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    Fargen Blackbird 30 Reverb stopped working

    I moved the amp at practice and got springs shaking. My bad. Reverb stopped. The cables to the pan are connected and solid. What should I look at? Bad tube? Loose spring in the pan? thanks ( love this amp BTW)
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    your one simple trick to your tone

    I have never been more happy with my tone than now. Mostly I need a decent clean with an occasional boost and light OD for a solo. I've been through the stock and boutique guitar and amp cycles plenty. I'm lucky to have owned Anderson, Suhr, Custom Shops, Carr, Dr Z, Allen, Bogner, etc traded...
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    Fargen Blackbird 30 Delivering the goods

    I've been a fan of Ben's amps since I met him at NAMM in 07. He was sharing a booth with Menatone Pedals and Solloway Guitars. Real low budget booth, but the nicest guys on the floor. I just picked up a BB30 combo here this week and say without a doubt, Ben's amps always deliver the goods...
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    Peavey Classic 30 with a Weber 12F150?

    anybody ever try this combo? my current C30 is stock. My last C30 had a WGS ReaperHP which I foolishly sold. Just looking for some opinions.
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    Fender Mustang III speaker upgrade necessary?

    Going to pick it up later and the research I've done helped some. Is an upgrade necessary? Amp comes with the 2 button switch. I only need 4 basic sounds BFDR, AC15, light OD and Motown type funk guitar. The amp buy is more of a curiosity thing. A couple of friends have this amp and I was...
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    fender blues jr. and a Jensen C12K

    I have an Emi Wizard in my BJ, but have a C12K laying around. curiosity got me thinking about swapping speakers. Anybody tried a C12K in a BJ?
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    DRRI reverb tank replacement

    I'm asking for a friend who had his DRRI get a few inches of water in the amp during a basement flood. Chassis and speaker are OK. Stock tank is trash according to him and he's looking for some advice on a replacement. Thanks
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    Learning a song for a cover band

    We are all experienced players since the 60's and play for fun 6-8 times a year. We are shaking the setlist with some new oldies and classics right now for the summer gig season. At last night's practice, I started a few tunes. If the drummer and bass joined in, we took the tune a little...
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    Hot Rod Deluxe Baffle size? Dimensions please

    If you have the baffle dimensions I would appreciate it. Can't find them on the net. Is the HRD baffle interchangeable into a DRRI? Thanks
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    getting the band to turn down

    any good tricks, ploys, threats? These guys are fun to play with, but I'm going deaf at practice. At a gig they turn down to a reasonable level. At practice it's loud.
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    My nephew's band won a Grammy!

    I feeling very stoked for my nephew. I listened to a few YT clips of the band. Not my cup of tea, but he has scored one here. Just saw this on my sister's page about her son Ryan. "Ryan's band, St. Vincent, won the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album!! He signed the band to his and his...
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    Decoy at Marlin's Rt 35 Bay Head Friday 11/28

    My band Decoy goes on around 8. Lots of RnR from over the years. My last gig this winter until I get back from Florida in April. this is a great band to hear and dance to. Marlin's Rt 35 Bay Head Point Pleasant Beach line. New Jersey
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    Decoy at the Toms River Halloween Parade Oct25

    My buddys and I will be on a flatbed with our band Decoy. TR parade is the 2nd largest in the country. Weather is cooperating tonight so expect a crowd along the parade route of 125,000. We will play a set or two in the staging area before we get on the road. Always a blast doing this event
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    Peavey PA cab crossover bad

    I picked up a couple of older Peavey 3-way PA cabs for super cheap at the flea market last week. One works fine, but the other has an issue. Back jack plate has Input, XLR Input, high and low bi-amp inputs. plugging into the standard 1/4" input, I get nothing from the bass speaker. Plugging...
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    Epiphone Dot Deluxe score

    Flea market comes through again. Excellent condition sunburst Dot Deluxe, gold hardware and a gigbag. Dirt cheap. I've been playing modded Epi Dots for years and find them to be great players. The specs all say this model is loaded with "57 Classic style alnico humbuckers" Are these pups...
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    New Old Amp Day

    Once again, I have rebought an amp I had sold several years ago. Fargen Epic 30/15 is mine and now that I understand the Vox AC30/15 clone market a little better, I'm sure glad to have this one back. Beautiful cleans at both power levels. Decade switch brings 3 distinct voicings, all...
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    guitar cable repair and loss of high end

    My puppy chewed through a Armor Gold cable. I repaired and resoldered countless cables and did a normal repair. I plugged back in, it's quiet as a bug, no static, but the high end is off. Like I turned the treble way down. I have a 2nd Armor Gold that sounds fine with plenty of high end. I...
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    PRS SE amps opinions

    appreciate the feedback on your experience with this line, specifically the 30 watt combo. Tones, pedal platform, gig worthy. thanks
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    Vox AC15C1 Weber Blue Dog or Silver Bell?

    I have a stock AC15C1 with a Greenback. sounds great and I'm pretty happy withit. I have two other modded AC15C1's with a Gold in one and a Red Fang in the other. The GB sounds fine, but the desire to tweak never ends I guess. There's a Blue Dog and a Silver Bell for sale by me. Any thoughts...
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    Set list for Halloween parade flatbed gig suggestions

    We got knocked out last year because of Hurricane Sandy, but we coming back this year. Parade lasts about 60 minutes and I'm looking for a dozen appropriate party style singalong rockers. We have done this gig a couple of times. It's a blast. If the weather is nice, about 100,000 line the...
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    Vox 2 button pedal question

    I bought one to use with my Roland Cube 40XL A stereo 1/4 plug into the channel switch/boost control plug on the Cube. Channels switch and the boost goes on and off, but I have to step on the pedal buttons twice to make them work. I have a generic single button switch that I use to switch...
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    Duncan 59's in an Epi SG and Dot

    I have an Epi Dot with 59's and like the sound. The 59's delivered as bigger and clearer sound than the stock pups of my old Dot. I'm looking at an Epi SG with 59's and some other mods. How much different will the SG sound from the Dot? I like buying modded up guitars because I find they...
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    flying with pedals in a carry on bag

    Do you think the TSA will have a problem with a couple of pedals in my carry on? I have brought guitars on board in the past. No problems with the security check points. Maybe the screener will be a TGPer
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    Foo Fighters, Social D in Newark tonite Anybody going?

    I'll be there with a bunch of friends from the Shore. Great reviews of the FF shows from around the country on this tour. Social D rocked everytime I have seen them. It's gonna be a good, good night of real music.
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    Noisy compressor

    Visual Sounds Comp 66. The pedal has a hiss while notes are ringing which dissipates shortly after the note stops ringing. Pedal off no hiss. It may have been happening all along, but I never really noticed it until recently. thanks for any feedback