch Shifter...
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    Miab into a Marshall?

    I’ve done it a lot. Depends on the Marshall. Super Leads are a great pedal platform. Other models are like a JCM800 are not great for an MIAB
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    How good is the Rotary Speaker effect in the Eventide ModFactor?

    I have the H9 and the Rotary is pretty darn nice. Plus you get all the other Eventide capabilities esp on the Mod or H9
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    What pedal do you own 2 of?

    Identical pedals - 2 x Eventide H9 and they are a magical pair that work together If we are counting variants I have the OCD v1.1 and 2.1 as well as Mooer Hustle Drive and all the EHX Big Muggs reissues - Ram’s Head, Op-Amp, Green Russian and Triangle. If you wanna count the JHS Muffaletta...
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    Revisiting the Eventide H9

    That was so much fun. Sometimes messing with new settings provides inspiration. Add that to the benefits of the H9. There’s song ideas and joy to be found in mere exploration using this wonder device.
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    Why I stopped buying pedals.

    Great post. The “limitations inspire creativity” concept is something I’ve seen play out over and over. There’s something about balancing the joy of limits vs the joy of exploring that is a delicate balance but it’s so true. Piling up gear eventually goes against the balance and the...
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    Revisiting the Eventide H9

    If you’re sharing I’d like a shot at them. Always looking for new ideas
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    Anybody compared the Belle Epoch to the Dunlop Echoplex?

    I own both. The MXR has given me some noise issues and I haven’t gigged it. Tap tempo is a beautiful but not a must for me. The MXR is clearer and cuts better but that’s not always a good thing. The BE is much warmer, the built in preamp really adds that EP flavor to your overall tone and can...
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    Dimarzio FS-1???

    In a way they were sorta bound to choose the FS1 as that’s what’s been in Edge’s famous black Strat since the early days and it’s all over their albums. That and the Roland preamp are a core port of his sound going into an AC30 with Celestion silvers. I’ve only tried the FS1 in the Edge Strat...
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    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    BB Preamp alone or fed by a TC Spark, Ibanez SD9 or Dover Drive. They all work well with it. Tried many ideas but the BB really works with anything